Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The O.C. Fun Fact: 5 Reasons why the Cohens are similar to the Bradys

Here are our 5ish reasons why the Cohens are similar to the Brady's. Hear us out - no, really..

𝟏.  Both families have an architect/builder as head of household - Kirsten and Mike⁣⁣

𝟐. Both have a house keeper Alice and Rosa⁣⁣ (even though she goes MIA later on)

𝟑. Both have very nice but obvious fake AstroTurf lawns ⁣⁣

𝟒. Both shows feature siblings that aren't related to each other Ryan and Seth⁣⁣ 

𝟓. Bonus: Adam Brody starred in the TV movie "Growing up Brady"⁣⁣ as Greg Brady 
(yeah it was pretty bad)

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The O.C. Merchandise: New i-Spy The O.C. clothing design!

We are very excited to present a brand new fresh clothing design for 2020!
We call it - The O.C. iSpy design! 

This design features the names of many characters, places and things within The O.C. series, all located with the image of The O.C. letters. Available in many colors and clothing types!

Can you find them all?

Friday, May 1, 2020

The O.C. Music: Phantom Planet comes out with new EP after 12 years!

Phantom Planet, also known as the band that brought us the popular song "California" has recently came out with a four song EP. After 12 years of silence, the EP is surprisingly very well done and to us, the band has never sounded better. We imagine if The O.C. was still on the air, we would hear some of these new tracks in scenes featuring the core four.  It's refreshing to see some of the early 2000's bands coming out with fresh tracks and sounding this solid.

Tracks list:
  1. Only One
  2. Time Moves On
  3. Party Animal

The strongest tracks on the EP are"Party Animal" and "BALISONG". With this being said we hope that they plan to come out with a full length album. 

Fun fact: The popular actor Jason Schwartzman used to the be the drummer in the band. Also Jason's younger brother Robert Schwartzman is the frontman of Rooney. 

So go out and check it out wherever you subscribe to music!

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