Thursday, December 31, 2015

The O.C. Holidays: The Countdown to New Years Eve!!

Let's face it, there's multiple ways you can spend New Years Eve

ryan seth playing video games the countdown

You could spend 12 hours building a complete replica of the pool house via Fallout 4         


ryan marissa kiss new years the countdown

You could decide to make a run for it and catch a New Years kiss by the time the ball drops

Whatever it is you decide, remember how you spend New Years Eve is how you will spend the rest of the year, so make it count!

ryan marissa kiss new years the countdown

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Chrismukkah!

the cohen fireplace, cohen christmas stalkings, chrismukkah stalkings, fire

Everything The O.C. wishes you and yours a Very Happy Merry Chrismukkah!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The O.C. Memorable Moment: Brotherly Love

"i'm your big brother, if i dont teach you this, who will?"

And so it so starts. Who would have thought jacking a car would change Ryan's entire life path, projecting Ryan into the hands of a loving family and catapulting himself into the direction of positivity. All the thanks to Trey Atwood and the strange way he showed his brother love.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Just for fun: Newport Schmeared Cream Cheese by Cohen, You'd buy it!

cohen, bagel, creamcheese, schmear, schmeared, sandy cohen know you want some! 8 ounces of pure love! Presenting to you, Sandy Cohen's finest creation, Newport Schmeared Cream Cheese by Cohen. After moving to their old house in Berkeley and having a baby Sandy had a lot of free time at the house. He was no longer mentoring brooding teens on the daily and was taking a break from the PD office. Then it came to him one morning while schmearing some cream cheese on his favorite poppy seed bagel. He immediately called Jimmy Cooper up, "Lets start a new venture, a cream cheese company!". And the rest is history!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The O.C. Memorable Moment: Ryan figures Out Newport Has Street Cred

Marissa: So, what do you think of Newport?
Ryan: I think I could get into a lot less trouble where I'm from.
Marissa: You have no idea.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Just for Fun: Cohen REMIX 2015 Style!

Lets face it if The O.C. was a hit show in 2015, this is what we would be looking at. Cohen's always had the latest and greatest, Sandy's rocking his iPhone 6S Plus! Dawn Atwood is poor, she still rocks the old manual film camera!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just for Fun: Sadie, The Girl That Got Away

Ryan finally found true love, Sadie was perfect, mature, drama free and intelligent! Ryan's biggest mistake was when he took the advice of others regarding going off to college with an empty slate. Ryan and Sadie could have totally made it work! I would like to think that after Ryan got out of college and started working construction, he got back in touch with Sadie and they hit it off again.

Monday, November 30, 2015

The O.C. Fan Fiction: Season 10 Episode 13 "The Case of the Cyber Monday"

On this episode of The O.C. Seth and Ryan stay up all night to buy Fitbit's half off only to realize in the wee hours of the morning that Amazon had sold out at 12:01am. Kirsten and Sandy strategize Christmas shopping and have an argument about the benefits of online shopping vs in store shopping. Sandy says that "online shopping is the way of the future!" gets hooked on "Amazon Fresh Now", has potato chips and soda delivered every other day automatically and racks up a huge bill. Kirsten proceeds to go out with the girls to shop only to experience gossip and mobs of crazy shoppers!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The O.C. Holidays: Recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving, O.C. Style!

It's that time again folks, Happy Thanksgiving to all, eat so much turkey you pass out right at the table! Enjoy the video and have a beautiful holiday! - Everything The O.C. Staff

Monday, November 23, 2015

The O.C. Filming Locations: Ryan's Chino Pilot House

Like many TV shows The O.C. was predominately filmed in large Hollywood studios in California. But a handful of scenes were actually filmed in real places to give the right look and feel. The job of location scouts are to go out and prospect areas that resemble a scene the TV show creators are looking for. In addition its ideal to find locations that are located in their own backyard. They do this to cut filming and travel costs.

TV show Pilot episode's often feature even more real locations than regular episodes because of costs and because the creators don't want to build studio sets until they know the TV show will get picked up.

One of which locations was Ryan's Chino house location. In the viewers mind Ryan's house was in Chino but these scenes were actually filmed on location at a real house in Sun Valley, CA which is only 36 miles from Manhattan Beach, CA (where the O.C. studios were).

If production would have actually filmed in Chino, CA they would have been looking at a 55 mile drive (an hour and a half with traffic) and facing a possible mugging along the way. Why go to Chino, CA, spend all that money and time when you can easily film somewhere that looks like Chino?

Post production also came into play in The O.C. pilot episode. The whole pilot episode was filmed with 35mm film which gave the pilot a movie like feel and also a more raw look. Later the show was filmed in the ever so common super 16mm film emulating the 35mm look for much less money.

