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The O.C. Music.: Luke's Backstage pass, Rooney and More!

Here we have a very rare shot of Oliver handing Luke an all access backstage pass at the Rooney show in the Season 1 Episode "The Third Wheel". The interesting thing about this prop is incredible detail involved. Visually it looks like a typical backstage pass at a rock show but if you look closely to the left it says "The OC Club". Meaning the venue is called The O.C. Club! Which is rather under the radar even to mightiest The O.C. Trivia ninja's out there!

Most fans get this wrong, they thought that the venue the gang went to was in-fact The Bait Shop. Not to salt your game guys but now you know the truth...*Drops the mic*.

Robert Schwartzman of Rooney said in a interview that their time on The O.C. was kind of a blur. They had to play their hit single "Shakin" over and over to get all the required shots. Which meant lip-syncing and playing instruments that weren't even plugged in. Talk about a bit awkward!

Bonus Features:

Notable line from the "The Third Wheel":

While the gang is talking to Oliver outside The O.C. Club (sounds glorious just saying it out-loud doesn't?) Rooney the band pulls up and starts walking towards the gang. The band says hello and keeps walking towards the club. Luke looks completely confused and says:

Luke: Which one's Rooney?
Anna: They're all Rooney.


Rooney was the first band to be featured in person on The O.C..Josh Schwartz personally liked Rooney's music so much that he had to have them on the show. After Rooney was featured on The O.C. their music sales saw a HUGE increase and put them on the indie rock pop map almost over night! It is documented that this "O.C. music effect" increased sales in most if not all artists featured on the show.

Left Jason Schwartzman (Actor, Musician) Right Robert Schwartzman (Actor, Rooney)

The O.C. Brother Connection: 

Ironically the drummer of the band Phantom Planet (1994-2003) that brought the "California" intro in every episode is brothers with the lead singer Robert Schwartzman of Rooney.

You may have heard of Jason Schwartzman before (Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, Wet Hot American Summer TV series), he's a fantastic actor and comes from a very talented family.
Perhaps Jason also put in a good word to have his little brothers band Rooney on the show,
bro's helping out bro's!

Here is the official "California" music video from Phantom Planet. Jason Schwartzman is seen in various parts of this music video.

Flashback to now Rooney's latest single "My Heart Beats 4 U" from Rooney's 2016 album titled 
"Washed Away". This video is very clever and also only features Robert Schwartzman dressed 
up like various characters. 

In the latest installment of the Rooney, Robert Schwartzman (middle, lead singer) has gotten rid of his long time (since highschool) previous members of the band (from photo above) and started over. There hasn't been any mention of why the other original members aren't in the band anymore but were speculating that there may have been some musical differences etc.

Rooney where are they now:
The guy in the shades in the photo is Matthew Winter (ex bass player) he retired from the band back in 2010 to become a doctor! How crazy is that?!

As seen above Taylor Locke (ex lead guitar player heartthrob) briefly dated 
Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper) in 2008. These days Taylor Locke is currently rocking his 
own band called Taylor Locke & the Roughs. Check them out!

The guy with the curly hair in the band photo is Ned Bower (ex drummer), he is currently married to Sarah Jane Morris and they have 2 kids together.

And then there's Louie (Louis) Stephens (ex keys player). Yeah, its safe to say he fell off the face of the earth!

And last but not least Robert Schwartzman (only original member left) as seen with his 4 years strong girlfriend/famous photographer Zoey Grossman.

I'll leave you with this.
Robert Schwartzman stared in the 2001 movie Princess Diaries staring Anne Hathaway.
Shhhh! You know you've seen it. 

Super secret extra bonus feature: 
(I swear this is the last one)

Robert Schwartzman and Jason Schwartzman's mother is Talia Copolla, famous for her acting in 
The Godfather movies. 

Super secret extra mega bonus feature:

One of the Schwartzman's/Copolla's cousins is no other than the one and only 
Nicholas Cage! The man's got hair of the gods! Just look at it!

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