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The O.C. Holidays: Happy Halloween from US to You!

Happy Halloween from our kitchen to yours! 

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The O.C. Fan Art: Ryan Atwood Season One Pencil Sketch!

ryan atwood oc pencil drawling amelieme artist

Here we have a very awesome pencil sketch of Ryan Atwood drawn by AmelieMe. This work of art comes complete with hoodie/jacket combo, leather choker and Ryan's famous "Whoever you want me to be." sad Chino pout (he can convey so much in a look). However we do believe the face shading has aged Ryan a bit here and makes this supposed teen look to be around 35 to 40 years old! But all jokes aside this is a fantastic sketch maybe even the best we've seen. Check out more awesome artwork by AmelieMe here

Monday, October 23, 2017

Rare Photos: Very Early Season One Promotional Shoot (Luke and Anna included)

We present to you a rare season one promotional photo-shoot in no-other than Seth's room - more specifically Seth's bed. I guess you could say that's where 'all the action happened'. It's nice to see that they included Luke (Chris Carmack) but especially Anna (Samaire Armstrong) since she made her departure out of the first season rather quickly! Just look how happy everyone looks! Season one...#thefeels!

the o.c. season 1 promotional photos behind the scenes ryan, summer, seth, marissa, luke, annathe o.c. season 1 promotional photos behind the scenes ryan, summer, seth, marissa, luke, annathe o.c. season 1 promotional photos behind the scenes ryan, summer, seth, marissa, luke, annathe o.c. season 1 promotional photos behind the scenes ryan, summer, seth, marissa, luke, anna

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The O.C. Holidays: Wrong Side O' The Track O'Lantern!

ryan atwood pumpkin template carving the o.c. hulu
Here at Everything The O.C. we are gearing up for this spooktacular holiday in O.C. style! Now you too can light up your house with a little O.C. swag this Halloween! Hulu and artist Chris Yeager present to you the Wrong Side O' The Track O'Lantern featuring no other than Ryan Chino Atwood! Follow the directions on the right-hand side. 

Unsure on how to use the template? Watch to understand how to use a paper template on a pumpkin! 

Also to download the high quality file to be printed as a stencil go here!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Rare Photos: Peter Gallagher's smoking head-shot and autograph!

peter gallagher autographed black and white photo smoking

Here is a really cool head-shot of Peter Gallagher getting his smoke on..Judging by the turtle neck we predict this was taken in the late 80's to early 90's but only Peter himself could tell us the real story behind the image! Oh yeah and look its autographed and might we say that Peter has the world's coolest autograph! 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Jamie Barber shows Benjamin Mckenzie and Mischa Barton how to kiss!

Here we have some awesome and rare behind the scenes photos from season 2 episode 2 "The Way We Were". In this scene Jamie Barber instructs Benjamin Mckenzie and Mischa Barton how he wants them to be posed during their kissing scene and where the camera is going to be. Jamie Barber's responsibility on The O.C. was the director of photography, which basically means the chief over the camera and light crews working and is responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the image. Look how uncomfortable Ben looks in the second photo below!

benjamin mckenzie and mischa barton the oc behind the scenes kissing
benjamin mckenzie and mischa barton the oc behind the scenes kissing benjamin mckenzie and mischa barton the oc behind the scenes kissing

Now enjoy the scene! 

Can't get enough of Jamie Barber? Click here to see a cool cameo he did for season 1!

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Behind the Scenes: Dressing room gossip, Munchies, Pranks and More!

cast of the o.c. group photo season 1

We present to you a great vintage article taken out of the amazing O.C. Insider Magazine. You will find a ton of never before released behind the scenes info and much more! You'll never guess who the real goofball on set was OR who played guitar in their dressing room! Enjoy! 

Text version:

“For every minute of footage (that you see on TV) there’s probably 45 minutes of in-between time,” Chris Carmack (Luke) explains. “That gives us a lot of downtime to deal with.”

Dressing Room Downtime

Each actor has a person dressing room located in a building adjacent to the sound stages – that’s where they spend what Chris refers to as “downtime.” Each dressing room door is labeled by the O.C. character’s name – not the actor’s real name.

Inside they are all furnished identically, with a phone, a couch, a side table, and a coffee table. “It’s so funny,” Adam says. “All of the guys’ rooms are so sparse and all the girls did up their room like it’s their home. The girls have blankets and pillows and candles and posters on the walls and my room looks like it did the day I got assigned to it.”

Micha agrees laughing, “I’ve been trying to press Adam to decorate his room. He needs some serious help in there. It’s beginning to look mildly depressing.”

Micha continues, “Rachel decorated hers and so did I. I have some Beatles and Rolling Stones and Clash posters. There’s big cushions and candles and incense. I decorated my room with an eclectic mix of things I like to have around me and things I find comforting and soothing. I tend to read a lot or listen to music when I’m there.”

