Monday, October 31, 2016

Everything The O.C. Presents: The Trick Or Treat! The First Ever O.C. Halloween Story!

click to enlarge full O.C. Halloween group The Trick or Treat

The first Ever Halloween O.C. episode titled: The Trick or Treat
Created exclusively and written by
A tribute to our unending love for The O.C!

This story takes place in an alternate season 1 time line! This story and artwork took many hours to complete but we did it all with the intention of giving you guys (the fans) something fun to read this Halloween! A brand new O.C. episode in script form!

Characters in episode: Sandy, Kirsten, Jimmy, Julie, Seth, Summer, Ryan, Marissa, Luke and Anna plus a few surprises!

So Happy Halloween from Everything The OC and Enjoy!

Scene 1

It's noon on October 30th (Saturday). Ryan and Seth are hanging out in the pool house a day before 
the 31st, Halloween! Ryan is sitting on his bed reading a magazine. Seth is sitting in a chair right next to Ryan's bed, hyper and twitchy as usual, twiddling his thumbs..Suddenly the room goes from quiet to loud as a chain saw in 0.2 seconds as Seth proceeds to cut the silence with a samurai sword..

Seth: Hey Ryan! have you ever partook in the age old wonder of dressing up like someone other than yourself for a little candy?
*Ryan irritably flipping through his magazine barely looking up at Seth*
Ryan: If you speaking of dressing up for Halloween the answer is no, Seth!
Seth: You Atwood's..never to experience in some good-old wholesome fun but that's okay your a Cohen now which means you are forced to love all the holidays!
*Ryan giving a look*
*Seth rubs his hands together in excitement*
Seth: You see, its an underrated tradition really. You dress up, you get candy..its as simple as that but in that simplicity lies the complexity of the magic! Think about it, haven't you ever wanted to be someone else for just a night? I know I have...yes most of my fantasies have me far removed from Newport.
*Ryan scratches his head in deep thought and puts down magazine*
Ryan: Well yeah I mean..I guess I haven't really thought about it..
*Seth disinterested in what Ryan has to say proceeds to interrupt Ryan*
Seth: Top 5 costumes from my childhood are as follows, Captain Planet, Neil Armstrong, Where's Waldo, Tony Hawk and my personal favorite Inspector Gadget!
*Ryan looking a little overwhelmed but Seth has his attention*
Seth: But you see this year is probably going to be our last chance, I mean lets face it, we are both close to growing at least a mustache by now. Yes, this year I plan to knock out one of my top 5 costumes and replace with this years creation! And I need your help.
*Ryan thinking to himself and hesitating, unsure about doing this whole Halloween thing*
Ryan: Did anyone find you?
Seth: What do you mean?
Ryan: You know Where's Waldo?
Seth: Ohh yes, well the answer is no. Because I kind of never left my room that night.
*Ryan feels sorry for Seth*
Ryan: ohh man that sucks.
Seth: So what do you think? A little Seth Ryan time? Trick or Treating tomorrow night, you and me?
Ryan: Or you know we could just hand out candy to the kids in the neighborhood, isn't that what your parents do?

Scene 2

Scene transitions to Sandy and Kirsten talking in their bedroom while Kirsten makes the bed and Sandy shaves

Sandy: We could just hand out candy, its what we do every year and you know how much I like to hand out candy in between watching scary movies on TV while eating some of that candy.
Kirsten: Yeah! I do recall last year when you ate the majority of the candy and we had to turn our porch light off!
Sandy: Oh hun, oh but it was worth it, eating candy we paid for, there's a concept I can digest! And don't get me started on my thoughts again on the origination of this spooky holiday..It...
*Kirsten interrupts Sandy mid sentence*
Kirsten: Yes it was a conspiracy created by the dental association!
Sandy: You know me too well, Cavities keeps the dentists smiling what can I say...but I think our tradition is well, pretty great. Think about how many scary movies we can cram in one night!
*Kirsten laughs*
Kirsten: I mean yeah our tradition is pretty fun...
*Sandy wide-eyed and surprised*
Sandy: You say that like there's another option! What are the Newpsies holding a charity adult costume contest that I haven't found out about??
Kirsten: Actually..

*Kirsten pulls out an invitation from her purse and shows Sandy*

Scene 3

Scene transitions to Summer and Marissa, they are hanging out at the mall looking through Halloween costumes at one of those tacky pop up Halloween stores that come and go like the wind.

*Marissa is glancing at the price of one of the costumes on the rack*
Marissa: I don't know sum.. With everything going on with my parents and being broke I'm just not sure I should do anything this Halloween
Summer: Yeah I know what you mean but maybe it would be nice to just dress up and be someone else for a night, you know, to forget about all that..
Marissa: That's true. You know, sometimes it would be nice to just disappear all-together...
Summer: Don't get all morbid on me coop!
Marissa: Haha stop, that's not what I mean..but your right maybe it would be a fun to be someone else..even for just a night..
Summer: Take it from me coop..My step monster plays Halloween every day, I never know which personality i'm going to meet next! But she seems to enjoy it, my dad...not so much!
*Marissa laughs*
Marissa: Haha, poor Neil.
Marissa: Well..If were going to do this we need to figure out what it is we are doing.
Summer: Well Holly did invite us to that Halloween party at her parents beach house tomorrow night...
Marissa: Oh yeah! Luke mentioned that a little while ago.
Summer: and then there's that party at The Yacht Club which i'm pretty sure is mainly just old people.
Marissa: Oh yeah, lets be sure to skip that one. I don't feel like running into my mom.
Summer: Good point. I wonder if Seth and Ryan are going to Holly's?
Marissa: I'm sure Ryan and Seth will be playing video games all night or something!
Summer: Yeah or handing out candy with Anna...EW!! Who's Ryan seeing now anyways?
Marissa: 20 sum year old women, Rosa?..I don't even know these days..we haven't talked since I got back with Luke.
*Summer laughs*
Summer: Rosa and Ryan now that would be a site to see.
Marissa: ewww, bad visual!
Summer: Well we could invite them as plus-ones. Unless you will be going with Luke. That may be a little awkward for Ryan though.
Marissa:  That's true, I don't know. Luke's been busy working on his truck..he's really started being sweet for a change.
*Summer not sure if she buys that*
Summer: Well how bout if you don't go with Luke we can call up Seth and Ryan and atleast invite them.
Marissa: Yeah, sounds good, Deal!

Scene 4

Scene transitions: Seth and Ryan are in the Kitchen eating "lunchfast" whilst reading comic books at the kitchen counter. Seth is reading a Spiderman comic and Ryan a vintage Halloween Batman comic.

