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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The O.C. in the News: Young Sandy Meets Older Sandy in New Girl!

A super cool mini O.C. reunion is happening, sort of! Before I get to that there was a scene in season 4 episode 13 of The O.C. called "The Case of the Franks". In this episode we went back to 1984 to see a glimpse of a young Sandy Cohen and Kirsten Cohen and the magic moment of how the two met!

The actor that plays the young Sandy Cohen in this scene is Max Greenfield. 

Max Green currently plays the character Schmidt in the hit TV show New Girl.

Max Greenfield's Surprising Connection to His New Girl Costar Peter Gallagher| New Girl, People Picks, TV News

Now to the exciting news! The two collide in tonight's episode of New Girl. Peter Gallagher aka Sandy Cohen plays Schmidt's father! How cool is that?! The two look a lot alike! So essentially older and wiser Sandy Cohen goes back in time to let his younger self know to brace the roof of the Cohen mansion a little better, thus never having to move away from Newport! A Back to the Future-esque moment! Whatever the case, soak it in! Watch, set your TiVo or record via your grandm'as VCR tonight's episode and see a super obscure mini O.C. reunion happen before your eyes! A pre-Chrismukkah miracle! 

Friday, July 31, 2015

The O.C. Easter Egg: Look Who It is

In Season 1 Episode 22 "The L.A." Summer and Marissa walk along the beach when they stumble across a film crew and some shouting girls surrounding a male actor. The guy surrounded by the girls is of course the one and only Grady Bridges the big star of the fictitious hit show the Valley. During that scene look closely in the background you will notice a notable real life The O.C. crew member pretending to be a crew member on the Valley. The guy with the white hair and glasses is Jamie Barber which was the director of photography on a handful of The O.C. episodes.

Jamie Barber walking through the sand as the camera pans to the right towards Grady.

Grady signing autographs and taking photos with his many fans. Great detail was put in place on those actor chairs, the Valley logo on the back of each chair. 

Jamie Barber not being very inconspicuous in the background, tried to hide behind those glasses but here at Everything The O.C., we see through that disguise! Aw look at that Grady Bridges fan caress.

And last but not least we have Jamie Barber working the camera in the Cohen backyard.
Furthermore the guy really likes Hawaiian shirts!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The O.C. Easter Egg: House On Haunted Hill

In season 2 episode 9 "The Ex Factor" Sandy, Kirsten, Alex and Marissa are seen kicking back watching a spooky movie (in their separate houses). The movie that is being broadcast-ed (apparently the only movie channel in THE O.C.) is the 1959 smash hit "House On Haunted Hill". 

The funny thing about this whole situation is that Marissa refers to Caleb and her mother Julie's house as "The House On Haunted Hill" in season 1 episode 27 "The Ties That Bind". 

In Season 2 episode 2 Marissa and Ryan hang out at her new house. First dialog spoken by Marissa is: "So there it is, the haunted mansion.".

What makes this whole thing even more funny is the fact that Peter Gallagher aka Sandy Cohen starred in the 1999 remake of the film. 

And Lastly to put a cherry on this whole haunted sundae, Amanda Righetti Aka Kirstens little delinquent sister Hailey Nichol, plays in the 2007 remake "Return to House on Haunted Hill". SPOOOKY!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The O.C. Easter Eggs: Johnny Harper Predicts His Own Death

In season three episode 10 "The Chrismukkah Barmitzvakkah" the episode's focal point is raising money for Johnny's surgery. Stubborn Johnny tries to raise money himself via shady ways and instead the gang helps him out by getting Ryan to throw a charity bar-mitzvah. Johnny predicts his own death in the following scene below, Johnny and Marissa talk privately at the Diner.

Marissa: Hey, thanks for meeting me.
Johnny: Of course, after last night you really talked me off the ledge


Flash forward to Season 3 episode 14 (yes only 4 episodes later) "The Cliffhanger" Johnny is getting drunk with Kaitlin on the beach, suffering from depression involving Marissa not being in love with him like he wanted. Johnny decides to climb a very high cliff. Kaitlin panics and tries to get him down to no avail. Kaitlin is in need of some serious intervention,  Ryan and Marissa come to the rescue.

Ryan climbs up the cliff and confronts a drunk and stumbling Johnny to try and talk him to get him back on solid ground.

Johnny refuses to give in to Ryan heroics claiming that if he Ryan saves him Marissa will only like him more....

Johnny gets closer and closer to the edge holding a near empty bottle of Jim Beam. Johnny's shoes start to slip on the cliffs gravel - all of a sudden its too late.

Ryan tries to reach out for Johnny but he is too late and too far away. Johnny slips off the edge of the cliff.

Ryan reaches out but is left with seeing a horrible sight. This is a huge realization for Ryan, its the first time his efforts to help someone completely fail, we aren't used to seeing that happen in this series.

Ryan looks down at what is left of Johnny and is in complete shock.