Here is the photo of Ryan's Chino home before it was set dressed taken by Jaymes Hinkle (production designer)

Ryan's Chino house location, 9320 Telfair Ave Los Angeles, CA resembled a very run down suburban ghetto that probably once was a nice place to live years ago. The home, a one story rectangular shaped plain colored house in need of a ton of maintenance. This painted Ryan's story well, Ryan is poor, Ryan lived in a bad neighborhood, there are drugs, bad parenting and alcohol involved etc.

The house is a 3 bed 2 baths 1,080 square feet home worth an estimated $491,937 (way more than I would have thought).

Here we have the Chino house back in 2007

Here we have the Chino house in 2015 with the front almost completely covered by trees but the same white truck resides. Perhaps the overgrowth of trees was done purposely due to fans trying to reenact scenes!

Well there you have it, grab your back pack, leather jacket with hood and bike and roam the streets of Sun Valley Ryan Atwood style! Say hi to Dawn Atwood for us!

Thanks to Seeing-Stars for the exact address of Ryan's Chino house!

Where to find:
Season 1 Episode 1

Monday, November 16, 2015

The O.C. Whoops: Crew Member Caught in Plain Sight!

ryan and marissa on bike skateboard the oc

During season 1 Episode 2 "The Model Home" Marissa and Seth help Ryan with a hiding place, complete with tent, toilet paper and tons of candles. Afterwards they then head out to get a bite to eat at the famous O.C. Diner. On the way there (if you look closely OR NOT) you will see a guy with a green hat, headphones with a mic and a clipboard walking behind Ryan. This is obviously a crew member, SOO BUSTED!

I am wondering if this footage was meant to make it into the episode or perhaps they were lacking footage and thought nobody would notice. Little did they know that Everything The O.C. notices all! At one point Ryan turns his head to the crew member almost keeping up with him in conversation. My only guess is Chino's saying "hey man you think you are in the shot?"...5 seconds of fame..

Where to find:
Season 1 Episode 2 "The Model Home"

The O.C. Tweets: Sandy Cohen

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lovable Props of The O.C.: Carson Ward's Phone Number On The Cohen's Fridge

Look, its Luke's dad Carson's phone number on the Cohen's fridge, I dare you to call it! Word on the Newport streets is if you call this Portland number Luke will actually pick up (results may vary, (Carson has been known to forget to pay his phone bill). Non typical results below!

Where to see:

Season 2 Episode 1 "The Distance"

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Just for fun: Ryan and Oliver meet again on the streets of L.A. in season 5!

Oliver and Ryan reunite 5 years later on the streets of LA in The O.C. Season 5..As you can see Oliver hasn't changed a bit! Oliver mentions hiring Sandy to bail him out!

Friday, November 6, 2015

The O.C. DIY: The Atomic County Comic Book!

Have you wanted some O.C. props but just could't find any available or couldn't afford them on a bus boy Crab Shack salary? Fear not! This DIY will be enough to make even the most casual of fans to drool all over their penguin shirts. This simple do it yourself prop guide will make a great new edition to your ongoing O.C. shrine!

Follow instructions below
  1. Click here to save the image on your favorite floppy disk, cd, flash drive  
  2. Head to Luke's dad's car dealer ship, he has a killer color jet ink printer! (if they say Carson is in Portland just leave and head to your moms house or local library)
  3. Print in landscape mode
  4. Fold it hamburger style
  5. Display it proudly, cover books with it, trick your friends!
UPDATE 11/2018: We have located images and information from the actual "hero" Atomic County comic book prop that was actually screen used. The dimensions of the real comic is 10" x 6.75". So while mocking this up take note of that! Go here to see photos of the screen used Atomic County prop comic! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Just for Fun: Ryan Atwood's on Skype!

Ryan Atwood's live on Skype right now via the Cohen kitchen! Go ahead say hi but we can't guarantee Ryan will be saying much back, he is a man of few words and can convey most things with just a look. So unleash your inner thoughts, whats troubling you, girlfriend advice, he'll listen and most likely not judge you! Therapist Chino in the house!

Monday, November 2, 2015

The O.C. in the News: The O.C. is now streaming online for free!

You heard it right O.C. fans, The O.C. is finally streaming online for free! No it won't be available via your fancy Netflix cue or Hulu stream anytime soon but the great people at The CW have posted the whole series on So kick back, grab a bagel and relax! Maybe your watching for the first time or maybe your an avid veteran to the cause, whatever the case enjoy it while it lasts kids! Welcome to The O.C. Bitch!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The O.C. Whoops: The Risky Huh?

