Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The O.C. Whoops: Julie Poisoned Caleb's Drink in The Pool House?!

Caleb and Julie mansion house pool The O.C

Here we have an Everything The O.C. exclusive blooper that we like to call The O.C. Whoops!
Meanwhile at the tail end of Season 2 episode 23 "The O.Sea", Julie tries one last desperate attempt at saving her position in Newport society. Julie's plan is to poison Caleb's margarita while they swim at home for one last hurrah. If her plan goes successfully Caleb will croak before submitting the signed divorce papers, thus rendering her a billionaire with a capital B or so she thinks.

Julie pours drink for Caleb the o.c.

The whoops here is found in the drink mixing scene above. Do you notice anything familiar about the background set behind Julie? The truth is that Julie is actually in Ryan's pool house kitchen. We are made to think that the kitchen she is mixing the drink in is the pool house at Caleb and Julie's mansion.

ryan and seth in the pool house

Decorations were changed around to give the scene and set a different look.

julie mixing caleb drink episode 23 the o.c.

For starters the set decorators took away Ryan's microwave (yeah cause that thing got a lot of action), added a blender, fresh fruit, booze and possibly changed the art work on the right side wall.

julie mixing caleb drink episode 23 the o.c.

The rest is relatively the same. Same granite green counter tops, sink placement etc. Nice try Schwartz, nice try indeed!

pouring caleb a drink the o.c. episode 23

See, you learn something new everyday here at ETOC, drink it up guys and don't forget to share!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The O.C. Memorable Moments: Ryan Living in The Model Home

Ryan stands all alone in an abandoned mansion not sure what to do next. With the builders coming in the morning there's only one thing he can do, pack up and leave town..Fate had an another idea..

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The O.C. Mystery: Cohen Mansion Only Has Two Bedrooms?

Now I've noticed this topic come up on multiple occasions. One occasion was spoken about on an episode of the very great first ever O.C. podcast Portland CA (check them out).. There are many questions in The O.C. but this is the mother of all O.C. questions!

Question: If the Cohen's live in a supposed mansion why does it only contain 2 bedrooms? No guest rooms? Why did Ryan have to sleep in the pool house? Take a glance at the above image and you can assume without a doubt that the house has more than two bedrooms right?! Lets explore this question a bit, shall we?

Evidence: When multiple guests from the outside comes into the Cohen home they usually get the pool house thus forcing Ryan to have to sleep on Seth's floor or on a living room couch. This is a classic situation that happens in multiple episodes.

What we do know: Let's look at what we do know from what we actually see in the show. We know there's a master bedroom where Sandy and Kirsten sleep and we know that Seth has his own bedroom. We also know that there is a pool house with a bed (mattress on the floor, whats up with Atwood's and mattresses on the floor) and two living rooms with couches/chairs. That's it. The rest is left to imagination, assumptions and a few facts.

Facts: In reality the interiors of the Cohen house we see on TV were modeled after another house on the same Malibu street. Those interiors were briefly seen in the pilot episode. See this and this for more info on that. The only problem with that house was that it was only a one story and what kind of successful real-estate developer lives in a one story house? The creators liked the idea of the bigger two story home exterior and the interior of the one story smaller home so they mashed the two together and wallah!

"Answer": My guess is that realistically the Cohen house would have at least 4-5 bedrooms and 4-5 bathrooms not to mention bonus rooms, movie room etc. Based off the recent real-estate listing the real house features 6.376 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. Obviously as stated above the real house's interior layout was completely different than the Cohen's home on TV But using the real house as a measure gives us an idea of how many room's their house would actually have, thus giving us an "answer".

Truthfully: I think the lack of room was a plot device created to keep the comic relief going which I must say is highly entertaining and a lot more interesting than giving everyone their own room! Where's the fun in that? Everyone gets along and no drama?! No Seth and Ryan time via Seth's bedroom floor?! Seth bugging Ryan about his love life while Ryan tries to sleep? Who doesn't want that?

Furthermore: I also think the pool house itself was a plot device as well. In the pilot episode Kirsten tells Sandy "he sleeps in the pool house", because Kirsten initially didn't trust Ryan's intentions and was worried he was going to case the house. Who know's maybe they wouldn't have let Ryan stay if they didn't have a pool house? I think the pool house was written into the show because Ryan already had a room in his old Chino house (shared with Trey) and it's everyone's fantasy (especially at a young age) to have your own home plus it would make sense that the Cohen's had such luxury's making it all very believable. We see life for Ryan take a 180 in just the pilot episode alone, from sleeping on the floor at his crummy run down alcoholic mothers house to living it up like royalty in his very own "house". The pool house gave Ryan something new, a safe haven for Ryan and a place all to himself to refresh from the stresses of Chino..Sweet, sweet independence, all the while wearing a fresh wife-beater washed by Rosa! Could life get any better? So for now this mystery will stay UNSOLVED/SOLVED a 50-50 split! Until Josh Schwartz chimes in that is! Let us know Josh!

