Friday, January 22, 2016

The O.C. Basement: Skate The O.C.

the o.c. skate game online skate the o.c.Yes, this actually happened. It was a skateboard game that was once featured on The game lasted from 2004 to 2007 and has since been removed. I so would have loved to play this game! Till then I will be on the hunt for a copy of that bad boy.

Image text:

So the Cohen's decided to head up the coast to Santa Barbara for a weekend vacation. Too bad they forgot to lock the gate to the backyard. We've turned the Cohen's backyard into the hottest skate park in Orange County! We emptied the pool and built our ramps all over the yard! And now we're challenging you to do  your most wicket tricks and cause the most radical damage before the Cohen's get back! With two modes of play, you'll find plenty of ways to beat your friends high scores as well as discover all the nasty tricks that we gave you the power to do.

This is what the loading screen looked like

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cars of The O.C.: Luke's Pimped Out Truck!

lukes truck o.c. what kind

Here we have Luke Ward's pimped out 1999 GMC Sierra Extended Cab Z-71 complete with surf-rack! All the bells and whistles a water polo player could ever need! Perfect for cruising with the bros, jamming out to tunes and picking up your girlfriend.

lukes truck o.c. what kind

I was told by a former crew member of the show that Luke's truck was actually owned by one of the other crew members of The O.C..That crew member let the show borrow it for Luke's truck scenes..On-to the trucks fate...

oc the proposal luke kicking truck

With that being said, it makes watching this scene a whole lot different knowing that Luke's beating on someone else's truck (and most likely was paid much less). I hope the guy had insurance cause...

oc the proposal luke truck wreck

Lastly Luke really makes a dent by drunk driving and hitting a street sign as well as a newspaper stand. Upon impact Luke hit his head on the windshield as well as the front end of the truck getting hella damaged, rendering it totaled. Aww poor truck, I wonder who owns it now?

Where to find truck wrecking scenes: 
Season 1 Episode 24 "The Proposal"

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rare Glimpses: Let there be light!

In case you've ever wondered what the pool house outdoor pool-side lighting looked like, well this will shine some light on the situation. Ta-da! Here we have the actual deluxe two bulb light fixture featured exclusively on Ryan's pool house. Look at those puppies shine like two golden beacons!

Where to find:

Season 1
Episode "The Heights"

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The O.C. Fan Fiction: Ryan's Fallout with Taylor

ryan atwood playing video games fallout pool house

Meanwhile in the pool house - Ryan is going through a tough breakup with Taylor and has been held up in the pool house since Chrismukkah. Sandy and Kirsten are increasingly worried about the amount of time Ryan has been devoting to his new game Fallout 4..He has called out sick from the Crab-Shack 11 days in a row and claims he's in the "wasteland".

Sandy: Hey Seth do you know where Ryan is?
Seth: Ugh yeah dad, hes in his uh "Fallout Shelter" and oh yeah if you see him he now prefers people call him The Silver Shroud. Whatever the means.
Sandy: Oh he's lost it, we gotta get him back with Taylor!

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