Monday, July 31, 2017

The O.C. Basement: Early O.C. Insider Promotional Video!

Ah yes The O.C. Insider, your source for everything the O.C. before we came about muhahahaha! This clip features very rare and early promotional footage of a commercial created to showing the benefits of joining the insider club. As you can see members got all sorts of perks, like Mondo discounts on O.C. merchandise (we love that they used the word mondo).

If you're still unsure what the O.C. insider was or you're wanting to learn more take a quick history lesson from Sandy Cohen - check this out!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Benjamin Mckenzie and Adam Brody hang out in the pool house!

benjamin mckenzie and adam brody hang out in the pool house behind the scenes the o.c.

These are very rare behind the scenes photos of Benjamin Mckenzie and Adam Brody in-between filming a scene for season 2 episode 10 "The Accomplice". Below you will find the actual clip that was filmed during these images.

benjamin mckenzie and adam brody hang out in the pool house behind the scenes the o.c.

benjamin mckenzie and adam brody hang out in the pool house behind the scenes the o.c.

benjamin mckenzie and adam brody hang out in the pool house behind the scenes the o.c.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The O.C. Mystery: Sandy reveals how many extra rooms their house has in an early pilot draft!

the cohens mansion the oc

Earlier we wrote a post attempting to solve the age old O.C. question of why Ryan had to sleep in the pool house and why the Cohens seemed to only have 2 bedrooms in their mansion, you can find that here. Since then a bit of new and exciting evidence has been recently discovered inside an earliest found draft of the O.C. pilot script written by Josh Schwartz. The answer to the "how many rooms did the Cohens have" could finally be solved! Furthermore the script snippet goes into a little more detail on why Ryan had to sleep in the pool house!

As you can see in this early draft snippet explains a lot! Sandy says they have 5 extra bedrooms! Keyword EXTRA. Even Sandy seems puzzled about Ryan having to stay in the pool house when they have so much extra room inside. Ryan is sent out to the pool house (which most can assume) mainly because of Kirsten, she didn't feel safe having him (a stranger and a felon) roam around their house. She didn't want to run a halfway house. For what ever reason the final draft of the script had the extra 5 rooms line edited out. We can all assume however that there had to be at least 5 extra rooms in their house, I mean its huge! Lets lay that mystery to rest once and for all!

ryan sleeping on couch the o.c cohens

During the series the amount of extra rooms the house had fluctuated for dramatic and convenient comedic effect. For instance Ryan having to sleep on the couch when Hailey (Kirsten's sister) arrived or when Theresa stayed over Ryan had to sleep in Seth's bedroom floor, Ryan constantly got the shaft! Perhaps the extra rooms were actually filled with more expensive things, basically like storage!

Among tons of other differences, this draft is also missing the bit about Sandy being self righteous. This draft also calls the pool house the guest house (which is essentially the same thing). So now you know, 5 extra rooms plus Seth's room and the master bedroom! So next time a so called fan of The O.C. wants to school you in O.C. trivia, just lay them to rest with this uber rare bit of knowledge. The answer is 5 extra rooms buddy! *Drops the mic*.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The O.C. Flashback Series: Adam Brody worked where before he was famous?!?!

Early promotional shot for season 1 of The O.C. 

Our main man Adam Brody AKA Seth Cohen had quite the career before he hit it big as an actor. 
Do you know where Adam was working before he started getting roles in films/TV such as Growing Up Brady (2000) or Once and Again (2001)?

While Adam was attending local college he worked part-time at Blockbuster, you know the movie rental store that pretty much disappeared years ago (there is still a few locations left believe it or not).

Adam Brody's best friend Ari Davis
Adam worked there before moving with his best friend (Ari Davis) to L.A. to seek out an acting career. Ari Davis and Adam Brody were skateboard and surf buddy's too!

Adam's thoughts about working at Blockbuster "It was the most boring job I've ever had. But it was sort of inspirational putting away movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer with those kids on the front of the box". Out of the two Adam has been much more successful than his best bud Ari but we have high hopes! 

Overall this story is rather motivational! Who would have thought Adam would also soon be on the cover of some of those movies covers too. Just goes to show you that anything is possible so don't take your current crappy job as your final destination, good things come to those who dream! Who knows you may get your very own pool house one day......sigh......

Friday, July 14, 2017

The O.C. Tweets: Sandy Cohens found a new place!

In case you were wondering "The O.C. Tweets" is a fan fiction extension to the actual show, completely fantasy yes but closely based off of what The O.C characters would be tweeting about if twitter was around in the early 00's.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Throwback Thursday O.C. Style: Rare photo of Seth and Summer Goofing off!

rachel bilson summer lifts adam brody seth in the air promo oc photo

Enjoy this very rare early promotional photo in all of it's cheesy nostalgic glory..Furthermore try not to stare too hard at Adam Brody's strange looking toes! As a closing thought Rachel Bilson is jacked!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Behind the Scenes: O.C. Creator Josh Schwartz's Office Tour!

We present to you the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only creator of The O.C. Josh Schwartz and his plush Warner Bros office. As they said in MTV Cribs (Rip) "This is where all the magic happens". Much of the writing and everyday upkeep is done right here. Notice the super sweet O.C. gumball machine which we hear doesn't even require coins to operate! 

