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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Lovable Props From The O.C.: Newport Living Magazine Cover Featuring Julie Cooper

newport living magazine cover julie cooper oc

Here we have a printable version of the infamous Newport Living's premier issue featuring Julie Cooper! Feel free to save this cover on your computer, print it out with dimensions 8.5x10.5 and glue it to a magazine of your choice (to give it some realism). A glue stick will work the best! 

Interested in more awesome O.C. DIY printables? Go here and scroll down a bit!

Monday, October 1, 2018

The O.C. DIY: Free Marissa Printable Poster

Marissa Cooper

Since we love our fans so much we created a replica of the sign you see in season 3 of The O.C..Operation Free Marissa! So feel FREE to download/save the above image, print it - frame it and display it in your O.C. memorabilia collection! Love this image? Get the t-shirt version here

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The O.C. DIY: Make your own paper Chrismukkah Yamaclaus!

As Chrismukkah is approaching fans look for ways they can connect with their favorite show! Thanks to we present to you a tutorial on how to make your very own paper Yamaclaus based off of the one Lindsay created in season 2 of The O.C..

"Holy Moses it's beautiful!" -Seth

Save the above JPG onto your computer and print (it will be displayed in full size). If you decide your not the creative type check out their website and buy the real deal for around 11 dollars.

Watch Lindsay present to Ryan her creation and Ryan's drop the mic moment when he shows Seth the Yamaclaus in the clip above from The O.C. "The Chrismukkah that almost wasn't".

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The O.C DIY: Seth's Harbor School Comic Book League Printable Poster!

We present to you a rare DIY printable version of Seth's Harbor School Comic Book League flyer! These flyers were posted all over Harbor School in an attempt to attract comic book lovers into Seth's two man ensemble, Ryan (forcibly joined) and Seth (wholeheartedly). We presume that seeing the flyers is how Zach Stevens heard about the league! Let's face it, Seth was all about getting another picture in the yearbook!

"Hey guys. Comic Book League. Check it out. We're gonna to be getting into the issues. The stuff that matters. You know what I mean? Check it out. Today's topic: capes. Gay, or kinda cool?" -Seth

The design of this poster obviously took inspiration from the "I want you" Uncle Sam military recruitment poster drawn by James Montgomery Flagg in 1914-1918. 

Artist Eric Wight

Seth's version features a drawling of himself (naturally). It's a pretty sweet depiction which was actually drawn up by Eric Wight! Eric did all of the illustrations throughout the show including Atomic County! He is an excellent artist! 

DIY Instructions:
  1. Save the top black and white document on your computer
  2. Print document 
  3. Proceed to post document where-ever you see fit (don't litter)
  4. For extra credit print it on hot pink or orange paper for an authentic look as you see above! Ryan's head not included!
  5. Having problems getting it to print the full page? Follow these instructions here!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The O.C. DIY.: Printable Anna Stern Comic Book Given to Seth!

What lies in this folder is amazing....

Hint: its a gift from Anna...

Here we have a copied scan of the exact comic book prop that Anna Stern gave Seth for Chrismukkah. How'd we find this you ask? The CW Seed released a Snapchat video of the front and back of this prop months ago but it was on their page for less than 24 hours, how dare they! Because we love our fans we took their crummy video and after much tweaking turned it into two images. We believe everyone should have some sort of piece from the show! Look below for a printer ready version that you can hang up in your room and or add to your ever-growing O.C. shrine! We guarantee you will be one of the only people with this baby in your house! This comic features Seth Cohen, Captain Oats and a random sock monkey. Thanks Anna.

DIY Instructions:

  1. Save the above image to your desktop!
  2. Print it out! Color is preferred), if you print in blank in white you could perhaps color it yourself using colored pencils. 
  3. Fold it on the crease line!
  4. Frame it OR...
  5. Extra credit, fold about 6 blank pages in the middle to make it look more like the real deal. Put 2 staples at the fold line. If you need help stapling using a small stapler follow this guide.
  6. Press it between a book for a half hour and wallah! 
  7. Having problems getting it to print on a full page? Follow instructions here!
The finished product in all it's glory

Reddit user and O.C. super-fan: Unstable617 has posted this comic on their wall!

Thanks for supporting the site, we appreciate every one of you!

Friday, November 6, 2015

The O.C. DIY: The Atomic County Comic Book!

Have you wanted some O.C. props but just could't find any available or couldn't afford them on a bus boy Crab Shack salary? Fear not! This DIY will be enough to make even the most casual of fans to drool all over their penguin shirts. This simple do it yourself prop guide will make a great new edition to your ongoing O.C. shrine!

Follow instructions below
  1. Click here to save the image on your favorite floppy disk, cd, flash drive  
  2. Head to Luke's dad's car dealer ship, he has a killer color jet ink printer! (if they say Carson is in Portland just leave and head to your moms house or local library)
  3. Print in landscape mode
  4. Fold it hamburger style
  5. Display it proudly, cover books with it, trick your friends!
UPDATE 11/2018: We have located images and information from the actual "hero" Atomic County comic book prop that was actually screen used. The dimensions of the real comic is 10" x 6.75". So while mocking this up take note of that! Go here to see photos of the screen used Atomic County prop comic! 

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Captain Oats says thank you in advance in his horsey speak!