Rosa: Master Seth please don't forget to clean up after yourself..I will be leaving in 1 minutos.
Seth: Si, But doesn't that effect your job security?
*Ryan gives Seth a death stare*
Ryan: Seth! Sure Rosa we got it, gracias, have a good day!
*Rosa leaves out the back door mumbling "indefenso chico desordenado" (messy helpless boy)
*Sandy walks in to the kitchen in a very chipper state and proceeds to toast a bagel*
Sandy: Wow you two are up early and before dinner too, I'm impressed! A little breakfast for lunch I see..
*Ryan gives a look as he sips his coffee*
Seth: Yes you see father we are trying to find inspiration for a know the one designed by the dentists...
Sandy: Oh yes son, so what is it going to be this year?
 *Before Seth can respond*
Sandy: Well you are a duo now so you have to take that into consideration..Couple costumes are big business! But you guys are cutting it pretty close..most of the crummy Halloween stores are probably already sold out of the good stuff by now..
*Seth rolls his eyes*
Seth: Thanks for the positivity dad.
Sandy: What'l it be Cops and Robbers? Captain Hook and Peter Pan?
*Sandy's eyebrows up in the air giving a surprised face*
Sandy: And Ryan you dress up???
Ryan: Not exactly...I've never dressed up for Halloween or really celebrated it before.
Seth: Now isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard dad?
Sandy: It does bring a certain tear to my eyes son but you know Ryan your never too old to
give it a try.
*Ryan gives another look..shy*
Sandy: You know sometimes when you two aren't home...
*Before Sandy has time to spill the beans Kirsten strolls in to the kitchen opens up the refrigerator looking for the creamer glances at the expiration date*
*Seth is about to throw up*
*Kirsten came into the wrong end of the conversation, her cheeks blush*
Kirsten: Go on Sandy! when you two aren't home what?
*Sandy changes subject*
Sandy: My love..uhh well you see Seth and Ryan were just informing me that they will be participating in the joys of Halloween this year..
Kirsten: Really?? Seth i'm not too surprised of due to his love for Comic-Con but Ryan? Aw you boys will have a blast!
*Ryan sips some coffee hesitating to ask a question but does so anyways..He's looks for other options*
Ryan: So uh what do you and Sandy have planned?
Kirsten: Oh well you know the Newpsies are hosting this Halloween party at the Yacht Club, kinda of like an adult costume party..
Sandy: Yes boys I promised Kirsten that I would participate half the night at the club if she would agree to spend the other half handing out candy and watching a scary movie with a possible second scary movie following! That's what marriage is..a big trade off boys..
*Kirsten rolls her eyes*
Ryan: I see, well that sounds pretty cool.
Seth: Speaking of half, can you pass the Half and half? This coffee is too dark for my taste!

Scene 5

Scene transitions to Marissa and Summer are looking at their newly bought costumes in Summer's room, ready to try them on.

*Summer stands in front of the mirror placing the costume over herself to get an idea of what her costume is going to look like on..Summer looks unsure about it. Reality is that she's looking hotter than ever*

Summer: I don't know coop, isn't the whole dressing up as sluts with guns a little cliche?
*Marissa takes a glance at Summer*
Marissa: Dang sum that looks hot! But forewarning, Seth will absolutely loose it seeing you in that!
Summer: Seth? Who's that again? Kidding!..If Seth comes to Holly's I will show him what he's missing out on and he will finally forget Anna forever.
Marissa: Sounds like you have this all planned out!
Summer: Yeah well I've seen it in an episode of The Valley.
*Marissa laughs*
Summer: Tomb Raider in the house Coop!
*Summer thinks to herself in the mirror*
Summer: What would Anna be dressed up like anyways? A librarian or something?
Marissa: Yeah...a sexy one.
*Summer gives her best bitch face as she glares at Marissa*
Marissa: kidding!
Summer: Zip it coop!
*Marissa opens up her costume and stares at it with a smile, she admires it and realizes that this could really be some fun.*
Marissa: Thanks for buying me this costume by the way, I don't know what I would have worn without you stepping in!
Summer: That's what friends are for, plus my dad just gave me his new credit card and it looked like it needed to be broken in!
*Summer makes a sliding motion with her hand as if she is swiping her card through an atm machine.
Both Summer and Marissa laugh as the scene closes.*

Scene 6

It's the next morning of the "big Halloween night". Kirsten is looking over one of her housing projects.The Cohen doorbell rings, we see a view of Kirsten coming to the door from the foyer to see who it is. She opens the door and its Jimmy Cooper looking a little disheveled and down.

Kirsten: Hey Jimmy, whats going on?
Jimmy:  Hey...Its..uh, its pretty...well, not going too well..
Kirsten: Well come on in..Sandy is in the shower most likely singing his favorite show tunes..
*Jimmy smirks but no in the mood to giggle*
*Jimmy and Kirsten walk to the living room couch to sit down to talk*
Jimmy: I wish I could be singing right now but all I can think about is screaming. Hey have I ever sat in this room before it looks different?
Kirsten: Jimmy of course you have..well I did redecorate it recently..
*Jimmy looks around and notices the new additions*
Jimmy: It looks amazing.
Kirsten: Thanks Jimmy but enough about the room..I'm sorry things aren't too well..Is it Julie?
Jimmy: Well yeah, its sorta always about Julie..she is trying to take literally everything I own, probably including this shirt i'm wearing right now if she had the chance! She's just been so wretched!
*Jimmy's Phone rings, he picks it up and its nobody on the line, Jimmy looks stressed and annoyed*
Jimmy: And that's the other thing. I keep getting prank called by an unknown number!
Kirsten: That's strange, I wonder who it could be. Maybe its an accident?
Jimmy: Not unless that accident happened about 50 times in the last two weeks.
Kirsten: Geesh that's border-line harassment!
Jimmy: I know. Its probably Julie trying to get back at me for moving into my own place and having Marissa stay with me.
Kirsten: Do you really think she would do that?
Jimmy: Well get this, she wants to take our dog Dustin back to her place! He's been hanging out at our apartment this whole time.
Kirsten: Seriously? You've had that dog since it was a puppy.
Jimmy: Dustin would end up in the pound or worse under her control..
Kristen: This is outrageous!
Jimmy: Oh it's all true, It's like I married Cruella Deville!
*Kirsten Laughs*
Kirsten: Speaking of scary characters, are you going to that Halloween event at the Yacht Club tonight?
*Jimmy starts rubbing his head*
Jimmy: Oh I uh, I dunno..its uh..I don't really want to bump into Julie to be honest and then there's that whole stealing money from some of our close friends that i'm sure will be there...
*In mid conversation Sandy walks out in the hallway with nothing but a small towel around his waist and humming Monster Mash..As he walks by heading into the kitchen he realizes Jimmy and Kirsten are in the Living room staring at him walking by..Sandy literally looks like he just saw a ghost and is super embarrassed.*
Sandy: Oh I am so sorry! I was just taking a guys get back to it..sorry to interrupt.
*Sandy gives an embarrassing hilarious smirk to himself as he prances backwards into the bedroom. Jimmy and Kirsten both look at each other and crack up quietly*
Kirsten: Well you know, its a costume party its not like anyone will know its you? Plus you could always dress up like a robber..
Jimmy: Oh too soon Kirsten, too soon!
*Jimmy laughs*
Jimmy: Well maybe your right. It would be nice to be someone else for a night..Who am I trying to impress anyways? It's not like everyone doesn't already know about my much worse could it get?

Scene 7

Scene transitions to Luke's working outside on his truck in his front driveway. The sun is blazing like never before..He's rocking out to Seger with the front truck hood popped up..Camera pans down, we see a sweaty dirty Luke with oil stains on his white shirt, he's needs a shower..He's laying flat on one of those mechanic creeper's underneath the truck.

