Monday, September 28, 2015

The O.C. In the News: Benjamin Mckenzie and Morena Baccarin Expecting a Child!

So this past weekend Benkamin Mckenzie and Morena Baccarin have stepped out with not one, not two but THREE huge announcements. Before we get into that, how bout the back story..So Morena Baccarin (Gotham actress) was married to the American film director Austin Chick (I've never heard of any of his work, wiki him and you will probably feel the same). They were married for 4 years, share a child together and this past July they announced they were getting divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

Yes divorces happen all the time but the real big deal here is that Benjamin Mckenzie, usually private about his love life has come forward this week reveling not only are they dating but there's more. Morena is 3 1/2 months pregnant, a mini Ryan Atwood is in the oven.

Media is unsure how long they have been together, some sources say that they could have been dating before or just after the divorce but regardless it was enough time to get Benjamin Mckenzie's Gotham co-star knocked up. Depending on when she has the baby, we could then figure out when the baby was conceived and that's when things may get ugly. It could reveal that she was cheating and Benjamin was banging a married lady!

The third HUGE announcement is that Morena has said in a recent interview that she plans to marry Benjamin Mckenzie, hopefully he proposes to her.

Anyways so I know what your thinking, wait a minute, this seems all to familiar..Life imitating Art..Yes in fact this isn't the first time we heard of Ryan Atwood knocking up somebody already in a relationship.

Lets break this down to an obscure O.C. level, Morena Baccarin is Theresa, Austin Chick is Eddie (they kinda look alike) and Benjamin Mckenzie is Ryan! Theresa and Ryan had a past and when those two pasts collided it created a few magical nights, one of which got Theresa pregnant via a 2 star motel room at the Mermaid Inn.

Meanwhile Theresa was still kind of with Eddie (their facebook relationship status would be "its complicated"). Eddie found out they were seeing each other and it caused a huge beef between the two, there was even a punching incident that landed Ryan in the pool, literally. LaterTheresa reveals that she is having Ryan's baby. Ryan left Newport to head back to Chino to live with Theresa and start a blue collar construction job.

People are saying that Benjamin Mckenzie and Morena Baccarin must have met on Gotham but if you think back Morena Baccarin looks pretty familiar, its because she played Miya Griffin on The O.C.! Miya was the daughter of Henry Griffin, She briefly dated Matt Ramsey (Sandy Cohen's young hotshot), in a ploy to get her father to provide more funding. The whole thing backfires, lots of drama happens, Matt Ramsey fired and gets beat up, the hospital never ends up getting built and we never see the two again. So perhaps they met on the set of The O.C. and were friends all along?

So its safe to say that Ryan Atwood is growing up, he will soon be a father and perhaps be married. Lets just hope that Morena Baccarin at least irons Ben's wife-beaters, makes him sandwiches with oranges and drops him off at his construction job every morning! Furthermore I hope there isn't a bunch of drama associated with this pairing but who am I kidding its Chino we're speaking of and he comes with fists blazing! There is also a chance that the baby isn't his, this would be a true shocker moment, get a blood test Chino!

Writer side notes: I have been waiting for news to come out about Benjamin Mckenzie dating someone for a long time.. Benjamin Mckenzie has been super private about relationships since the beginning of his fame. Due to that I find this coming out in public regarding the child etc a pretty bold move since it basically blasts himself out into the open and straight into the gossip tabloids. Lets just hope all goes well for Ben!

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