Music is a common O.C. theme. On any given day you will hear several different kinds of music coming from the actors’ rooms. Usually Ben is listening to Lyle Lovett or Willie Nelson while Rachel might have her stereo pumping out some hip-hop. Micscha likes to listen to faves like Radiohead once in a while, and Adam generally cranks out the latest tunes from his favorite indie bands. Chris makes his own tunes, practicing guitar in his room.

All of this activity is observed not-so-quietly by Josh and the other producers. Over the first season little bits of the cast’s respective personal tastes and interests have found their way into O.C. scripts.

“I like to listen to what people talk about,” Josh says. “I try to make the actors feel as comfortable as possible with their characters because I hope they’ll be playing them for a while. So if I hear somebody say something funny I try to put it in the show. Rachel and her friends all watch The Golden Girls and I thought that was funny so in one of our episodes I had Summer and Anna bond over watching The Golden Girls and talk about which character they identify with. It’s made them very guarded and wary around me.”

The Munchies

During breaks, the cast often hits the “craft services” – Hollywood speak for food buffet table. The meals provided are generally easily prepared for the dozens of folks working on set at any given time; usually sandwiches, salads, soups and pastas are available. Throughout the day the cast can graze on healthy fare like fruit and fresh vegetables, or snack on not-so-healthy items like M&Ms and Red Vine licorice.

“Our set is really relaxed and friendly,” Ben says. “We’re not all working together on set all the time so it’s sort of random groups of people at different times. We go to lunch together or some of the guys play music together on the set at lunch.”

“You literally know how well your show is doing by how well the craft services table is stocked,” Tate Donovan (Jimmy) says. “The first couple of episodes the pickings are really slim. You get, like, a couple pieces of licorice and that’s it. If the show’s a hit you get Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead of some store brand. We’re doing pretty well because they brought in these sandwiches called Thanksgiving sandwiches. You know at midnight on Thanksgiving you go to the fridge and you’re starving and you make a sandwich that has turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing and lettuce? Well, that’s what we had and the crew went nuts. All work stopped when those sandwiches arrived.”

Bonding – and Tattling – Like Family

Wonderland is the name of O.C. producer McG’s production company. It could also be a way to describe the euphoric state the actors are in now that the show is a bona fide hit. As corny as it might sound, the cast has become very close.

“We really lucked out because none of had met each other before we came to do this project,” Mischa says. “People must think we look so dorky because were hanging out together and we look like the lame-o cast from The O.C.”

Lame-o? Hardly, though Josh does have a few inside observations about the cast to share.

1. "Adam has never seen a movie he’s liked.”
2. “Ben is a total goofball – he tries to be brooding but he’s pretty funny.”
3. "Rachel is into Springsteen and Peter will sing show tunes at the drop of a hat.” (Note: Peter Gallagher is an award-winning Broadway stage actor and singer – check out the cast album to the musical Guys and Dolls.)
4. “Tate is an extraordinary athlete and a true ladies’ man.”
5. “Melinda is much younger and nicer than her character.”
6. “And Kelly, well, I would never eat any food that she eats – it’s all this sort of wheat germ stuff.”

Because most O.C. scenes are pretty intense, “There’s not much time for us to joke around socialize during the workday,” Mischa says.

Still, Adam finds a way to lighten things up. “Adam is always trying to make everyone laugh, which he does all the time. He’s kinda like that little brother that’s always making jokes in front of your parents. It’s like you’re supposed to be serious but you can’t help yourself,” Ben says, “Basically any time he does something funny we have to do two takes because the first time I laugh like crazy and the second time I know what’s coming.”

“We’re really tight and we’re all really good friends,” Mischa says. “We had so much publicity stuff to do when the show first started so we were all together all the time.”

The time together helped the cast bond tight friendships with one another early on. “We hang out, we go to parties or movies,” Ben says.
And it’s not just the young actors who have bonded.

“It’s a different vibe here than other places I’ve worked,” Adam says. “Everyone really gets along. I love Peter (Gallagher, who plays Sandy Cohen). Everyone knows and loves Peter. I have the ultimate case of ‘my dad is better than your dad’ because I feel like he’s the best. I think of him as sort of a father figure so when I see him and Kelly do a kissing scene it makes me feeling kind of weird. I mean it’s cool but I’m kind of watching my parents make out and it grosses me out.”

“I really admire Peter,” Ben says. “The thing I picked up from him right away is his attitude. He’s humble and hardworking and friendly. He set the tone for the rest of the cast because he’s the most accomplished name actor attached to the cast. He’s been incredibly sweet so there’s no room for the kids to be jerks.”