Luke: Hey dad while you're out there can you pass me the 8 mm socket?
*Luke speaks to no-one as if his dad vanished. Luke thinks to himself "dang my dad disappeared like a ghost, he's been vanishing a lot lately. How am I going to the Halloween Party at Holly's if I can't get the truck to start?"
*Luke pulls out his phone and dials Marissa as he flips his hair from his greasy forehead.*
*Marissa answers the phone, shes hanging out in her room as she watches some trash TV*
Marissa: Hey Luke how's it going?
Luke: Hey babe, It's good to hear your voice..
Marissa: aw thanks that's sweet of you to say. Hows the truck?
Luke: Well you see I've been out here working on it and well this is going to be a lot larger job than I thought..
Marissa: Oh great, you and that truck..You know you've put a lot of work into that thing to have it just crap out on you like that.
Luke: Oh tell me about it but its a labor of love..I'll get it fixed but not by tonight I don't think..
*Marissa wondering if this means her and Ryan can go together instead*
Marissa: Well that's okay I mean you can skip out and hang out with your friends and work on it if you'd like.
Luke: That would be cool but you know I'd hate to do that to you.
Marissa: Whys that?
Luke: I feel like you'd be mad at me or something..I know this holiday means a lot to you.
Marissa: Well actually I was close to not even bothering to celebrate it but then Summer convinced me.
Luke: Oh well i'm glad Summer knocked some sense into you.
*Marissa laughs*
Marissa; Yeah.
Marissa: I mean you should do what you need to. Me and Summer could always pick you up in her car too. Either way its no big deal.
Luke: Okay babe I'll figure it out and let you know.

Scene 8

Scene transition. We see Julie hanging out at one of the Newpsies houses..They are both sitting at a fancy kitchen table sipping on tea while gossiping. Coffee is just not sophisticated enough for these two..This is the first time Julie has seen Mary since cotillion but Mary is much more forgiving.

Julie: Mary I just don't know, should I go to this party tonight?
Mary: What's the big deal? Well I mean I know you've got a lot on your plate but none of this is your fault, Jimmy did all the were a good house-wife.
*Julie thinks to herself and unsure if that statement is true but likes what she hears despite of the questionable validity. Julie feels super confident and empowered all of a sudden*
Julie: You know..your right. I did my duty as a house wife, Jimmy is on his own now and most likely living in a very dumpy apartment..I kept our house Mr. clean, clean..
Mary: Well your maid did do a fabulous really kept her in line Julie, I was always impressed.
*Julie superficially smiles*
Julie: That means a lot thanks Mary.
*We then see Mary's husband Greg sitting at a desk in his office. He's on his computer looking at his failing finances and looking depressed. He suddenly overhears laughter in the other room. He then realizes its Julie he starts listening deeper..He's thinking "in my house? The wife of the man that stole all my money is in my house?!" He feels disgusted but refrains*
Julie: Okay I think i'll go to the party! I shouldn't let what Jimmy did to the community stop me from enjoying myself!
*Both Julie and Mary clink their cups together with a cheers*

Scene 9

Scene transition. Newport is starting to get dark...Halloween air has officially spread around the O.C.. Ryan finally agreed shortly ago that he will join Seth for trick or treating. Seth and Ryan pick up last minute costumes..Ryan found a cop costume, not his first choice but somehow fitting. Seth was able to get the last Spiderman costume, albeit a few sizes too big but he doesn't mind, states it gives him more freedom to move around like a spider. Ryan and Seth have been trick or treating for over 3 hours in some very prime neighborhoods only to be shunned by half of the houses for looking "too old"..As Ryan and Seth walk Seth starts mumbling..

Seth: Next time we both wear masks!
*Ryan sweaty and irritated that he decided to even agree to go trick or treating*
Ryan: I don't think there's gonna be a next time Seth..
*As they are walking back Ryan reaches into a pathetically unfilled pillowcase pull out a full size candy bar and gets a little cheered up*
Ryan: but on the bright side I did get a few full sized candy bars. In Chino I heard kids only got rocks and nails.
Seth: duh dude, why did you think I picked this neighborhood..It's legends hold true about the full size wonders!
*Ryan rolls eyes and proceeds with opening up a piece of candy*
Seth: Do you think I would really pick a fun size neighborhood to pop your Halloween cherry? That would be just wrong! And wow that probably sounded a little wrong.
*Ryan laughs*
Ryan: I appreciate that buddy!
Seth: I thought for sure we would have passed as young kids in these mediocre economy costumes.
Ryan: Uhh maybe the car tipped em off that we were too old? *Ryan jokingly says* Or the fact that I fill this cop outfit so well...
*Seth and Ryan get into Kirsten's Range Rover, Seth puts the keys in the car and starts it up but doesn't drive yet..Seth turns to Ryan*
Seth: come to think of it that old lady did actually look pretty worried there was a real cop at her door.
*Ryan Agrees and gives Seth a crazy look*
Ryan: Yeah just a little.
Ryan: So what do you want to do now?
Seth: Well I don't know we could toilet paper a few houses? Go to more neighborhoods?
Ryan: Or we can just go home and watch...
*Just before Ryan can finish his sentence Seth's phone start to ring*
*Seth covers the phone with his hand and whispers to Ryan: "It's Anna."*
Seth: hey Anna, what's going on?
Anna: Well I was thinking of going to Holly's party in a few and I would like you to go too..
Seth: Holly's having a party? I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. Wait you told me you and your family were going to stay up all night playing Jenga and watching movies?
Anna: That was the plan until my parents got a last minute invite to some Newport Yacht Club party?
Seth: ahh yes another one bites the parents left to go there too..Old people and Ryan just got finished trick or treating and it was a big success!
Anna: You dorks!
Seth: Hey who's got Candy? We do!
*Anna gets the conversation back on track*
Anna: There's one stipulation though if you come to the party with me Seth...
Seth: And what may that be Anna?
*In a stern tone (puns) she says*
Anna: I want it to be more of a date and not just a friend thing..
*Seth shocked but flattered*
Seth: Oh umm okay I guess that's cool, a date..A date of friends..we can pick you up in 20?
Anna: Friends? we?
Seth: Me and captain oats of course! Nah I mean me and Ryan..
Anna: Oh, see you in 20 and Seth?
Seth: Yes?
Anna: Thanks.
Seth: Your welcome, later!
*Seth hangs up the phone*
Ryan: Who was it and what did they want?
*Seth feeling extra popular and wanted*
Seth: Well buddy I have some big news for you..the nights not over yet!
*Ryan enthusiastically responds*
Ryan: Yeah whats that Seth?
Seth: I got us into a party!
Ryan: Really? Wait. where and who's party?
Seth: A party at Holly's beach house!
Ryan: Ugh I dunno, last time didn't turn out so great..fist fights, three-somes, coke..

*Ryan's phone starts to vibrate..It's a text from Marissa. It says: "Hey Ryan are you free tonight? You should come to Holly's! She's having a Halloween party. PS: Yes you can bring Seth too but don't forget your costume!"*
Ryan: Marissa literally just texted me inviting you and me to the party too!
Seth: Dude no way!
*As Ryan opens up another piece of candy and eats it whole.*
Ryan: So uh what did you tell Anna?
Seth: I told her we would pick her up in 20 minutes so slow down on the candy cowboy!
*Ryan gives Seth a look, sucking candy on the side of his cheek says*
Ryan: Hey Seth quick thought..If Marissa is going to be there, you know summer will be there too Seth..
*Ryan just planted a golden seed in Seth's brain*
Seth: ah yes very wise Ryan Oh! I wonder what she's going to be wearing?? Catwoman? Superwoman? Playboy Bunny? I did read in Maxim that Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress up like sluts..
Ryan: Easy Seth Anna invited you not Summer!
Seth: How bout I just stick to driving....
Ryan: Sounds great.
*Seth puts his hands on the wheel 10 and 2 as they head to Anna's house*

Scene 10

We see the a nicely decorated exterior Newport Yacht Club. Sandy and Kirsten arrive at the party. They walk in and see a ton of Halloween type decorations, webs, black lights and smoke machines. The lighting is pretty dark overall but fits the theme. They are surrounded by food, drinks, caterers, servers dressed in costumes, you name it. A high end upscale Halloween party! Sandy is dressed like the Fonz, leather jacket and all..Kirsten is dressed up as a 50's poodle girl..A matching couple costume of sorts. As Sandy and Kirsten walk in..Sandy takes a deep look around left to right and is overstimulated by all the decorations and scenery.

