Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just for Fun: The Atwood's Work Van Spotted in Newport!!

Everything The O.C. staff was searching Newport Beach, CA using Google Street View the other day when we stumbled upon this epic gem! What we have here is mind blowing and it will literally fill in what happened between Ryan and his big brother Trey after season 4!

We found a van! But not just any van, Trey and Ryan's business van! Here is a close-up! By the looks of the van Ryan and Trey have gotten into business together. They started a Two Brothers Locksmith company!

Here is an even better close-up. The slogan reads "It's no fun if the key's are in the car" and "If we don't do it who will?". Notice the Journey stickers on the side. Classic move which i'm sure was Ryan's idea.

Would you call Two Brothers Locksmith to come pop your lock? Think about it, Trey was pretty quick getting the Camaro started! Although you would probably have to get your broken glass fixed but at least you would be able to get in and get going. Gotta weigh the pro's and con's folks!

Found their business website here as well!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The O.C. Birthdays: Bradley Stryker's birthday is today!

Happy Birthday to the actor that played early Trey Atwood in The O.C., Mr. Bradley Stryker! Bradley's character Trey showed us that it is very possible to break into a car and hot-wire it within  two seconds flat! Simply fantastic! What's that Trey? Did you say you need us to steal a car for one of your homies to pay off a new debt you owe? That's such a typical Atwood birthday present and I know just the man to call! Cheers to you Bradley and happy birthday!

Monday, June 27, 2016

The O.C. Music.: Luke's Backstage pass, Rooney and More!

Here we have a very rare shot of Oliver handing Luke an all access backstage pass at the Rooney show in the Season 1 Episode "The Third Wheel". The interesting thing about this prop is incredible detail involved. Visually it looks like a typical backstage pass at a rock show but if you look closely to the left it says "The OC Club". Meaning the venue is called The O.C. Club! Which is rather under the radar even to mightiest The O.C. Trivia ninja's out there!

Most fans get this wrong, they thought that the venue the gang went to was in-fact The Bait Shop. Not to salt your game guys but now you know the truth...*Drops the mic*.

Robert Schwartzman of Rooney said in a interview that their time on The O.C. was kind of a blur. They had to play their hit single "Shakin" over and over to get all the required shots. Which meant lip-syncing and playing instruments that weren't even plugged in. Talk about a bit awkward!

Bonus Features:

Notable line from the "The Third Wheel":

While the gang is talking to Oliver outside The O.C. Club (sounds glorious just saying it out-loud doesn't?) Rooney the band pulls up and starts walking towards the gang. The band says hello and keeps walking towards the club. Luke looks completely confused and says:

Luke: Which one's Rooney?
Anna: They're all Rooney.


Rooney was the first band to be featured in person on The O.C..Josh Schwartz personally liked Rooney's music so much that he had to have them on the show. After Rooney was featured on The O.C. their music sales saw a HUGE increase and put them on the indie rock pop map almost over night! It is documented that this "O.C. music effect" increased sales in most if not all artists featured on the show.

Left Jason Schwartzman (Actor, Musician) Right Robert Schwartzman (Actor, Rooney)

The O.C. Brother Connection: 

Ironically the drummer of the band Phantom Planet (1994-2003) that brought the "California" intro in every episode is brothers with the lead singer Robert Schwartzman of Rooney.

You may have heard of Jason Schwartzman before (Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, Wet Hot American Summer TV series), he's a fantastic actor and comes from a very talented family.
Perhaps Jason also put in a good word to have his little brothers band Rooney on the show,
bro's helping out bro's!

Here is the official "California" music video from Phantom Planet. Jason Schwartzman is seen in various parts of this music video.

Flashback to now Rooney's latest single "My Heart Beats 4 U" from Rooney's 2016 album titled 
"Washed Away". This video is very clever and also only features Robert Schwartzman dressed 
up like various characters. 

In the latest installment of the Rooney, Robert Schwartzman (middle, lead singer) has gotten rid of his long time (since highschool) previous members of the band (from photo above) and started over. There hasn't been any mention of why the other original members aren't in the band anymore but were speculating that there may have been some musical differences etc.

Rooney where are they now:
The guy in the shades in the photo is Matthew Winter (ex bass player) he retired from the band back in 2010 to become a doctor! How crazy is that?!

As seen above Taylor Locke (ex lead guitar player heartthrob) briefly dated 
Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper) in 2008. These days Taylor Locke is currently rocking his 
own band called Taylor Locke & the Roughs. Check them out!