In season 2 episode 18 "The Risky Business" the Cohen's volunteer in a antique charity auction. There were many items donated, one of which (also the most valuable item at the event) was the glass egg from the cult classic 80's Tom Cruise movie "Risky Business". 

After figuring out the value of the glass egg Trey steals and sells it so he could afford a down payment on a place to live "I got this little brother". On the day of the event Ryan and Seth notice the egg is missing and go on a mission to find it. 

Seth and Ryan attempt to steal the egg back, during the attempt the "bad guys" are chasing after Ryan and Seth. In a desperate attempt to save the egg from the hands of the heathens, Ryan Hail Mary's the glass egg like a QB in a Texan football game. Seth successfully catches the egg for a Risky Business touchdown moment that is all too familiar. 

The O.C. scene recreation

Footage from "Risky Business"

Look closely, the problem with the O.C. egg is it's not the glass egg from Risky Business. It is indeed a glass egg yes but good gracious the size difference is absurd. It's Hollywood guys, you could have at least found a replica! The main shape is close but the original egg is about 3 times smaller. However you do have to respect the creators of The O.C. recreating the famous glass egg toss scene, emulating the correct angle and everything but the size, ugh the size! On a side thought maybe Tom Cruise just has really huge hands and Seth has hands of an infant baby..Something for you to ponder about!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Seth Cohen's Computer: Distance from Newport Beach, California to Portland, Oregon?

In season 2 episode 1 "The Distance" (how appropriate), we face many new changes in The O.C universe. One of the main changes are the locations of Seth and Ryan. Seth ended up moving to Portland, Oregon with Luke and his dad Carson after his boat trip went south. Ryan moved back to Chino with Theresa and her mom working a blue collar construction job, getting prepared for their bundle of joy on the way. All the while Sandy and Kirsten are still in good ole Newport undergoing house renovations.

Kirsten urges Sandy to get Seth back home, which causes a little riff between their parenting styles. Sandy being the more hippie flower child, happy go lucky, "the door is always open" type and Kirsten being the brute force, "it doesn't matter what Seth wants he's coming home!" type. 

Long story short Sandy meets up with a scruffy Ryan Atwood while he's working his construction job in Chino. Sandy lays down a proposal for them both to fly to Portland, Oregon one-two punch style in a chance to get Seth to come back home thus creating peace for Kirsten and Sandy. Ryan looking unsure by the proposal, Sandy hands Ryan a direct all inclusive round trip ticket just in case he wants to help but if not its all good (Sandy gets great fare).

Thanks to Seth Cohen's computer research we see that the distance from LAX (Los Angeles Airport) to PDX (Portland Oregon Airport) is a little over 1,000 miles. It would take a total of 15 hours if driven straight through (and two broken axles) but to fly only 2 hours and 25 minutes! In the show Sandy and Ryan seem to arrive in lightning speed but that's Hollywood for ya. Roughly only 200 dollars per trip, that is nice Sandy my friend, nice fare indeed. Then if you factor in 2004 price inflation from now, were talking around 250 dollars per trip. So in other words chump change for the Cohen's, basically the cost of a hair treatment for Kirsten! 

Where to find: 
Season 2 Episode 1 "The Distance" 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Just for Fun: Ryan Atwood's Cigarette of Choice

ryan atwood oc newport newports cigarettes

Ryan Atwood briefly smoked in the first few episodes of The O.C., it was the Chino still in him. Sandy made sure to nip that bad habit in the bud and stomped that cigarette out! But for all intensive purposes, if I would have to guess, Newports would be Ryan Atwood's weapon of choice.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The O.C. Merchandise: The O.C. For Him Cologne

Ah yes TV show merchandise! When a TV show is a hit, opportunity comes knocking to capitalize on the large audience and start selling branded TV show products to the masses. This happened especially a lot for The O.C one of which turned out to be a O.C. cologne! In 2006 a company called AMC Beauty came out with a men's cologne called "O.C. For Him". It smells great and whenever I take a whiff of it I imagine this is what the pool house bathroom smells like. Heck Ryan probably bathed in the stuff before attending the Newport social scene. "Did I hear you were from Canada!", "Yes you did". The cologne features strong notes of amber and musk, giving it a sophisticated confident scent that works for any occasion. The bottle and box features a cool blue water like design that is very O.C..However this cologne is hard to come and practically a collectors item these days which I can assume is because they don't make it anymore. There's guys all across America holding out, spraying this bad boy only once a month to make it last longer! So if you're looking to score this stuff in the wild via your favorite box store think again! But fear not my friends - a quick google search reveals a couple of places that you can still score this cologne brand new sealed in box! Per my research the best place is eBay, with a couple of listings currently for sale and can be had for under 20 bucks with free shipping - which is probably costs as much as a crab leg at the Crab Shack, so this is a no brainer! So get it while the getting's good, buy it and don't look back, its the gift that keeps on giving, one spray at a time!