Sandy: Well I must say the Newpsies done it again! Best decorating and decorations that money can buy!
Kirsten: You've got that right, i'm glad I wasn't involved with this one..Looks like a lot of work!
Sandy: your right..a party planning company was well payed!
*Kirsten laughs*
Kirsten: I'd say!
Sandy: It's so dark in here I can barely see your face..quick how many fingers am I holding up?
*Kirsten laughs and gives him THE finger and pulls Sandy to mingle with the rest of the crowd. A waiter then walks up to Kirsten and Sandy*
Waiter: mushroom leek crescent?
Sandy: Oh don't mind if I do!
*Sandy proceeds to grab 5 and bites into one..In mid chew suddenly someone dressed as Darth Vader comes walking up to Kirsten and Sandy, loud electronic breathing and all! The figure comes closer and closer to them. Sandy and Kirsten are a little startled!
*Sandy stands in front of Kirsten a little to protect her..Darth Vader gets closer to Kirsten and Sandy and starts to grab for his light saber*
*In Sandy's best Fonz accent says*
Sandy: heyyyyyyy! Alright who is that in there!?
*Kirsten starts to put two and two together, mask...dark must be my father..*
Kirsten: Dad is that you?
*Said with Vader's voice over effect*
Vader: No guess again..
Sandy: Oh its a game...Well your a little short to be Cliff and to tall to be that you Jimmy?
Jimmy: Dang how'd you know??
*Sandy puts down his dukes, much more relaxed says*
Sandy: Well I figure you were the only one that really needed to hide your face at this party..
*Sandy laughs as he spills the beans*
Sandy: and I kind of saw your car parked in the driveway!
*Jimmy laughs*
Jimmy: Good point Sandy and good guess!
Kirsten: You goof! You took my advice literally! Is it hot in that thing?
Jimmy: Just a tad bit sweaty in here, I think my lenses are fogging up a bit.
Kirsten: Well Jimmy we are both glad you could make it..
Sandy: And it's all good Cooper..We will keep your little secret!
Jimmy: Yeah I appreciate that and uh I wont tell anyone about that towel singing incident from earlier!
Sandy: It's a deal!

Scene 11

Scene transitions to Seth, Anna and Ryan as pull up to Holly's parents beach house. The parking lot is full of cars, practically blocking the road. As they get out of their car they can hear very loud music. There must be a ton of people here. The house exterior is complete with with Halloween spotlights a Happy Halloween banner and more. 

*Seth and Anna walk through the smoke filled door, Ryan close behind them. Immediately like a radar Seth's eyes go straight to Summer aka -The Newport Tomb Raider, shes talking to some of the other guys there along with Marissa..He cannot resist her, he has locked his gaze..Anna see's it too but isn't too surprised. Summer and Marissa then notice that Ryan and Seth just showed up and walks close to them, Marissa is wearing a Cinderella gowned and is looking amazing.*

Marissa: Hey Ryan! Hey Anna.
*Ryan shows his fake badge to Marissa as proceeds to stand next to her*
Ryan: Hey Marissa your under arrest!
*Flirting back, Marissa puts up her hands*

Anna: Hey Marissa! Fancy seeing you here and with green punch? Your starting early I see?
*Marissa laughs*
Marissa: Well you know me!

Summer: Hey Seth, Happy Halloween, I like your costume!
*Seth is lost for words and can only grin as he is in complete ecstasy..Summer not so surprised that Anna showed up too. You can only cut this tension if you had a chainsaw*
Summer: Oh hi..Anna.
*Anna realizing that Summer looks incredible turns to Summer for 0.2 seconds and responds*
Anna: Oh look who it is.
*Anna quickly faces back to Seth to steal the attention back*

*As the rest of the group is talking Luke pops into the door as a water polo player, speedo, cap and all..It's the best thing he could come up with and plus he's Luke, what do we expect?! Summer realizes and turns to him..She is surprised and with mixed emotions. Apart of her wanted him to just do his own thing and hang out with his friends so she can catch up with Ryan. But the other half of her thought it was sweet he made it all the way here*

*As Luke walks in he waves to everyone including Ryan, he doesn't seem bothered at all that Ryan is here. He then walks over to Marissa and gives a greeting hug and kiss. Ryan sees the hug and kiss and pretty much knows his chances with getting back with Marissa or even catching up are closed for the night*

Luke: Hey babe. Wow you look....amazing, Cinderella herself didn't pull it off as good as you!
Marissa: Aw thanks Luke, Summer kind of helped pick it out..and wow you look..umm..great too.
Luke: Thanks!
Marissa: How'd you get here?
Luke: Well it's a long story but my mom, dad and brothers went off to this Yacht Club party and so I hitched a taxi over here.
Marissa: Aw you could have called us for a ride.
Luke: Nah I wanted to figure out this situation on my own.
Marissa: Well Happy Halloween!
Luke: C'mon babe lets go get some brewskies!
*Ryan sees Marissa and Luke go off to get a drink*

*Meanwhile back in Seth-land! Seth takes off his Spiderman mask to get a better view of Summer, revealing a sweaty Jew-fro. Seth cannot hold back, he's staring atS ummer up and down as they are all talking..word vomit is commencing in 3-2-1..we have a liftoff!*
Seth: Holy mother of all that is holy...Summer!
*As he she hears Seth, Summer immediately bends over to pick up one of her fake guns that "fell" on the floor..purposely of course. Summer's shorts are so tight they are close to cutting off her circulation. Seth's mouth has nearly dropped to the floor and Anna knows it*
Seth: I would so raid your tombs Summer!
*Summer smiles, gets close to Seth and touches him on the arm..she likes what she hears*
Anna: What did you say Seth!?
Seth: Oh I said I so crave some shrooms, bummer!
Anna: Sure...
*Anna walks off, hot-headed, embarrassed and feeling dissed by Seth once again. Seth gives a half assed attempt with stopping her as he reaches out his hand but does not go after her and says*
Seth: Anna wait..
*Anna keeps on walking into the crowd. Ryan witnessed the whole thing and goes after Anna*

Scene 12

Scene transitions back to the Yacht club party. A little time has passed and Jimmy, Sandy and Kirsten are all mingling with the other people at the party, eating snacks and checking out the other costumes. Jimmy looks around the room and notices some other masked figure next to Julie? Jimmy didn't even realize Julie was at this party. Julie is dressed like a witch and Jimmy feels like that's highly appropriate choice but shruggs it off as he gets concerned..The masked figure next to her probably had one too many. He is flirting and getting very close to Julie..Julie's body language is revealing that she isn't interested and that she wants to loose him entirely. The masked figure has her kind of trapped in a corner with his arm up on the wall blocking her from escaping..Jimmy is worried about this. Then immediately the masked figure starts to put his hand on Julie's butt. Julie slaps his hand away spilling her own drink on herself and starts to get angry..He then reaches for her breast..Jimmy has had it! Jimmy runs over to the two and says..

