Friday, May 29, 2015

The O.C. Woops: Whats that stage light doing in the Cohen's driveway?!

Lets face it, a film editor has to go through hours and hours of footage and tidy it all up in a 42 minute package that has to flow and make sense. Within all that editing and multiple episodes there is bound to be some continuity errors and mistakes. On The O.C., there are a few bloopers/woopsies moments but this one is by far the most obvious - yet no other sites have ever covered it. This is an Everything The O.C. exclusive!

So Marissa and Jimmy decide to come visit the Cohen's. If you look closely (or not) you will notice a stage light behind a little ways behind Marissa's red Mustang. It will become very apparent as the camera pans to the right (as Kirsten walks to the door). It is a stage light on a black stand. This stage light helps with the illusion that the characters are actually outside in sunny Newport Beach, when in reality they are on a soundstage! The only thing is, these lights are suppose to be completely unseen!

Its pretty laughable sight once you spot the error, makes you shake your head and think how the heck did they let that one slip by?! If only the tree on their front door was a bit thicker, sigh...

Where to find:

Season 2 Episode 1 "The Distance"

Monday, May 11, 2015

The O.C. Behind The Scenes: Adam Brody Real Life Comic Creator!

During the O.C. Season 2 we meet up with some new faces. One of which are Zach Stevens which initially plays Summer's new over the summer love interest. Seth becomes very jealous but miraculously they become friends due to their love of comic books.

During Seth's comic book club, a spark is created between Zach, Seth and Ryan (sorta) to create their very own graphic novel called "Atomic County". Atomic county is a satire comic book based off the characters in the newport/OC world. We later find out that Zach chooses the comic book and meeting George Lucas over Summer and the rest is history (spoiler alert).

Fast forward to Jan 2007 when the O.C. was in its final year, a brand new comic book cames out on the scene called "Red Menace". This comic book was apparently written by Adam Brody along with Danny Bilson (Summer Roberts, Rachel Bilson's father) and Paul Demeo. 

Here is the plot summary with spoilers from wikipedia: 

"At one of the House of Un-American Activities Committee trials, a hero named "The Eagle" unmasks himself as World War II veteran Steve Tremaine. The Committee uses his war time friendship with Ivan "The Bear" Petrovich, a hero to the Soviet Union to brand him as a communist and bans him from being the Eagle. By the next day, every newspaper calls him "Red Menace."

Despite the government's banning of his vigilantism, The Eagle continues to sneak out at night and fight crime. He keeps in touch with his old friend Petrovich as well. Unknowingly, Tremaine leads a group of anti-communist extremists to Petrovich's location after they listen in on a conversation between the two. Petrovich is then brutally murdered by the men. Upon hearing the news, Tremaine is driven to a deep depression that leads him to heavy drinking for a period of more than three weeks. At a scuffle with some men at a bar over Tremaine's alleged communist sympathies, Tremaine is introduced to a young superhero called the Gray Falcon who fights crime, inspired by The Eagle's efforts."

So there we have it, far off from Atomic County but never the less very cool. This is art imitating life as Adam Brody crosses his Seth Cohen character into real life. I'm assuming this was a huge bonding move for Adam and Danny Bilson although Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson broke up in 2006. The comic book had a 6 issue mini run and can be readily found on eBay.

Where to find: Season 2 Episode 2 "The Way We Were"

Friday, May 1, 2015

The O.C. Flashback Series: Summer Roberts Real High School Yearbook, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Pics

How old was Rachel Bilson when she played Summer Roberts in the O.C.? When it comes to the land of TV, often actors are cast to play characters much younger or older than their real age for some odd reason. It's became very popular for 20+ year old to play teenagers in Hollywood and it must come down to their acting ability and maturity. This was very much the case when it comes to The O.C..With that being said lets reveal Summer Roberts aka Rachel Bilson real high school yearbook photo's as well as how old he was while playing in The O.C..

Above: Rachel Bilson sophomore year yearbook photo's

Above: Rachel Bilson junior year yearbook photo's

Above: Rachel Bilson senior yearbook photo

Rachel Bilson's real birthday August 25th 1981
Real Graduating class of 1999 (Notre Dame High School (Sherman Oaks, CA)  
Harbor School (The O.C. Class of 2006)
The O.C. aired from August 5, 2003, to February 22, 2007

Rachel Bilson was 21 when she started playing Summer Roberts in The O.C. and was 25 by the time the show ended. In the O.C. world that would have made her born in 1988. So that's an 7 year difference from when she actually graduated in real life, now that's Hollywood for ya!

Stay tuned for the rest of the gang! 

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