The backside reads: "Treat yourself to the fresh, masculine scent of The O.C. FOR HIM. A sophisticated, charismatic expression of Southern California's casual cool for a whole lot of clean and sexy to provide the right stuff for smelling your best any time of day."

Love the bit of brain washing near the bottom "Tune into FOX and don't miss a moment of "The OC"!" It also features shameless links to and Surprisingly enough this magic pimp juice was created in the USA! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cars of The O.C.: Benjamin Mckenzie's Before Fame Car

Before hitting it big on The O.C., you could find Benjamin Mckenzie rolling around old-school style in a $500 dollar 1987 Cadillac Deville with 225,000 miles on the clock (sometimes quoted as a 1986). Pretty Chino of him if you ask me and pretty point A to point b if you know what I mean! Once his fame started to cash in he bought himself an Infinity! Quite the upgrade Ben!

Beastly Specs:

Price $22,184 MSRP
Body Style Sedan
Engine 4.1L 130 hp V8 (pure speed)
Seating 6
Fuel Economy
15 MPG city
23 MPG highway
Drivetrain FWD

Monday, September 28, 2015

The O.C. In the News: Benjamin Mckenzie and Morena Baccarin Expecting a Child!

So this past weekend Benkamin Mckenzie and Morena Baccarin have stepped out with not one, not two but THREE huge announcements. Before we get into that, how bout the back story..So Morena Baccarin (Gotham actress) was married to the American film director Austin Chick (I've never heard of any of his work, wiki him and you will probably feel the same). They were married for 4 years, share a child together and this past July they announced they were getting divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

Yes divorces happen all the time but the real big deal here is that Benjamin Mckenzie, usually private about his love life has come forward this week reveling not only are they dating but there's more. Morena is 3 1/2 months pregnant, a mini Ryan Atwood is in the oven.

Media is unsure how long they have been together, some sources say that they could have been dating before or just after the divorce but regardless it was enough time to get Benjamin Mckenzie's Gotham co-star knocked up. Depending on when she has the baby, we could then figure out when the baby was conceived and that's when things may get ugly. It could reveal that she was cheating and Benjamin was banging a married lady!

The third HUGE announcement is that Morena has said in a recent interview that she plans to marry Benjamin Mckenzie, hopefully he proposes to her.

Anyways so I know what your thinking, wait a minute, this seems all to familiar..Life imitating Art..Yes in fact this isn't the first time we heard of Ryan Atwood knocking up somebody already in a relationship.

Lets break this down to an obscure O.C. level, Morena Baccarin is Theresa, Austin Chick is Eddie (they kinda look alike) and Benjamin Mckenzie is Ryan! Theresa and Ryan had a past and when those two pasts collided it created a few magical nights, one of which got Theresa pregnant via a 2 star motel room at the Mermaid Inn.

Meanwhile Theresa was still kind of with Eddie (their facebook relationship status would be "its complicated"). Eddie found out they were seeing each other and it caused a huge beef between the two, there was even a punching incident that landed Ryan in the pool, literally. LaterTheresa reveals that she is having Ryan's baby. Ryan left Newport to head back to Chino to live with Theresa and start a blue collar construction job.

People are saying that Benjamin Mckenzie and Morena Baccarin must have met on Gotham but if you think back Morena Baccarin looks pretty familiar, its because she played Miya Griffin on The O.C.! Miya was the daughter of Henry Griffin, She briefly dated Matt Ramsey (Sandy Cohen's young hotshot), in a ploy to get her father to provide more funding. The whole thing backfires, lots of drama happens, Matt Ramsey fired and gets beat up, the hospital never ends up getting built and we never see the two again. So perhaps they met on the set of The O.C. and were friends all along?

So its safe to say that Ryan Atwood is growing up, he will soon be a father and perhaps be married. Lets just hope that Morena Baccarin at least irons Ben's wife-beaters, makes him sandwiches with oranges and drops him off at his construction job every morning! Furthermore I hope there isn't a bunch of drama associated with this pairing but who am I kidding its Chino we're speaking of and he comes with fists blazing! There is also a chance that the baby isn't his, this would be a true shocker moment, get a blood test Chino!

Writer side notes: I have been waiting for news to come out about Benjamin Mckenzie dating someone for a long time.. Benjamin Mckenzie has been super private about relationships since the beginning of his fame. Due to that I find this coming out in public regarding the child etc a pretty bold move since it basically blasts himself out into the open and straight into the gossip tabloids. Lets just hope all goes well for Ben!

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