Monday, July 21, 2014

The O.C. Easter Egg: Zach is back!

So in season 2 episode 17 "The Brother's Grim" Zach comes back from his back packing trip to Italy. Seth bumps into Zach in the harbor school hall and excitedly says:

Seth: "Hey man you came back! People never leave and come back!"

This is of course a entertaining and hidden jab at The O.C. universe and TV characters in general. TV show stories progress, they climax and then they plateau, fortunately and unfortunately that means getting rid of likable characters in the process for various reasons. Sometimes its the actors decisions, they take on new projects, writers then write them out usually through death or more popular in the O.C. universe they move away..Other times characters are written out to progress the story in a new fresh direction, the current story is at a dead-end, a love-triangle is beaten to death and is no longer exciting. Some notable characters that leave the O.C. never to be seen again thus far in the series (Mid Season 2) Donny, Oliver, Luke (comes back for one episode in season 2), Lindsey, Alex and Yard boy DJ. All vanish into thin ocean air - claiming all of a sudden that they need to move away, go back to school, make a change in their life etc. The O.C. is  like a cult, very few characters get to come back after leaving but some of them you want to gone right from the start. Cough OLIVER cough.

Where to find it: Season 2 Episode 17 "The Brothers Grim"

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  1. Season one Anna had a episode to finish her journey on the OC, at airport, What make me furious? Zach Didn´t had one episode to say good bye on the OC.


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