Marissa and Kaitlin then shield their eyes as cry for their friend. 

Poor Ryan, he tried his best. 

So yes in a way Johnny predicted his own death. Johnny was an interesting character but I thought that the writers wrote his story to a dead end, there wasn't much more the writers could do and to be honest I would have rather seen Oliver come back (as rough as that was) than go on and on with the Johnny story..I mean think about it, it was a total downer story - nothing good ever happened to him. His girlfriend cheated on him, he broke his leg and couldn't surf anymore, gets the surgery and then falls off a cliff and dies..On a side note this story smells very similar to the Oliver story line, Marissa gets close to a guy that has ulterior motives in which she is of course blind to (everyone else sees it), Ryan starts to hate the guy, the guy falls crazy in love with Marissa and then goes literally crazy. If it were up to me (Rooney line) I would have had Johnny go on his surf tour after his leg recovered and that would be that but the writers had their reasons i'm sure and lets face it in the land of The O.C. you either die or move away to never be scene(puns) again, no side characters get out alive! How would you have written the Johnny story?

Where to find it:

Season 3 episode 10 "The Chrismukkah Barmitzvakkah"
Season 3 episode 14 "The Cliffhanger" (how appropriate)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The O.C. Easter Egg: Sandy Cohen and a Grease Musical?

In season 2 episode 8 "The Power of Love" It is Sandy and Kirsten 20th wedding anniversary only Sandy apparently forgot. Long story short and an angry wife later, Sandy, Seth and Ryan along with Alex plan a secret surprise anniversary party via the Bait Shop. Sandy is there to perform a song for Kirsten on stage with a band called "The News". Before Sandy walks up on stage Seth interjects that Sandy played Danny Zuko in the UC Berkeley version of Grease in his college days. The clever writers of The O.C. based Sandy Cohen's fictional endeavor off of fact. Peter Gallagher, the actor that plays our Sandy Cohen actually performed in Grease at the Monmouth Arts Foundation back in the day. When you hear Peter Gallagher sing "Don't Give Up On Me" by Solomon Burke later in the episode, it's a big hint of his wonderful singing ability. I found these images as further proof from an Ebay listing:

Alternatively it is confirmed on Peter Gallagher's official website:

Monday, July 21, 2014

The O.C. Easter Egg: Zach is back!

So in season 2 episode 17 "The Brother's Grim" Zach comes back from his back packing trip to Italy. Seth bumps into Zach in the harbor school hall and excitedly says:

Seth: "Hey man you came back! People never leave and come back!"

This is of course a entertaining and hidden jab at The O.C. universe and TV characters in general. TV show stories progress, they climax and then they plateau, fortunately and unfortunately that means getting rid of likable characters in the process for various reasons. Sometimes its the actors decisions, they take on new projects, writers then write them out usually through death or more popular in the O.C. universe they move away..Other times characters are written out to progress the story in a new fresh direction, the current story is at a dead-end, a love-triangle is beaten to death and is no longer exciting. Some notable characters that leave the O.C. never to be seen again thus far in the series (Mid Season 2) Donny, Oliver, Luke (comes back for one episode in season 2), Lindsey, Alex and Yard boy DJ. All vanish into thin ocean air - claiming all of a sudden that they need to move away, go back to school, make a change in their life etc. The O.C. is  like a cult, very few characters get to come back after leaving but some of them you want to gone right from the start. Cough OLIVER cough.

Where to find it: Season 2 Episode 17 "The Brothers Grim"

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The O.C. Easter Egg: Summer Lovers Jab Reference

Where to find: Season 2 episode 10 "The Accomplice"

Scene: Seth, Ryan and Zach are hanging out talking on the pier about what Seth should do in his Alex/Jodi love triangle situation.


Seth: "So what do I do?"
Zach: "What do you wanna do?"
Seth: "What I want to do is drive over to her apartment right now and just ask her, flat out - Alex are we in a relationship or are we not?"
Zach: "Good man, you should do it!"
Ryan: "He's not doing it!"
Seth: "Ryan its been almost a week okay and I still don't know where Alex stands. Is she back together with her lesbian ex - and if so are they open to some sort of menage three-ways in the film Summer Lovers?"

Easter Egg: Summer Lovers was a movie that came out in 1982, 21 years before The O.C..The movie stars your very own Sandy Cohen - Peter Gallagher playing the character Michael Pappas. I haven't seen the movie yet but from the photos (some pretty x-rated and can't be unseen), I gather its about a guy and a girl and then another girl, involving a love triangle/three some of sorts on an island resort type setting. This is why I love The O.C., the great detail and awesomeness the writers go into, leaving you bread crumbs to follow. Look at the above photo, Guess the Cohen blood runs strong, looking like a young Seth Cohen - a little comic book reading on the beach followed by a three-some..Look out Ryan Atwood Sandy's looking pretty ripped. Now the big question is, is this movie even worth watching?

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