Friday, June 9, 2017

The O.C. In the News: Benjamin Mckenzie and Morena Baccarin get married!

Morena Baccarin and Benjamin Mckenzie pose for picture just got married

Its official! Sorry ladies/gentlemen Benjamin Mckenzie is now not only a father to a baby girl named Frances Laiz but he also officially just got married to his baby mama! Who's the lucky lady you may ask? Well its no other than Ben's Gotham co-star Morena Baccarin! We think she has a slight Theresa vibe but that's just us!

brooklyn botanical gardens

The two were married at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in New York City. It was a quaint ceremony with family members and close friends! Brooklyn Botanical Garden will cost around $180 dollars a head (based on a 300 person reception).

Morena Baccarin and Benjamin Mckenzie pose for picture just got married
Ben and Morena as seen on Gotham

Fun Fact: The two actors started hitting it off in a big way in 2015 but Gotham wasn't the first time they crossed paths. In season 3 of The O.C. Morena Baccarin played a character named "Maya Griffin". If you remember she was the girl that Matt Ramsey (Sandy Cohen's reckless right hand man) was dating. It has been quoted that Benjamin Mckenzie didn't even remember that she was on The O.C. until it was later mentioned by someone else, talk about hilarious!


New Dad Ben McKenzie Talks Fatherhood with Harry

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