Jimmy: Hey get off of her!
*Jimmy pushes him against the wall with so much built up adrenaline rage*
Unknown guy: *drunkenly utters* Hey buddy i'm just trying to have a good time, this Halloween slut is m....
*Before he can finish saying the word "mine" Jimmy immediately takes the first punch, socking him right in the jaw..Punching him so hard he most likely knocked a few teeth clean out. The two start exchanging punches back and forth, to the face and then to the stomach..Julie is traumatized and scared. Then suddenly unknown guy flips Jimmy to the ground, Jimmy and Unknown guy's masks fly off at the same time to reveal who they both really are..A Scooby Doo moment*

*It's Holly's dad Greg aka Mary's husband!*

*Greg pinned Jimmy and he is unable to move*
Greg: I should have known you would be here you thief! I just wanted to take what was yours from you like you did with my money!!
*Jimmy can barely get a word out, he feels crushed from the weight of Greg, Jimmy frustratingly mumbles*
Jimmy: Julie isn't mine,......we are I know who I've been getting creepy prank calls from!
*Julie does a double take and gasps for air as she realizes it's Jimmy*
Julie: Oh my gosh Jimmy! I had no idea!
*Julie puts her hands over her mouth in great surprise. The rest of the party starts taking notice of all the commotion and Sandy and Kirsten quickly run over to where the fight is breaking out..Sandy immediately recognizes who the "guy" is. Sandy then remembers at the cotillion that he was actually sucker punched in the face by him.*

*Sandy storms over to Greg as Jimmy can barely breathe. Sandy grabs Greg by the shirt and says*
Sandy: You know what I like about rich people?
Before Greg is able to respond Sandy lands a massive blow of a punch*
Sandy: Nothing!
*Sandy nearly knocks Greg out. Greg slides off from on top of Jimmy to the ground. Sandy looks at his hand hurt but shakes it off. As Julie sees Jimmy laying on the floor, she emotionally has a change of heart regarding the way she's been acting toward Jimmy. She swiftly crouches down near a beaten Jimmy and grabs Jimmy's hand like you would of someone on their death-bed.*

Julie: Oh Jimmy thanks so much for saving me, I had no idea you were here but so glad you were!
*Jimmy starts to cough as he able to breath again and says*
Jimmy: Well there was a reason I was wearing this mask after all.
Julie: I've been so mean to you lately and I feel like a fool for it, I am so sorry!
*Sandy Crouches down next to Julie and Jimmy*
Sandy: Are you alright Jimbo,
*Sandy notices blood all over*
Sandy: You took quite a beating and still able to talk? You sir are a Cooper-Trooper! I know how much you dislike Julie..but, you did the right thing.
Jimmy: Yeah..its..i'll be alright, thanks for saving my ass there..
Sandy: No problem..I owed him one. I think that guy is going to need a dentist.
Kirsten: Jimmy are you alright?
*Jimmy nods with a hurt smile as the scene fades*

Scene 13

*Ryan finds Anna by the punch bowl in deep thought and a bit hurt despite her knowing things would end this way. Ryan walks up to her abruptly and puts his arm around her*

Ryan: Seth is just...
Anna: Is what?
Ryan: Stuck..he doesn't know who he wants..he isn't used to all these...well..options..
Anna: Yes classic Seth, ugh...
Ryan: You got that least he's consistent!
*Anna softly punches Ryan in the arm playfully*
Anna: What do you want?
Ryan: You really want to know?
Anna: Yes....Ryan Atwood can be very mysterious..
Ryan: Okay, well you asked...I want to have one solid night of not thinking, just focus on the doing. It's been a little tough staying with the Cohen's, trying hard to forget my past and basically filling the shoes of a "Cohen" all the while trying not to punch someone.
Anna: That has to be rough for you I know..We are both outsiders here..I guess you can say my Chino is Pittsburgh!
*Ryan grins*
Ryan: What about you? What do you want?
Anna: Someone that goes after what he wants, someone direct!
*Maybe its the punch talking but Ryan just now realizes how smart and attractive Anna is and how dumb Seth is for passing her up*
Ryan: Well being that both of our dates flaked out..which kind of reminds me of cotillion dance bout you and me spend the night together? Hows that for direct?
Anna: I'd say i'm in..I'll take your direction!
Ryan: We could always play that game..You know 10 minutes in heaven?
Anna: Wait we do have handcuffs...How bout let's start at 30 and go from there?

*Ryan shakes his head yes and smiles. Anna takes him by the hand as they pass through the crowds of other people, heading to one of the vacant rooms.*

Scene transitions to Seth, Summer and Luke and Marissa: It's late but they are getting their dance on among the few others left at the party..
*Luke enthusiastically slurred speach points to his beer and says*
Luke: One more of these and I'll melt away like butter
Seth: Oh yeah buddy like on top of a big fat stack of pancakes
Luke: Shut up Cohen!
*Seth shuts up*
Luke: Just kidding.
*Seth in a sarcastic tone*
Seth: Ha. Ha.
*Luke then proceeds to laughing uncontrollably*
*Marissa looks up at Luke as she realizes she is having a fun night for once. She is Cinderella and Luke is her water polo playing prince*

Scene 14

Scene transitions back to the Cohen house. Anna And Ryan make it back to The Cohen house after having a great time at the party. Ryan and Anna quietly open the front door only to see Sandy and Kirsten already back home and are deep into a scary movie just as Sandy wished. Sandy's right hand is in a cold bowl of ice water as Kirsten opens up a candy bar and places it into Sandy's mouth. Ryan sees Sandy's hand in the ice, doesn't mention anything about it but figures he will ask Sandy all about it in the morning.

Sandy: Hey guys!
Anna: Hey Mr. and Mrs: Cohen..Trick or Treat?
Sandy: You know this night has been filled with a lot of tricks but at the end of the day a nice treat can really help!
Kirsten: Hey Anna, you look amazing in that costume and Ryan great job, you look like a real cop!
Ryan: Thanks Kirsten, we had a pretty good time!
Anna: Yes we did and thank you Mrs. Cohen!
*Sandy points to the TV with his good hand*
Sandy: Were just watching House on Haunted hill but your welcome to join us.
Ryan: Thanks but I think were just gonna hang out in the pool house for a little while!
*Sandy and Kirsten see Ryan and Anna walk to the back door as the head to the pool house* *Sandy starts to giggle*
Sandy: You know...I think Ryan is about to get a treat!
Kirsten: He better not be!

Scene 15

Scene transitions. We see a view from outside the pool house. We see silhouettes of Anna and Ryan hanging out annd heading for Ryan's bed...the lights turn off and its all left to your imagination..

In conclusion Seth and Summer partied like there's no tomorrow at Holly's. They head back to Summer's house for the night..only to sleep of course, sorry Seth maybe next Halloween Summer is pooped-out! Marissa and Luke get pretty wasted and take a taxi back to Luke's house..Marissa is in the same boat as before regarding her family but realizes that what she has in Luke is great and that she doesn't have to "be someone else" to enjoy her life, although not perfect it's just fine the way it is. Jimmy and Julie don't rekindle things but spend the rest of the night beer talking and laughing about life. Julie retracts taking Dustin away from him and actually invites Jimmy stay over her place for the you know tend to his wounds...As for Greg and Mary (holly's mom and dad) Mary threatens to divorce Greg for pulling that ridiculous move at the party and groping Julie. As for Ryan and Anna...What happens on Halloween stays on Halloween...hopefully..

