Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The O.C. Holidays: Happy 4th of July!

Some background music for the scene :)

It's Tuesday morning at the Cohen residence. Ryan and Seth are in the kitchen reading comic books and drinking coffee as usual..just enjoying their summer vacation.

Sandy, in an excited sweat strolls in with a giant box that he appears can barely lift. Ryan and Seth look up immediately intrigued.

Sandy: What's inside this box is going to blow your minds boys...well, literally!
*Seth in a sarcastic tone*
Seth: Please tell me you bought up all the fidget spinners in Orange County?
*Ryan sips his coffee*
Ryan: If only we were that lucky..
Sandy: Guess again and no son that would mean people around here would actually have to entertain their own kids. Plus they'd rather like to think their kids are special and have A.D.D.
Seth: Good point padre..I can't believe you guys thought I once had ADHD..
Ryan: Well it is 4th of July...and...
*Before Ryan is able to finish his rare full sentence Kirsten walks into the kitchen in perfect timing  opens the refrigerator*
Kirsten: What's in the giant box Sandy?
Sandy: I was just playing a little game with the boys..a classic game of guess what's inside the box..
Seth: Dad I feel like your trying to be Bob Barker on the Price is Right...
*Sandy laughs*
Sandy: Oh how I miss The Bob Barker and that little Yoddler game..Don't get me started how I almost got on that show boys..New host sucks!
Seth: Really?! You almost met The Bob?
*Ryan getting annoyed*
Ryan: So what's in the box??
Kirsten: Yes what is in the box hunny?
Sandy: Alright guys...it's The 4th of July so I traded an old surfboard on Craigslist for a whole tub of bottle rockets!
Seth: Wow that is very minty of you!
Kirsten: Oh that should be fun..
Sandy: Well I thought to myself what's more American than lighting up burning rockets up in the sky to watch them explode! It's our freedom, we'll shoot em off in the backyard!
Seth: President Trump wouldn't have wanted it any other way!
Sandy: Gotta love the guy, what he lacks in intelligence he sure makes up for in patriotism!
*Seth and Ryan cheers their coffee mugs and the scene closes*

HAPPY 4th of July! Let freedom ring!

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