But there’s plenty of room for the kids to have fun. “This year the cast and I all went to a Halloween party,” Mischa says. “I dressed like Catherine-Zeta Jones from Chicago, Adam dressed up as Ben Affleck, and Rachel was J-Lo. We had so much fun and we acted like kids. It was a good excuse to pretend we were somebody else for a night and good excuse to fool around. Not that we need that.”
Rachel, Mischa and Samaire often get together and go to the movies or go shopping and grab lunch. 

The guys Ben, Adam, Chris, and McG all play on the same entertainment basketball team. Every weekend they bond over a friendly game of hoops, though Ben admits their team isn’t faring so well. 

“We are 1-3 right now. We definitely need the practice, especially Adam and me,” Ben says. “Chris is really good. He’s a natural athlete. We had to shoot a golfing scene on the show and neither of us had ever golfed before. I was barely hitting the ball 100 yards but Chris was crushing it. He was driving his ball 200 to 300 yards. He’s gifted.”

Presents and Pranks

Speaking of gifts, “We try to make a big deal out of birthdays, with cake and presents. Nobody’s big day goes uncelebrated,” says Mischa.
When Rachel turned 22 the group had a little celebration on the set. Adam is generally known as the wordsmith of the bunch with his quick and witty one-liners. But after Rachel’s 22nd birthday, he’s now known as the prankster.

“We were filming in the bio lab where there were real dead frogs for the scene where we were dissecting frogs,” Mischa explains. “Rachel had a bunch of presents in her dressing room and –“

“- I took out the present I got her and put one of the dead frogs in the box,” Adam picked up the story. “And then put her real gift in another box. So we all said good-bye when she left and she was carrying all her bags and she didn’t know she had a dead frog with her. Then she got home and she was, like, showing her friends her gifts and she opened up the box where there’s this dead frog. She was pretty freaked.”

“She called me, screaming, “We have to get Adam back!” Mischa says, laughing. “We tried to get him back. We put fake blood on his dressing room door, but it didn’t work. It’s difficult because the boys are ruthless once they get going. They’re always one step ahead of us.”

Another prank involved Ben, Rachel and Mischa. When the show airs, the cast often goes to McG’s Hollywood Hills home to watch it together. One night Ben surprised the group with a little video he put together. Mischa remembers, “It had all of these embarrassing moments of Rachel and me on film. He had me in Notting Hill and The Sixth Sense and the clips were cut together to look really strange, like flashes in a weird music video. We all thought we were sitting down to watch an episode of the show together and everyone was waiting and suddenly this reel comes on.”

“That kind of camaraderie makes it so much easier to work together,” Mischa says. Ben Mckenzie sums it up best. “This show is amazing. It’s like I’ve been handed this really great job and some people I can be friends with. How great is that?”

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The O.C. Basement: Adam Brody's 2003 Underground Online Interview!

Here is a vintage early 2003 interview with Adam Brody by UGO.com. This interview took place right before the O.C. aired it's first episode! Enjoy! 


If you've caught Adam Brody on the new WB series The O.C., you probably thought he was vaguely familiar. It could be because your favorite TV movie of all time is Growing Up Brady, and you recognize him as a young Barry Williams. If not, then you probably caught him in American Pie 2, or several MTV series, like The Sausage Factory and Undressed. Most recently, the 23-year-old played a teen in the breakout chiller The Ring.

UGO: It's weird doing this, not having seen the movie, but--

Adam: I'm sure you can imagine. Just look at the trailer, you'll get it.

UGO: You're kind of like the uptight guy who's bankrolling the whole thing?

Adam: A little bit, yeah. I wouldn't call it uptight; I like to say that he has ambitions. He is blowing his college tuition, so I think it's sort of just stinginess. In another sense, you could say he's the most responsible one. But, that said, it's a boarding movie, it's a comedy, I just don't care. I could get into it, but what's the point?

UGO: Got it. So how did playing Barry Williams inform your portrayal of a skateboarding teen?

Adam: Probably worsened it… couldn't have less to do with it. I did sing a couple of songs and do a couple of dances. So, that didn't come into play at all. Actually, there is. There's a dance sequence in Grind, and I just hearkened back to my Barry Williams days, and drew upon that experience for the performance, and used that to fuel my dance fever.

UGO: Very nice. What's that all about? Why is there a dance number?

Adam: Sort of like a retro break dance. Ideally, it's funny. Theoretically, it should make you laugh. It should not make you want to dance.

UGO: Did you guys have to do a lot of practice?

Adam: We did one practice session that Vince didn't show up to. We sort of winged it, and-it wasn't intensive. I wish I had a good story: "We went to boot camp and…" no, no. I think we were all pretty much not up to taking a dance scene too seriously when we signed up to do a skateboard movie. I would have been pretty bummed to, you know, take numerous dance lessons. But it was fun, it's cool.