Bonus Scene

Transition to the next morning...Ryan, Seth, Kirsten and Sandy are all in the kitchen. Seth turns to Ryan as he's eating breakfast and drinking his coffee..hes dumbfounded. 

*Kirsten yawns and can barely keep her eyes opened*
Kirsten: Well, last night I learned that there are many sequels to Chucky..
Sandy: Yes indeed..What a terror Chucky was! Kind of reminded me a baby Seth.
*Ryan laughs but Seth gives a sarcastic smirk*
*Seth confused still about last night and turns to Ryan*
Seth: So what happened to you buddy? You were there one minute at the party and then you vanished like a ghost.
*Ryan gives Seth a cocky smirk*
Seth: Unless you  have super powers that I don't know about. Where the heck did you go?
*Ryan pauses and looks at Sandy*
Ryan: I helped a lady in need..that's all i'm gonna say.
*Seth doesn't get it*
*Sandy winks at Ryan*
Sandy:  And that's all that needs to be said!
*Sandy in mid-schmear*
Sandy: It was quite the night boys..
*Ryan sips his coffee but is intrigued*
Ryan: How so Sandy?
Sandy: Well you know that line you told me about..
Ryan: Which one?
Sandy: The rich kids line!
*Ryan laughs and is super surprised, Seth is equally congratulatory*
Seth: Dads the man!
Ryan: you didn't!
*Sandy uncovers his bandage*
Sandy: Oh the story is all true..How do you think I got this sore fist?
*Seth and Ryan amazed how brutal his hand looks*
Sandy: You see what happened was....
*Sandy proceeds to tell the story as he whips the family some bagels...They are once again amused and proud..The camera pans away and fades to credits.


Bonus rumor: Legend has it that the note Anna gave to Seth before she moved back to Pittsburgh also contained her confession of hooking up with Ryan. Luckily Ryan getting punched into the pool and the letter getting wet kinda took care of all that. To this day Seth never found out! Muahwahahaha.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Annoucements: The O.C. celebrates Halloween tomorrow with an original exclusive O.C. Halloween story!

The O.C. celebrates Halloween tomorrow with an original exclusive O.C. Halloween story! 

Stay tuned folks and happy hallows eve!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The O.C. Basement: Benjamin Mckenzie before and after reaching stardom!

In the above awesome and rare video we get to take a look back at Benjamin Mckenzie before and after reaching stardom on The O.C..Starting off with a highschool touchdown! As you maybe can gather much of  the O.C. on location footage was taken from the Season 1 episode titled "The Links" when Oliver takes the gang to his parents Palm Springs retreat to play golf.

A few things we learned while watching the video:

  • Fascinatingly Ben had a super small resume prior to playing in The O.C. but despite that he was able to beat out 500 other people trying out for the role of Ryan Atwood. 

  • Ben reassured his family back at home in Austin that he's still the same person "but leads a little more stranger life". Admits he wears a little more makeup these days but adds that he is still the football playing bar-b-que eating kid he was 5 to 10 years ago. 

Benjamin Mckenzie was known to be the most modest spender of all the younger O.C. cast members, claiming to have only bought a new infinity when striking new fame. But in this video it revealed that he bought a new apartment in Santa Monica as well, which we all could have assumed.

Ben claims in stardom that "You're still the same person, nothing has changed for you its just how people perceive you". Pretty thought provoking!

Rachel Bilson, Samaire Armstrong and Mischa Barton all had great things to say about the Ben. 

Rachel: "He's so cool. Ben is awesome and you know whats great, he sticks to his Cowboy boots no matter what, he always wears his cowboy boots." Picture a Ryan Atwood in cowboy boots, not really sure that would work! 

Samaire: "Ben is so fun because like, he's mostly a sincere sturdy guy but once you crack that smile and actually get him to giggle he's so much fun to be around."

Mischa: "He's great. I mean you know I think he's the perfect choice for Ryan, he's got like, he's added a lot of depth to the character, he's just so nice and very down to earth."

Benjamin Mckenzie mentions a few things he misses being away from Austin, TX since landing the big gig The O.C.:

1. 6th Street
2. No good bar-b-que
3. No blues country folk music scene out in LA 
4. No Barton Springs (a recreation outdoor swimming pool in Austin, TX) 
5. No UT Football "Go Horns!"

Ben also mentioned that Adam Brody promised to teach Ben how to surf but hasn't gotten around to it yet. I wonder if he ever did!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Behind the Scenes: There were TWO different versions of the Ryan and Marissa pilot scene!

Through deep O.C. research I have discovered something pretty mind blowing! While looking through YouTube I stumbled across an old O.C. promo on the VHS Vault channel. I started to watch it and it was pretty cool to see one of the first commercials promoting the show. But what made it go from cool to absolutely amazing was near the end when Ryan says the "Whoever you want me to be" line. But something immediately looked off about the scene, Ryan's head was in a different pose, the camera was zoomed in on his face and there was no cigarette in his mouth. I did a double take and realized hey wait this scene never made it to the actual show!

I figured out the reason why there was two versions of the "whoever you want me to be" line. When it came to promoting The O.C. the networks had to be careful with the content they were showing in commercials especially since the show was brand new and it was being marketed to teens. With that being said the commercial version is without underage smoking. Interestingly enough Ryan doesn't touch another cigarette after the pilot episode and I wonder if the network had something to do with that also!

Furthermore its funny that the commercial left the underage drinking, naked people in the hot tub, breaking car windows, punching and also intimate teen moments but no smoking!! Its pretty humorous really and also makes for a really rare alternative unaired version! Enjoy the video below as it includes the aired and unaired version of Ryan's iconic line!

Monday, October 17, 2016

The O.C. Fan Art: Ryan Atwood in his Crab Shack shirt!

An anonymous artist mastering in advanced pencil shading has submitted this epic drawling of Ryan Atwood working at the Crab Shack. This depiction is complete with realistic shading, classic season 1 ryan hair hair and Ryan giving "a look". This is truly one of the best fan art drawling's of Ryan ever to date! To submit your original art send us a message via twitter! 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Just for Fun: Sandy Cohen's business card!

sandy cohen's business card from the o.c.

Here is what we think Sandy Cohen's business card would look like. Printed on the finest weight paper available and of the utmost elegance thanks to his wife Kirsten. But we think if Sandy had his way his "business card" would probably be hand written on a napkin. That's just the type of guy Sandy Cohen is. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The O.C. Fun Fact: Adam Brody originally tried out for the part of Ryan Atwood?

seth cohen tried out to play ryan atwood the o.c.

Yes, this is true! Originally Adam Brody the actor that plays the goofy, quirky, sheek-geek Seth Cohen originally tried for the part of Ryan Atwood - the troubled teen from the other side of the tracks.

Legend has it that Adam Brody (working at Blockbuster at the time) was going to dozens of auditions and when it came time for him to impress the casting directors of The O.C., well he totally bombed.

Adam came in without being prepared what so ever! Josh Schwartz (creator of The O.C.) was instantly not impressed, he kind of hated him really, Josh was even quoted to saying "I never want to see that kid ever again!"

A month later when they still didn't have anyone to play Seth Cohen. The casting director Patrick Rush told Josh Schwartz “I’m telling you, this Adam Brody is very special". So they decided to call Adam Brody back.

This time Adam Brody wowed the casting directors and Josh Schwartz by learning the lines prior to the audition. They saw something very compelling about him and gave him the big fat YES for the role of Seth Cohen. Josh Schwartz later admitted that Adam Brody reminded him a lot of himself, which was perfect because Seth Cohen is loosely based on Josh Schwartz and some of his real life Jewish experiences.