The guy with the curly hair in the band photo is Ned Bower (ex drummer), he is currently married to Sarah Jane Morris and they have 2 kids together.

And then there's Louie (Louis) Stephens (ex keys player). Yeah, its safe to say he fell off the face of the earth!

And last but not least Robert Schwartzman (only original member left) as seen with his 4 years strong girlfriend/famous photographer Zoey Grossman.

I'll leave you with this.
Robert Schwartzman stared in the 2001 movie Princess Diaries staring Anne Hathaway.
Shhhh! You know you've seen it. 

Super secret extra bonus feature: 
(I swear this is the last one)

Robert Schwartzman and Jason Schwartzman's mother is Talia Copolla, famous for her acting in 
The Godfather movies. 

Super secret extra mega bonus feature:

One of the Schwartzman's/Copolla's cousins is no other than the one and only 
Nicholas Cage! The man's got hair of the gods! Just look at it!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The O.C. Tweets: Sandy learns to Twitter

sandy cohen twitter message the o.c.

Ryan, Seth and Kirsten all pitch in and get Sandy a Galaxy S7 Edge for Father's day! As Sandy puts it "i'm living on the edge of technology now baby". Only problem is he needs to learn how to use the phone and some of the phones most popular apps.

*It's night-time, Sandy is in the kitchen staring at the new unopened phone box in pure puzzlement*
*Ryan and Seth are reading comic books at the dinner table*

Sandy: Now guys is this new phone anything like my Razr 3G?! Now that thing had some class.
Seth: Ugh you still have that? Dad flip phones are so not cool.
*Ryan shrugs and hides his beeper Trey gave him in Chino*
Sandy: Hey as long as I can make calls to the Nana and surf the web i'm all ears
*Seth and Ryan both look at eachother in pure horror*
Seth: I'm so getting you a phone case.
Ryan: And insurance.

A few days later Seth signs Sandy up for a summer Twitter workshop class in Newport. Sandy receives a C in the class but as you can see Sandy is already using what he learned and successfully "twittering".

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Just for Fun: Happy 20,000 views!

Happy 20,000 views guys and gals! We did it, we have added 10,000 views since February of this year and are gaining new views at a rapid rate! Let's face it, The O.C. is hot right now - the show has just been released to watch for free for the first time on the CWseed as well as Hulu via paid subscription. With all these new viewers quite the buzz is erupting in The O.C. stratosphere! And boy do the people have their questions:

Here are the top 10 out of 400 google search queries that bring people to Everything The O.C.: 

Above are the top 10 internet browsers people use to visit this site! Chrome wins by a landslide!

The site has been visited by fans of countries all over the world! Views predominately dominating from U.S of A but we think that's just Luke in Portland refreshing his iMac browser a bunch of times! Thanks Luke for the support!

With all this buzz people are really talking about The O.C. via entertaining podcasts from all over!

Here are the top The O.C. Podcasts right now! 

PortlandCA - The one the only, first, original The O.C. Podcast hosted by the effervescent Josh Hatfield, Cory Hatfield and Josh Stout with special guests too!

The OC Men Podcast - a fairly new O.C. podcast that is really making waves in the pod-casting world!

Questionable Viewing Habits - a great new O.C. podcast featuring hilarious commentary and points of view from hosts Tim and Jamie!

The O.C. Plus Three - Three friends + The O.C. equals some great content on this new podcast!

The Newpsies podcast - Three younger friends experience all The O.C. has to offer.  A fresh young perspective on O.C. greatness.

The Podcast That Is About The OC - Two grown men talk about the O.C.!

Lets take a moment of silence for a few The O.C. podcasts that just never really made it:

"The O.C. Disorder" - Sorry!
"Do you see The O.C. that I see?" - Finished one season and perhaps they will come back?

So cheers to you and thank you for visiting! Stay tuned for more great The O.C. content!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The O.C. Fun Fact: The French Why?

In France The O.C. is titled newport BEACH. This is because when your from a different country there is going to be cultural gaps from country to country and certain things (such as media titles) aren't going to make a lot of sense to you. Heck even a ton of American's were confused by the real title of the show "The O.C." especially people that lived in Orange County. Back in the early 00's locals touted in various publications that nobody says they live in "The O.C.". The name was a bit contrived just for the show although the shows creator Josh Schwartz swears that he heard people using the phrase "The O.C." in his California college days. This kind of silly name changing happens fairly often when foreign movies/shows get ported over to the USA and vice versa.