As you may know Josh Schwartz was the youngest TV show creator in history, he was just 26 years old when his idea "The O.C." turned into a huge success (Josh was only 25 when FOX decided to pick the show up). Since then he's been the magic behind many other great shows including Gossip Girl, Chuck and The Heart of Dixie (which featured Rachel Bilson). You may not know this but much of The O.C. was based on Josh Schwatz's time at USC (where he studied film/tv). See that surfboard to the left - it was awarded when Gossip Girl was picked as Best Choice TV Show Drama back in 2011. I bet Sandy could really rip up the waves with that baby!

Here is a close up of some of the items kept on Josh's desk. What desk would be complete without Captain Oats and Princess Sparkles (props taken from the show), a hand drawn cartoon of Seth, Ryan and Marissa, a Goonies Data figure, an E.T. plush, a Storm Trooper helmet (a gift from George Lucas himself) and a Gremlins plush. As you can see Josh is a pretty outspoken uber geek and that's what we love about him. We can only assume that the Cohens bagel slicer and Ryan's leather choker is somewhere in those cabinets as well!

More on the Bagel Slicer | More on Captain Oats

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The O.C. Memorabilia: Benjamin Mckenzie's before fame drivers license!

As you can see this is Benjamin Mckenzie's before fame drivers license from when he lived in Austin, TX. Notice how his last name is Schenkkan, this is Ben's real last name but he chose his middle name "Mckenzie" for acting. Ben is shown as 5' 9" which is very cool for all you average Joe's out there, you don't have to be tall to be "big"! On a side note - Ben has managed to take a near perfect drivers license picture which we think is hella rare! Furthermore he was a heart donor, how generous! Who would have thought he would end up breaking a lot of hearts in the years to come!

Learn a whole lot more awesome things about Ben before he was famous here!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Just for Fun: What Ryan did before he met the Cohens: A home video

Here we have an exclusive home video: A typical day in the life of our boy Chino aka Ryan Atwood..Life wasn't so glamorous back home..In this video Ryan can't figure out why the vhs wont go into the dvd player..Apparently in Chino there is also a brain fog that happens keeping you trapped in stupidity!

This was made by mashing up an audition that Ben Mckenzie tried out for the role of Johnny in the movie June Bug. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The O.C. Holidays: Happy 4th of July!

Some background music for the scene :)

It's Tuesday morning at the Cohen residence. Ryan and Seth are in the kitchen reading comic books and drinking coffee as usual..just enjoying their summer vacation.

Sandy, in an excited sweat strolls in with a giant box that he appears can barely lift. Ryan and Seth look up immediately intrigued.

Sandy: What's inside this box is going to blow your minds boys...well, literally!
*Seth in a sarcastic tone*
Seth: Please tell me you bought up all the fidget spinners in Orange County?
*Ryan sips his coffee*
Ryan: If only we were that lucky..
Sandy: Guess again and no son that would mean people around here would actually have to entertain their own kids. Plus they'd rather like to think their kids are special and have A.D.D.
Seth: Good point padre..I can't believe you guys thought I once had ADHD..
Ryan: Well it is 4th of July...and...
*Before Ryan is able to finish his rare full sentence Kirsten walks into the kitchen in perfect timing  opens the refrigerator*
Kirsten: What's in the giant box Sandy?
Sandy: I was just playing a little game with the boys..a classic game of guess what's inside the box..
Seth: Dad I feel like your trying to be Bob Barker on the Price is Right...
*Sandy laughs*
Sandy: Oh how I miss The Bob Barker and that little Yoddler game..Don't get me started how I almost got on that show boys..New host sucks!
Seth: Really?! You almost met The Bob?
*Ryan getting annoyed*
Ryan: So what's in the box??
Kirsten: Yes what is in the box hunny?
Sandy: Alright's The 4th of July so I traded an old surfboard on Craigslist for a whole tub of bottle rockets!
Seth: Wow that is very minty of you!
Kirsten: Oh that should be fun..
Sandy: Well I thought to myself what's more American than lighting up burning rockets up in the sky to watch them explode! It's our freedom, we'll shoot em off in the backyard!
Seth: President Trump wouldn't have wanted it any other way!
Sandy: Gotta love the guy, what he lacks in intelligence he sure makes up for in patriotism!
*Seth and Ryan cheers their coffee mugs and the scene closes*

HAPPY 4th of July! Let freedom ring!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The O.C. Fun Fact: Oliver Trask originally written out by suicide?

Originally the writers of season 1 episode 18 "The Truth" had Oliver successfully commit suicide. But the producers chose a less tragic end where Ryan managed to save the situation, a much lighter and heroic ending. No details on how Oliver was originally suppose to do it but it could have either been by his gun or his pills. Makes you wonder how much different season 1 would have been if it involved something as tragic as that 3 quarters into the series. Either way Ryan would have still been super distant to Marissa for ignoring him multiple times regarding Oliver's sanity. If you have a copy of an early script make sure to shoot it over to us!

Watch this scene above!

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