Now take a moment of silence and perhaps a sigh or relief as you thank your lucky stars Adam Brody's on screen nickname wasn't Chino!

For a glimpse of what Adam Brody would have been as a "bad boy" Ryan Atwood catch Season 2 episode 7 "The Family Ties"..In the episode see Seth wears wife beaters, steals cars and acts like a douche bag!

seth cohen in a wife beater the o.c.

Monday, October 3, 2016

The O.C. Basement: A day in the life of an O.C. extra!

The guy on the right is Buzz Rodell playing a club extra in the Luna Chicks club scene in
Season 1 Episode 22 "The L.A."

He's a fan that got a chance to live out his dream.
This is his story...a day as an extra on The O.C.
Read about the day in his own words:

Buzz Rodell is the official O.C. blogger.
Keep up on his distorted look at the world through Newport-tinted sunglasses: (no longer a website)

"The L.A." episode aired March 24th, 2004 on FOX

On the tenth day of the second month of the year 2004, I, Buzz Rodell, set out on a quest. I left my apartment, a man unknown, and I was to return...

...a superstar.

The entire voyage begins about a week before that fateful February 10th. The Baron, ever vigilant and ever connected, hits me with an instant message:

BARON: There's word that they'd like you to be an extra.
BUZZ: I can almost smell Summer now...

I am a faithful follower in the church of "Too Good To Be True." Therefore, I wasn't putting all my Buzz-eggs in my Buzz-basket. The topic fell by the wayside while The Baron and I discussed folk rock and his sweet Malibu. Days later, the topic would rise again.

BARON: There seems to be some movement.
BUZZ: Oh yeah? I don't believe you.
BARON: Check your e-mail.

Inside the e-mail, The Baron attached a copy of the memo asking that I be allowed to visit the set. It was sent to people within The O.C. organization. I saw names like "McG" and "Josh Schwartz." I knew it was legit. The Baron knows better than to lie to Buzz Rodell (Buzz Rodell knows where The Baron lives). Excitement stirred in my belly. My gigantic, beer-laden belly. However, we were approaching the date of the shoot and there was still no official word from the big shots.

They wanted to see Buzz Rodell sweat.

Monday, February 9th, The Baron struck again.

BARON: We're moving on the extra thing.
BUZZ: Shut up. You're a liar.
BARON: Seriously, it's going down tomorrow.
BUZZ: I wish you weren't a liar.
BARON: We don't have all the details yet, but you'll have them tonight.
BUZZ: You've always been my favorite, Baron. That Buckle kid stole pens from me once.

The Buzzer got nervous.

So somewhere in the state of California, the name "BUZZ RODELL" was typed onto a list along with the names of some twenty or thirty other extras. The Buzzer was to have his day. was not to be without some bumps...

The Baron gave me the skinny on what I needed to do. The scene was taking place in a night club, the infamous club Deep located at the even more infamous intersection of Hollywood and Vine. I'll be honest. I'm not a night club going fellow. I like to chew the fat in a nice cozy dive bar with Billy Squier or Van Halen rocking away on the jukebox. I haven't been in a night club since probably 1999. And the Buzzer don't dance, but he certainly rocks and rolls. Anyway, because of my club drought, I needed some club appropriate attire.

The Buzzer was even more nervous.

I headed out to my local trendy outfitter that night and picked up a pair of sharp black slacks for a reasonable $58. So far...The O.C. cost me $58. I think I can deal. Upon returning to my car, The Baron had left me a message on my cellular-tellular.

BARON: Buuuuuuzz...what's up buddy [insert random laughter]? So here's the deal. Tomorrow...Hollywood and Vine...9:30am. You're looking for a guy named The Key [please note that The Key's name, like everyone else's, has been changed to protect his uber-secret identity]. He'll get you in, show you around. So buuuuuddy, The Buckle and I will be there around 10am. Are you ready to be a superstar [insert more random laughter]? Later.

The Buzzer was sweating with nervousness. In about 12 hours, he could be face to face with any number of O.C. cast members and fumbling around on turf that wasn't his.

Buzz Rodell...was scared.

I woke up around 7:30am, Pacific Standard Time. It was time to get psyched up for the big day. I turned on my iTunes and kept the Van Halen coming. Panama is without a doubt, the best song in the last thirty years. I needed to leave at 8:30am because in L.A., you can count on traffic taking up a good chunk of your morning. I figured it would take me almost an hour to drive into the heart of Hollywood. I put on my freshly ironed black slacks, tossed on my brownish short sleeved shirt and laced up my big ass black shoes. I took a deep breath, gazed at the magnificent specimen of man looking back at me in the mirror, and I headed out.

I drove down Santa Monica Boulevard, one of the few pieces of old Route 66. California is beautiful in the mornings, especially during these months. The colder temps keep all the pollution from mucking up the skies and the Hollywood sign stands out against the green hills for all to see. Ah, but I digress.

Somewhere around 9:15am, I stumbled across Hollywood and Vine and saw the street littered with the usual bulks of filming aids. Lights, scaffolding, trucks, props, union dudes. I found my way to the parking lot where the circus was camped out and told that "crew" needed to park in a lot down the street. After asking the guard, "Do you know who I am?" I turned and left for the alternate lot. I parked, grabbed my trendy bag and walked back.

When I got there, I called The Key. Five minutes later, The Key was there and ushered me into the world of being an extra. The parking lot was full of well parked trucks, wardrobe trailers and cast trailers. There was also one massive tent to house the lowly extras and a couple of catering trucks. It was magnificent. The doors on the trailers read, "SETH," "SUMMER," "RYAN," "MARISSA." Another trailer was parked away from the hoopla with the names "PARIS" and "CARMEN" written on the doors.

The other extras were lined up and getting signed in. I stood with The Key waiting for Buckle and Baron to appear. The Key had to go make some Key-related calls and I just kept watch near the wardrobe truck. One of the production assistants then smiled called to someone behind the truck and out of my view. "Ms. Mischa!" The P.A. said. Mischa? Mischa Barton? I mean, who else could it be? Sure enough, the statuesque dame sauntered around the truck. Yikes. My nerves kicked up again. I saw Mischa standing there, and all I could hear her say was, "BOP BOP BOP." She laughed with the P.A. and headed back to her trailer.

Baron and Buckle showed up right on schedule. Which is rare for a couple of goons. We geared me up with a wireless microphone and started rolling. About ten minutes later, a silver Lexus pulls up. The dude inside is wearing glasses, track pants and a backwards baseball cap. At first glances, I had no idea who this guy was and why he was driving such a nice car. But there's something familiar about this guy...Buckle answers the $64,000's Ben McKenzie in his pre-Ryan Atwood phase.

Settle down ladies.

We got me signed in and The Key introduced me to one of the most kick ass guys I've met in a long time. His name was...well, we'll call him The Wrangler. He kept track of all the extras and knew exactly what was going on. This guy got me in and out of the right places and really came through for us. Cheers to The Wrangler! Anyway, the Wrangler took me over to wardrobe where they said my outfit was perfect except for my white undershirt. They swapped it out for a black shirt that hugged my body like another layer of skin. I'm glad I had an over shirt on so the world wouldn't have to see my less-than-fit contours.

Buzz Rodell needs a treadmill.