For instance the classic Travolta movie Grease was renamed Vaseline in Argentina because the word "grease" only meant "motor oil" to them and not slang for 50's leather jacket wearing punks with slicked back hair. The word Vaseline made some sense to Argentina, as you could use that to grease hair. They didn't have a Greaser subculture like the USA had. It's hard to believe that happened, Vaseline is a completely laughable movie title! Horrible marketing job guys!

So in France they marketed the show that way to simply clear confusion. The real question now is if Luke Ward says his famous line in the pilot episode the same or did they overdub him saying "Welcome to Newport Beach Bitc*!". Sa cré bleu, we may never know!

How bout watching the whole series in French? That will be a whole new experience! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Where are they now? Ron del Barrio aka Dawn Atwood's Boytoy AJ!

aj the oc character sitting in chair smoking

AJ had a particularly short run on The O.C. but one that left the viewers with a long lasting impression. In case you do not remember who AJ was, he was Dawn Atwood's deadbeat boyfriend, a moocher of sorts as well as a fine connoisseur of watching TV while smoking a cigarette and drinking booze.

The only time we actually get to see AJ is in the pilot episode. After Ryan gets out of juvenile detention (thanks to Sandy Cohen), he gets a warm welcome back by his mom Dawn stating that Ryan should get out of the house.

Then when Ryan starts questioning his mom on where he is suppose to go, AJ steps in and starts talking crap. Which ended with AJ and Ryan getting in a fight, and AJ landing several punches into Ryan's face.

Such a short lived character yet was very effective and believable for what it was. The guy that played the beloved character AJ in The O.C. is Ron del Barrio he was 36 at the time. Out of curiosity I wanted to see what the actor that played AJ was up to these days. After going through his short acting career on IMDB, notable last gig was working 3 times as minor characters in the show CSI from 2012-2014 but surely he was doing other things..

ron del barrio golf career 1997 magazine article

Then a quick google search landed me on several articles with golf linked to Ron del Barrio's name.
I discovered that Ron del Barrio the actor that played AJ in The O.C. was a golf lover and also an instructor in the arts. The 1997 magazine article above highlights that Ron del Barrio (only 30 in the photo) is a high paid golf coach and teacher. He has trained many names including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tommy Lee, Heather Locklear, Eddie Van Halen, Rob Lowe, Shari Belufonte, Scott Baio, David Leisure, Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Richard Dreyfuss, Will Smith and Vin Scully to name a few! For two years Sylvester Stallone kept Ron as his exclusive coach, flying him by private jet straight to the golf course! At 200 dollars an hour, the stars get some much needed golf advice as well as lining Ron del Barrio's pockets with some sweet green!

aj the o.c. punching ryan atwood at dawn atwoods chino house

Fast forward to 2003 when the pilot of The O.C. was filmed Ron featured a cut-off shirt exposing his real life right armed snake tattoo, a gift from Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear when they were still married in the 90's!

They both had awesome hair together didn't they?

A little cyber stalking and we have a conversation between the actor Jon Lovitz and Ron. Very cool! Ron lives in Studio City, California is married and has kids, a true family man!

A YouTube instructional video featuring the man himself!

As you can see above, Ron also has his own website promoting his training business. His website is complete with tips, recommendations, a pro shop where you can buy Ron del Barrio's instructional golf DVD and even book lessons (still 200 dollars an hour)! Check out his site here!

And finally here is Ron del Barrio almost 20 years later in 2016 doing what he does best, teaching GOLF! I figure that Ron del Bario has made a nice career for himself and probably also enjoys getting minor roles on various TV shows on the side. Seems like a great guy and is the complete opposite of the character he played The O.C. so i'd say that's a hole in one!

UPDATE 5/14/2018

Ron recently reached out to us via Twitter and filled us in with a few fun mentions regarding the pilot fighting scene between AJ and Ryan. See below!

Just think about it Ron almost made contact with Ben's face - now that is some true method acting on both ends!Thanks so much Ron for contacting us! Everyone feel free to show Ron some love and follow him via Twitter @barrio_ron

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The O.C. Memorable Moment: Ryan studying in the pool house

ryan atwood studying pool house the oc

Here you can relive your Ryan Atwood stalking fantasies as you watch Ryan studying in the pool house. His focus on school work is impeccable! But just be careful he may catch you at any moment!

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