Friday, July 19, 2019

The O.C. Mystery: Where are Seth Cohens Tahiti Supplies?

In the season finale of Season one, Seth Cohen, very angry that Ryan decided to head back to Chino after "knocking-up" Theresa", gets on his Catamaran to escape it all and head to Tahiti. It was a callback idea from the pilot episode, Seth wanted to sail "The Summer Breeze" all the way to Tahiti in maybe 42 days. The big question though is where was his survival supplies??

Seth is seen grabbing a backpack and setting his sail up for the trip but a journey of that length would have required a ton of supplies! Was this intentional due to Seth's very spontaneous nature or was this a big TV goof? If you ask us, he never had a chance...

Here's what Entertainment Weekly thought about it in 2004:

"We love Seth Cohen, so we’re hoping that duffel bag he packed for his 42-day sail to Tahiti has 42 gallons of fresh water in it — and a few snacks, too. The O.C.’s tearjerker season finale ended with Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) heading back to Chino and an angry Seth (Adam Brody) splitting from Newport Beach in his catamaran, bound for the South Pacific island. Seth’s vessel, the Summer Breeze, could withstand the 4,093-mile journey, says Peter Bretschger of Newport’s Balboa Yacht Club. But Seth himself would need a gallon of water a day, plenty of sunscreen, and some food or a grill to cook fish (if he can catch ’em). Without that, ”he’d probably last a week.”

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The O.C. Fan Art: Custom Seth Cohen POP! Figure!

How cool is this! A Twitter user by the name of Mango created this custom POP! figure of Seth Cohen in his Season One Chrismukkah attire! This custom Seth creation comes complete with holiday sweater, a candy cane, and menorah! The details are impeccable and looks very legit!

Even The O.C.'s creator Josh Schwartz took notice and retweeted it on his Twitter account this morning. Hey Mango, how about you start selling these already!? 

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Captain Oats says thank you in advance in his horsey speak!