We got some more footage of me exploring the many locations and activities of an extra. Everything from make-up to hitting on other extras to using the REALLY nice porto-potties. Seriously, they were nicer than my can at home. Sometime around noon, The Wrangler made the call..."Heeee-yaw little doggies! Time to make us some television magic!" Okay, so that's not really what he said, it was more like " one. Go ahead." Sure enough, because I had the "in," I was part of group one. My time had come.

They led about fifteen of us into the club and into a large room while they finished marking and setting up in the entrance way. Josh Schwartz was there going over the script, I wanted to go over to him and tell him that a buddy of mine thought Luke needed an older brother. But before I could, we were moved on to the entrance of the club for the first shoot of the day.

They arranged us like fleshy chess pieces about the room to make the place look crowded. Buckle had followed me in and was filming my rockin' job from the back. I was paired with a sweet young lass from Minnesota who was happy to give me a few pointers about my extra debut. That helped me chill out and enjoy the process...

...until she walked into my life.

The kids came in to film the first shot. Rachel, Adam, Ben and Mischa. And they all set up only a few feet from Buzzer's delicious backside.

This first scene was rough for me. I was not only drinking warm faux-beer faster than any sane man should, but I was set up in a bizarre stance so that when the camera came through, Ms. Minnesota could lean against me and we'd pretend to be hitting it off. Somewhere in the five takes, I also spilled that warm faux-beer down the leg of my $58 pants. But really...I didn't care. This was GREAT! The camera pans down from a couple of dancers to move DIRECTLY across my face. And all of that was thanks to The Key and The Wrangler who got them to move me into the perfect spot. Hey mom! I'm on the TV! Send money!

"Aaaaaand cut! Okay, take five!" I learned that "take five" in television lingo, actually means more like "take twenty or more." The extras were herded back out into the parking lot while the Buckle and Baron stowed away in the back room where the stand-ins and make-up and hair people stood ready. That's when another familiar face appeared. From the dark corners of the club, dressed in costume as one of the club dancers, Amanda Righetti (a.k.a. Hailey Nichols) came over for a chat.

I can't help but be nervous, poor Amanda was blessed with the "gorgeous" gene and she's casually chatting with us like we're old friends. Buckle takes the initiative and gets me wired up again. We're going to do a quick interview with her.

Buzz Rodell has never interviewed a celebrity of any caliber. Unless you count talking to the mirror in the mornings, HI-YAH!

We sat in a booth and I told her that I was nervous. I took a deep breath, and The Buckle was rolling.

It played perfectly. Better than I could have planned. Amanda was so nice and so on her game, that she made it a walk in the park. I floated out of the booth so The Baron could do some serious journalism. Thank you Amanda Righetti.

The nervousness was gone. I am Buzz Rodell. Hear me roar.

The Key set off to find out when we could pow-wow with the rest of the Get Along Gang. He returned to tell us we'd have some time after the next scene was finished. I left The Baron and Buckle behind to go see when the next scene was starting. I met up with The Wrangler and he said, "Sooner than a couple of polecats stealin' eggs from the chicken coop!" Well...that's not really what he said. It was more like, "Right now." So I jumped into a pack of extras and headed back inside the club.

The next scene was in a larger bar area. Booths were along one wall, two poles for girls to dance on were near the middle, and there was one more large area for girls to dance on next to the bar. That's where I crept in. I figured, the Buzzer already had his big moment, it's someone else's turn. I took my 2nd faux-beer and leaned casually against the dance area. There was another extra next to me who was a He'd later be removed from the property after an altercation with Ms. Hilton's bodyguard.

But that doesn't matter. What matters is that Ms. Righetti turned out to be dancing on the area behind me, I said hey and used some of the Buzzer charm on her. Finally, it was go time again. To get us in the "club" mood, they blasted about ten seconds of some song at us to get us in the beat. Then they turn it off and start filming. I don't have any rhythm with the music ON, and when you turn it off, I just thrash around like a fish on dry land. Buckle was able to get that on tape, so you can probably see the disaster-dance on tape. They did about five or six takes, and got what they wanted. Booyah.

I headed in back and had to use some VERY uniquely decorated bathroom facilities. When I got back to the table, Baron and Buckle were set up and filming. Benny Mac was taking questions from The Baron like a pro. It was like watching two top seeded tennis stars work each other over with a fury of smashes. When it was done, Benny Mac shook their hands and then was introduced to Buzz Rodell. The Mac attack extended a hand, and I shook it. Nice to meet you Mr. McKenzie, welcome to the Pool House...

...But it wasn't over. As Ben was escaping our clutches, Ms. Bilson rounded the corner into the back room. Rachel is familiar with The Buckle and The Baron, they've interviewed her before. Most of the cast knows those thugs. However, today there was a stranger with them. I'm not sure who introduced me to her, all I could hear was Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver" at that moment. Rachel said, "You're Buzz! I have to hug you!"

...and she did.

I woke up three days later with a note where my wallet should be. It said, "Dear Buzz, thanks for the $60. Enjoy Mexico. Sincerely, The Buckle."

Actually, that's not what happened. We didn't have much time to sit with Rachel and Brody was waiting in the wings. We filmed a tender little Buzz/Rachel clip and The Baron got into his interrogation mode to fire questions at her. I sat in the booth just down from her and just watched quietly.

And then I blinked, and she was gone and Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me" blasted in my head.

Laa la la la laa, la la la laa, la la la la la la la...when you walk on by...

Brody stepped up to bat. This guy is a 6-foot-something, curly headed pro. I mentioned the Thanksgiving centerpiece to him:

BUZZ: I turned you into a Thanksgiving decoration.
BRODY: Oh yeah?

That was about it. Once I realized I did a bang-up job of making a fool of myself, I shut up. The Baron started in again, and Brody just stuck with it. He's a funny guy, and I want to compare him to Seth, but I hate when people compare actors to their characters, so he's not Seth, he's Adam Brody. Then The Baron dropped the bomb about the people finding out about Stevens Team. Brody laughed and mentioned that he doesn't really play in the band, just practices along with them.

The next scene was ready. This was the last one before they called for lunch...which was at 4:30pm. That's almost, Hollywood types.

The Baron, The Buckle and I ravaged the food buffet. They had to wheel me back on to the set. Delicious food. Cast and crew get to go first, extras and web heroes go last.

We headed back into the club and prepared our next move. We wanted to get Mischa on tape soon so we could head out before the L.A. traffic kicked into full gear again. The Key went out in search of info and came back saying she was available after the next scene was filmed.

By then, I had called it a day. I had my moment on film, talked to Rachel and was just having more fun watching than participating. We waited for Mischa.

Somewhere around 6pm, Buckle and Baron had their window to chat up Ms. Barton. I stayed behind to watch our hi-tech fancy film gear. Sorry Mischa, maybe you'll get to meet me next time.

After that, we packed up the gear and snuck out the backdoor. We gave Josh Schwartz a wave on the way out and hit the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

What a day.

As we walked back to our cars, we laughed about the day. I think The Baron might have cried a little knowing that film history was about to be made. All in all, it was a great experience. Being on the set is slow, grueling work and the Buzzer wussed out WAY before the rest of the cast did. Rumor has it that their day probably didn't end until after 7:30pm that night.

When I got home that night, I took off my big, clunky shoes and crashed on the couch. Before I fell asleep, all I could think of was:

"Californiaaaaaa! Here we cooooooooome!"

My name is Buzz Rodell, and I was once an extra on The O.C.

And here we have Buzz interviewing his long time crush Rachel Bilson!!

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