Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Behind the Scenes: Super Rare Season One Promotional Shots

Hey OC'ers! Below are some very rare season one promotional shots of Adam Brody, Mischa Barton and Benjamin McKenzie. These photos were captured at the Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios (Cohen backyard set). Some quick fun facts below as well. 

Yes, that's AstroTurf aka fake grass that never needs mowing (just like the Brady's)

Behind them is the fake ocean backdrop as seen in nearly every episode of The O.C..To emulate the shimmery water effect, production crew glued metallic pieces of acetate paper to the backdrop. A fan would then be positioned on the backdrop blowing the pieces around - pretty cool effect actually and does look a lot like water.

The plants used in the Cohen backyard set were actually real. Again, fans would blow on the plants giving the appearance that they were really outside.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

The O.C. Basement: Season One 2004 DVD Press Release

Below is vintage Season one DVD release notes from FOX on August 5th 2004. Enjoy!


“The O.C. exploded into a pop-cultural phenomenon.” – New York Post

“The O.C. looks to have enough heart, talent and wit to generate a few seasons’ worth of luxurious suds” – Time


Hit Primetime Series is Available For the First Time Ever on DVD in a Collectible Seven-Disc Set Featuring All 27 Episodes with Bonus Materials Including Deleted Scenes, Three Featurettes, and The O.C. Music Guide.

Available October 26 from Warner Home Video

BURBANK, CA (August 5, 2004) – Surf, sand, sex and scandal…The rich and glamorous city of Newport Beach, California is the setting for The O.C., one of today’s most hip and edgy television series making its way to DVD on October 26 in a collectible seven-disc set featuring all 27 episodes from Season One.  If you missed the first season, here is the chance to introduce yourselves to the hottest new show of the 2003-04 television season.  The O.C. stars hot young newcomers Mischa Barton, Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson and Chris Carmack, as well as seasoned veterans, Peter Gallagher (American Beauty, Short Cuts), Tate Donovan (Murder at 1600), Kelly Rowan (Three to Tango), and Melinda Clarke (Mulholland Falls). Indulge in one of television’s most guilty pleasures, The O.C.: The Complete First Season, only five months following the first season finale and 1 week before the November 4th second season premiere on Fox.  The DVD is priced to own at $69.98.

The O.C. is a story of father/son and husband/wife relationships and the coming of age of three young people.  When Ryan Atwood (McKenzie), a tough, guarded fiercely intelligent teenager, plunges headlong into the wealthy, privileged community of Newport Beach, he soon discovers that the ruling families of Orange County are every bit as territorial as the tough crowd with which he ran on the streets of Chino.  For Sandy Cohen (Gallagher), the patient, pro-bono public defender who takes Ryan in; his wife, Kirsten (Rowan), the linchpin of O.C. society; their awkward adolescent son, Seth (Brody) – Ryan’s presence will forever change their lives.  Meanwhile, Marissa Cooper (Barton), the heartbreakingly beautiful girl next door who is dating her classmate Luke Ward (Carmack), seems to glide through life effortlessly--that is, until the indiscretions of her wealthy father, Jimmy (Donovan) threaten to break her world apart, along with that of her mother, Julie (Clarke).

“Just five months after the season finale, we are able to bring The O.C.: The Complete First Season DVD to viewers’ homes and introduce the series to those that missed the hottest new show of last season, one that quickly became a cultural phenomenon,” said Christine Martinez, WHV Vice President, Non-theatrical Franchise Marketing.  “Bringing quality television series that appeal to all audiences, such as The O.C., to the DVD marketplace is a goal we strive to achieve with each new release we have.”

DVD Special Features
Deleted Scenes with introductions by creator Josh Schwartz
Casting The O.C. featurette with creator Josh Schwartz and casting director Patrick Rush
The Music of The O.C. featurette with music supervisor Alex Pastavas
Inside The Real O.C. featurette with producer McG
Audio Commentary for The Pilot with creator Josh Schwartz and producer Stephanie Savage
The O.C. Music Guide for 6 episodes
Season 2 Sneak Peak with creator Josh Schwartz and the cast
Trailer for the ocinsider.com
DVD-Rom enabled


1. Pilot
Ryan Atwood is a troubled teen who finds himself in even more trouble when his older brother, Trey, bullies him into participating in a car theft late one night in their hometown of Chino, California. The boys don't get far with the car as they crash it and are arrested. Trey is sentenced to three years in prison, but seeing as Ryan is under eighteen, he is set free under the supervision of public defender, Sandy Cohen. After Ryan is thrown out by his mother, he finds himself homeless with nowhere to turn. He calls Sandy, who without hesitation, takes Ryan in, and out, to his cushy home in Newport Beach, California. Ryan's arrival to Newport Beach sparks many a reaction among established residents. Sandy's wife Kirsten, for one, is not thrilled to have a criminal living in the house, and is concerned of the effect it may have on their son, Seth.

