Thursday, June 29, 2017

The O.C DIY: Seth's Harbor School Comic Book League Printable Poster!

We present to you a rare DIY printable version of Seth's Harbor School Comic Book League flyer! These flyers were posted all over Harbor School in an attempt to attract comic book lovers into Seth's two man ensemble, Ryan (forcibly joined) and Seth (wholeheartedly). We presume that seeing the flyers is how Zach Stevens heard about the league! Let's face it, Seth was all about getting another picture in the yearbook!

"Hey guys. Comic Book League. Check it out. We're gonna to be getting into the issues. The stuff that matters. You know what I mean? Check it out. Today's topic: capes. Gay, or kinda cool?" -Seth

The design of this poster obviously took inspiration from the "I want you" Uncle Sam military recruitment poster drawn by James Montgomery Flagg in 1914-1918. 

Artist Eric Wight

Seth's version features a drawling of himself (naturally). It's a pretty sweet depiction which was actually drawn up by Eric Wight! Eric did all of the illustrations throughout the show including Atomic County! He is an excellent artist! 

DIY Instructions:
  1. Save the top black and white document on your computer
  2. Print document 
  3. Proceed to post document where-ever you see fit (don't litter)
  4. For extra credit print it on hot pink or orange paper for an authentic look as you see above! Ryan's head not included!
  5. Having problems getting it to print the full page? Follow these instructions here!

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