This topic has been updated upon and solved, read about it here!

Monday, April 11, 2016

The O.C. Merchandise: Seth Cohen Pillowcase!

As we scour The O.C. web old and new, we like to find unique or rare The O.C. merchandise and share it with you. That is what The O.C. Merchandise posts are all about!

With that being said here we have a rare one of a kind custom creation! A "I love Seth Cohen" pillowcase! Features 4 corners of pure plush O.C. goodness, Captain Oats not included! During the O.C. heyday, it was pretty normal to see shirts that favored Seth Cohen with generic catchphrases such as "Adorkable" or "Obsethed". But this pillowcase takes the cake with originality that only Seth Cohen himself would appreciate!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The O.C. Mystery: How many friends came to beat up Ryan at the model home?

Exhibit A. After listening to Luke and his posse go on and on about how much they are going to beat Ryan up, Marissa can't take it anymore and storms out of Holly's party aka "thing". Marissa then drives straight to the model home mansion where Ryan is camping out (literally tent and all) and confronts him.

Marissa really wants to stay the night at the model home with Ryan but he knows that he has to jet in the morning and doesn't want to let it complicate things, thus making it harder to leave. So Ryan painfully denies her and tells her to go.

Marissa storms out in a frustrated and rejected sob. She then drives home in her Jeep.

Little does she know that there is a can of O.C beat-down lurking in the shadows in a pimped out GMC truck! Luke and his water polo companion goons (a few from the Pilot episode) tailed Marissa to the model home to sniff out what she's been up to. So as you see in the above close-up photo evidence Luke, Nordlund and Chip Saunders are the only ones in the truck.

Rewind! Did you catch it? Before they zoom into the cab of Luke's truck the camera shows a wider angle of the truck. Look there in the orange circle, in the back near the tailgate. It's someone else! By golly what is going on here! A 4th person? They brought four people? Luke knew Chino was tough but that's just excessive!

The guys then walk into the mansion to find Ryan packing up his things and preparing to leave. Here we still only see Luke, Nordlund and Chip. They ambush Ryan and ruff him up pretty good. To make matters worse someone kicks over the candles in the room and a fire starts roaring uncontrollably.

As the flames reach higher and Ryan approaching unconsciousness the three guys attempt to run out of the place before the whole home goes up in flames. Just before Luke reaches the staircase to leave his guilty conscience hits him and he goes back to carry Ryan out of the burning inferno.

Luke lays Ryan on the ground outside of the home and tells him to "Run!". Luke then hops in the back of his truck as Nordlund or Chip drives away to head back to Holly's. As you see Luke is now the only one in the back tailgate area of the truck. Where did the 4th man boy go?

ETOC theory: Luke asked another unknown friend to come ride in the back to keep lookout. As the flames start erupting the mystery 4th guy starts Luke's truck and prepares to pick up the rest of the dudes to get out of there. Other more likely possibilities could be blamed on a continuity error. In the full truck photo above, it could be that Nordlund or Chip was to sit in the back of the truck to give the idea that there is a whole gang of people ready to fight. Alternatively the editors perhaps noticed you can barely see someone in the back of the truck therefor having the inside truck shot of all three friends together necessary. Meanwhile they then forgot to erase the guy in the back. It also could have been a film crew member caught on camera. Alternatively and just as likely it could be the ghost haunting the supposed cursed unfinished model home.

Final verdict, this one stays a mystery..Whatever the case, we'll leave it up to you to decide!

Where to find:

Season 1 Episode 2 "The Model Home"

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The O.C. in the News: Bret Harrison aka "Big" Danny returns in Netflix's Original series "The Ranch"

You remember him. The tall, dark, hansom and very very funny Danny from The O.C..You know that hilarious guy that was in just one episode but left a long lasting impression on the world!

So maybe you do, maybe you don't. Essentially he was Seth Cohen's nemesis, he also had a thing for Summer. Until Seth and Danny hang out that is. Seth urges that Danny needs to go BIGGER with his jokes..Danny comes back to Harbor School with a new set of jokes that bomb so hard that we never see him again....Until now..

Big Danny aka Bret Harrison is now starring in the new Netflix Original Series "The Ranch", alongside Ashton Kutcher (The Butterfly Effect, That 70's Show), Danny Masterson (That 70's Show) and Sam Elliott (Tombstone, Prancer).

Bret Harrison plays a character named Kenny. Kenny is Abby's boyfriend (the blonde), he's an ex band geek and forgotten high school "friend" of Colt Bennett (Ashton Kutcher), he currently works as a manager at the local Marriott. Looks like he is in 5 of the 10 episodes of "The Ranch" (spoiler alert), so maybe he doesn't go big this time and goes home, whatever the case watch him now in "The Ranch" streaming now only on Netflix!

"Get yourself some funnier friends"
- Sandy Cohen

Where to see Danny:

Season 1 Episode 17 "The Rivals"

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