2. The Model Home
Faced of a life in a Group Home, Ryan decides to run away from Newport, but is convinced by Seth and Marissa to stay in secret, and hide out in a vacant building project. Jimmy discusses his recent financial woes with Kirsten, and she offers a solution. After Luke witnesses a close encounter between Marissa and Ryan, he confronts Ryan and a fight breaks loose. Ryan's presence in Newport is exposed in a big way, and two arrests are made.

3. The Gamble
Sandy comes to Ryan's rescue once again, after he has a difficult stay in Juvy. Seth makes Kirsten aware of his anger over Ryan's situation, and Kirsten makes a compromise. Ryan's mother, Dawn, makes a surprise visit to Newport, and things don't go quite as she, and Ryan, may have planned. The monetary secret involving Julie, Jimmy, Kirsten and Sandy comes to a head.

4. The Debut
It is that time of year... Cotillion. Cherished by many, hated by most, it's the time when Newport’s finest young ladies enter society. More information about Jimmy's business trouble comes to light, and Kirsten's loan to Jimmy is not happy news for Sandy.

5. The Outsider
Ryan takes a job serving at the Crab Shack diner. A co-worker at the diner might mean bad news for the Newport kids. Ryan asks Marissa out on a date. Sandy attempt to help Jimmy sort out his life, and gives him some bad news. Julie reveals a long-held secret to Kirsten. Disaster strikes at another one of Holly's parties.

6. The Girlfriend
Kirsten's father, Caleb Nichol, comes for a visit along with his new girlfriend, Gabrielle. 24-year-old Grandma Nichol has arrived. Kirsten finds her job in jeopardy, while Sandy considers making a change. Luke decides he wants a second chance with Marissa, to Ryan's disappointment. But who will Marissa choose? Summer makes the moves on Seth but is it for real?

7. The Escape
The Newport kids plan an end-of-summer trip down to Tijuana, Mexico (aka "T.J."). Jimmy has plans of his own, which don't sit well with Marissa. Sandy gets a new job, which Kirsten can't understand. Summer, Seth, Ryan and Marissa find themselves in a strange place together. Jimmy takes it too far. Disaster strikes one of the O.C. kids.

8. The Rescue
Everyone is back home in Newport now, and Marissa is recovering. Julie points her finger, and takes action, which Marissa does not like. Sandy starts his new job, but finds himself surprised by the casework. Kirsten finds herself surprised by Sandy's new co-worker. Ryan enrolls at his new school, with conditions. Julie gets an intervention, and Jimmy gets a new roommate.

9. The Heights
Back to school for the O.C. kids. No one really wants to be there, except the gossips. Ryan doesn't feel like he fits in at his new school. And Luke doesn't make the situation any better. Sandy accepts a case at his new job, a case that will test his relationship with Kirsten, and her father. Anna and Seth hatch a plan. Marissa chooses her man.

10. The Perfect Couple
Couples are plentiful in 'The O.C.' It is a night of firsts. Now that they are free to love one another, Ryan and Marissa plan their first official date. Kirsten sees her father with a new woman, and fears Sandy has found a new woman of his own. Seth takes matters into his own hands with a girl, and is taken by another girl.

11. The Homecoming
It's Thanksgiving time in ‘the O.C.' It's time for family reunions, and Ryan gets a call home from family. Is it because of the holiday, or is it for a favor? Marissa decides to go along for the ride, but ends up going down Ryan's bad memory lane instead. Seth plays the player role, but not very well.

12. The Secret
Seth and Kirsten want to avoid facing the world after their respective displays at Thanksgiving. Sandy has some advice for Jimmy, which doesn't sit well with Julie. Ryan and Luke find themselves getting along after an O.C. loved-one comes out of the closet with negative after effects.

13. The Best Chrismukkah Ever
Ryan, and the World, are officially introduced to the bi-religious holiday “Chrismukkah,” thanks to Seth. And Seth insists he has TWO Godly forces helping him as he plays TWO girls. Marissa has some 'discount shopping' to do, and finds herself in an embarrassing situation, or two, or three. Kirsten does something that could cost her more than just her job. Summer and Anna each have very special gifts for Seth, but which one will he like the most? And a new boy enters the Newport scene.

14. The Countdown
It's New Years and "love" is in the air. A sister returns home, and throws a party. Oliver casts his spell. Sandy and Kirsten find themselves in a rut, and out of their environment. Seth finally makes a decision between Summer and Anna. 2004 is born.

