Friday, January 22, 2016

The O.C. Basement: Skate The O.C.

the o.c. skate game online skate the o.c.Yes, this actually happened. It was a skateboard game that was once featured on The game lasted from 2004 to 2007 and has since been removed. I so would have loved to play this game! Till then I will be on the hunt for a copy of that bad boy.

Image text:

So the Cohen's decided to head up the coast to Santa Barbara for a weekend vacation. Too bad they forgot to lock the gate to the backyard. We've turned the Cohen's backyard into the hottest skate park in Orange County! We emptied the pool and built our ramps all over the yard! And now we're challenging you to do  your most wicket tricks and cause the most radical damage before the Cohen's get back! With two modes of play, you'll find plenty of ways to beat your friends high scores as well as discover all the nasty tricks that we gave you the power to do.

This is what the loading screen looked like

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