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The O.C. Interviews: Cam Gigandet AKA Kevin Volchok O.C. Interview!

Cam gigandet Kevin Volchok The O.C. interview

Cam Gigandet is an amazing actor. He's recently played in The Magnificent Seven but he's been in all sorts of TV shows and movies since he first played on The O.C..Feel free to follow him on twitter @camgigandet and say hey!  

Below is a vintage interview from the now defunct O.C. site Editorial Newport. So good it needed to be re-posted! Enjoy!

Cam gigandet Kevin Volchok The O.C. interview

Who?: Cam Gigandet interview from Editorial Newport
Who!?: He played O.C. bad-boy Kevin Volchok in 15 episodes ranging from season 3-4.

1. How did you get started in acting? Was it something you always wanted to do, or was it a fluke thing?
Just got into an acting class at Santa Monica Community college and instantly fell in love with it... it was my first time ever acting. I always had it in the back of my mind, but was too afraid to take the leap.

2. What enticed you about the role of Volchok?
It was work... gotta work... Yes, it was just another audition, but it was only for two episodes, then they just brought me back for the rest.

3. Had you ever watched the show before you signed on?
Nope.... but I love it now. Of course.

Cam gigandet Kevin Volchok The O.C. interview

4. How long were you originally signed on for?
2 episodes

5. What'd the writers say to you to make you come back later in the season?
"Will you come back later in the season?''

6. What was the experience like? Did you get along with the cast, writers, crew? Did you enjoy your time? (Especially Mischa).
Hectic and exciting at the same time, with a hint of nervousness. I loved everyone, they treated me with the utmost respect...

7. Some people can't separate reality from fiction. Have you heard any threats or anything from Marissa fans?
Uhm, no...

8. What was your favorite episode to film and Why?
My first episode. I was on cloud nine for the entire week of shooting...

9. What can you tell us about your involvement in season four?
''What season four?" hehehe.

10. What do you have coming up this year, after the show? Any movie roles?
Nothing as of yet, we'll see what happens.

Cam gigandet Kevin Volchok The O.C. interview

11. What type of person were you in school as a youngster?
Cool, geeky - bit of both? I had my close group of friends and that was about it...

12. Do you have a girlfriend?

13. What do you look for in a girl?
I look for a girl that is exactly like my girlfriend...

14. If you could send a message to all Cam/Volchok fans out there, what would it be?
Thank you.

Cam gigandet Kevin Volchok The O.C. interview

15. What are your favorite bands/singers?
Snow Patrol and Ray LaMontagne.

16. If you could take three items on a deserted item with you what would they be?
I would trade those three items for my girlfriend...

17. If you could be preseident for a day, what would you change about the world?
Oh, no. That is too much power...

Cam gigandet Kevin Volchok The O.C. interview

18. What age were you when you got your tattoos? What do they symbolize?
16 and 23. The arm one is actually being removed... Not fun. The one on the side means "good luck on your journey" which was my parents idea.

19. Favourite OC girl and why?
LOADED QUESTION... plead the 5th.

20. Rate Mischa's kissing skills on a scale of 1 to 10.
10 of course.

21. Which OC Character(s) would you descirbe yourself more as? And Why?
Not really anyone, or a mix of everyone...

22. Any funny things happen on set, if so, what were they?
In the scene when I come ask Ryan for help after I stole the car. We are next to his SUV and I turn and run, well I accidentally turn and ran directly into the side mirror... you kind of had to be there to think it was funny.... Thanks.

Interview conducted: September 23rd, 2006.
Originally published on: April 13th, 2007.

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