15. The Third Wheel
Hailey discovers she isn't as welcome as she might have thought. Perhaps the Cohen house is full. Luke makes some new friends, while Seth and Anna try to tell a friend about their decision. Rooney sings, a lot, and Oliver noses, a lot. Trouble brews.

16. The Links
Oliver plans a trip for the gang, but things don't go as well as everyone might have hoped- except for Oliver of course. Summer really plants herself into "friendship" within Anna and Seth's relationship. Jimmy and Sandy decide to go into business together. Caleb and Julie return from Europe, and Hailey and Kirsten butt heads. Ryan finds himself in the cold.

17. The Rivals
Sandy and Jimmy have plans to sign papers for the Lighthouse... but is Jimmy ready? Oliver makes his plans official to Ryan, but Ryan just cannot catch a break from anyone and fins himself in an all too familiar position. Summer has a "big" new boyfriend... for a little while. And Julie gets a job.

18. The Truth
Changes are happening within the couplehoods of the O.C.ers. Lines seem to be blurred. Oliver reveals himself as he falls apart, but not before Ryan is completely left in the cold. Someone loses school, one loses work, two lose their partners, and one more loses it all.

19. The Heartbreak
Sandy seems a little down as he’s still thinking about what could've happened with Oliver and that gun. Kirsten thinks it's time to move on and celebrate Valentine's Day.  Meanwhile, Seth has dropped by Summer's incredibly girly bedroom to talk shop. But first he's distracted by Summer's purple My Little Pony toy. Summer's about to kick him out when he begs for a chance to explain. He claims that it's not like he's choosing Summer. The reason he and Anna broke up in the first place is because for Seth, it's always been Summer.  Love is in the air and now Luke is standing on the front porch of Julie Cooper's.

Ryan is still concerned by everything that happened with Oliver. Marissa wants everything back as it was and wants to make it up to him. Ryan then runs into Theresa, his ex-Chino girlfriend who works the Valentine dance at school.

20. The Telenovela
Ryan and Marissa begin their life together as "friends", but both discover that it might be harder to do than to say. Theresa drops into Newport for work, and another visit. Julie and Luke discover the meaning of "booty calls", and Seth and Summer make a declaration.

21. The Goodbye Girl
Anna announces that she is leaving Newport to go back to Pittsburgh, which leaves Seth feeling saddened and guilt-ridden. Legal troubles brew for Caleb and Kirsten while Sandy works to solve them. Luke and Julie's secret romance is getting harder to contain, and Theresa brings a bit of trouble from Chino to the O.C.

22. The L.A.
When Summer and Marissa run into Grady Bridges, the star of Summer's favorite prime-time soap 'The Valley', he invites them to an LA party, to which they accept. On the road trip to LA, Seth, Summer, Marissa, and Ryan run into Hailey, now working at a strip club. Jimmy and Sandy present their restaurant to Newport's finest and approach Caleb for some financial help.

23. The Nana
Nana Cohen comes to California for Passover with some tragic news. Ryan searches for Marissa, who'd gone missing after learning Julie and Luke's secret, and he finds her in the most unlikely of places. Summer tries to impress Nana. Jimmy and Hailey take a step forward.

24. The Proposal
Jimmy and Sandy run into a roadblock in their effort to re-open the Balboa Lighthouse restaurant. Summer and Seth take it upon themselves to finally make Marissa feel more at home at Jimmy's. Everyone is shocked when Caleb makes a proposal, which sparks a near-fatal accident for Luke. Marissa, and Sandy and Jimmy each strike deals with Caleb. An old O.C. friend moves on.

25. The Shower
Everyone is still reacting to the surprise engagement of Julie and Caleb. Kirsten is shocked, and a little burdened to find she's been asked to be Julie's Maid of Honor. Kirsten and Marissa end up in charge of throwing Julie's wedding shower, and Marissa invites an unwanted guest. Theresa calls Sandy for help and tries to avoid Ryan. Jimmy and Hailey continue their romance, and Seth awkwardly meets Summer's father.

26. The Strip
It's Bachelor and Bachelorette party time for Caleb and Julie. Caleb and the boys head off to Las Vegas while Kirsten organizes an evening at the Cohen house for Julie, strippers included. Seth and Ryan get themselves into a tricky situation in Vegas while back home, Summer pines over lost love, and Marissa comforts Theresa. Jimmy and Sandy learn of Caleb's true motives. Julie and Hailey take a swim, while Theresa has some shocking news for Ryan and Marissa.

27. The Ties That Bind
Julie and Caleb walk down the isle, as Ryan and Theresa face a difficult decision regarding their pregnancy. Marissa moves into Caleb and Julie's new castle on the cliff, and Seth struggles to find himself when things around him seem to fall apart. Life in The O.C. comes full circle from one year before.


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