Friday, May 29, 2015

The O.C. Woops: Whats that stage light doing in the Cohen's driveway?!

Lets face it, a film editor has to go through hours and hours of footage and tidy it all up in a 42 minute package that has to flow and make sense. Within all that editing and multiple episodes there is bound to be some continuity errors and mistakes. On The O.C., there are a few bloopers/woopsies moments but this one is by far the most obvious - yet no other sites have ever covered it. This is an Everything The O.C. exclusive!

So Marissa and Jimmy decide to come visit the Cohen's. If you look closely (or not) you will notice a stage light behind a little ways behind Marissa's red Mustang. It will become very apparent as the camera pans to the right (as Kirsten walks to the door). It is a stage light on a black stand. This stage light helps with the illusion that the characters are actually outside in sunny Newport Beach, when in reality they are on a soundstage! The only thing is, these lights are suppose to be completely unseen!

Its pretty laughable sight once you spot the error, makes you shake your head and think how the heck did they let that one slip by?! If only the tree on their front door was a bit thicker, sigh...

Where to find:

Season 2 Episode 1 "The Distance"

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