UGO: So did you have a skateboarding boot camp?

Adam: No, actually! We got cast very quickly before filming, so skateboard boot camp happened on the set. Every day, we had a skateboarding park to ourselves, and so, we got free run of the place, which, as every skater knows, these places get crowded. So, to have these places, especially if you're not that good, and you're kind of embarrassed-you know what I mean?

UGO: You have 8-year-olds kicking your ass-

Adam: Exactly-slapping you around. So, it was great. We didn't get run off the track, we had the place to ourselves. Vince made us all feel better about our skateboarding abilities, because he's so bad.

UGO: If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be, and why?

Adam: I only get one superpower? There's so many, it's hard to narrow it down to one power. I think flying would be pretty awesome, and, not only that, convenient in so many ways. I'd say flying. I hate airports, so…

UGO: Gore Verbinski has this huge hit on his hands. Did you have any idea when you were doing The Ring that this guy was going to be huge?

Adam: Well, he'd just come off The Mexican, so, I mean, he had Naomi Watts in this movie, and she had just come off Mulholland Drive at the time. I knew that they were both probably in for something, and I thought it was a cool movie and an awesome idea. It was very intriguing, it wasn't just a typical slasher movie, and those are fun, too, but. I was still very excited to work with him, and at that point, he was the biggest director I'd worked with. To do a scene opposite Naomi Watts, I mean, that was great! Love it!

UGO: Do you play video games?

Adam: You know what? I do, I love-my friend has Kelly Slater Pro Surfer and it's so fun. I love it. But, I grew up playing them, but I've resisted buying a PlayStation 2, because I'm not going to school and I'm feeling sort of guilty about it, so I'm trying to read a lot to kind of make up for that. And I just feel, I have too many friends who get one and disappear for three months, "Sorry man, I got a PlayStation 2, I beat the game finally, and I'm back…" It's, seriously, like, I want all my friends to have one. I'm on this show now, where I'm trying to get my friend to get one for his dressing room, because I don't want one in mine. If he gets one in his, perfect! Because I can go over there every once in a while. It's a perfect thing for your friends to have. I'm just afraid I'd be addicted, and I'm trying to work on (sighs) literacy right now.

UGO: So what are you reading?

Adam: I read the paper everyday, and I read Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. It's really good.

UGO: He's, like, 23 years old.

Adam: 24, and, once again, make me feel a little inadequate. It's really good. This guy on set handed me one of Gore Vidal's books, Dreaming War. That's pretty eye-opening. I don't know if he's necessarily right about everything, but there are some crazy scary points he brings up. I try and read a broad spectrum of books. But, I will say this, whatever I read has to sort of be critically acclaimed. Because I'll see any movie-I see a movie and it's good, and I'm rewarded because it's a good movie, and if it's bad, it gives me an ego boost, sort of, and I can pat myself on the back-but books-it takes too much time to read anything bad. I can't, like, devote two weeks of my life to something that sucks. Or might suck. It has to, definitely, be good and worth my time. I really finish them-I can't go half-way and say, "It sucks." I get so mad-I'm in the middle of it, and I'm, like, "Why didn't I listen?"

UGO: The OC actually starts tonight.

Adam: I'm excited. I've been reading every review I can.

UGO: That's a big commitment.

Adam: Theoretically, you sign on for seven years. And my only fear about that, well, there's two fears. Ideally, you want it to be successful. But then the fear is, if it's successful, a) I'm going to get stuck with this for the rest of my life, and b) I'm 23 playing a kid who's 16. I'm a little on edge about that. I was hoping to play a little older, but you can't do anything about it. So the good news is, for the first part, as far as being stuck with the character, that is has to do with your choices in the off season, and I'm going to really try, if the show works out, to make good choices in the off season. If that means not doing a movie during the hiatus, because the only ones I can get or am offered are variations on the same character, for the same audience, and it's not going to really reach another level, it takes a lot of restraint to say no. But, like, if you look at Topher Grace, for example, he's been on the show for five, six years, and he's only done two or three movies. That means he's said no to a lot of movies. That said, his career is great, because the movies he did were awesome. I almost look at his career as a sort of role model. It'll take a tremendous amount of strength, because I know if we get through the season to the hiatus, I'm going to want to do a movie so bad, and everyone's going to go. And if I only get one and it's no good, it's going to be so hard to say no. But it's the smart thing to do, so I'm going to try. If you play your cards right, you can transcend one character-although I'm sure a lot people said that.

And then, for the other thing, as far as being kind of old, Ben, my other friend on the show, is 24 and we're both playing the same age, so I don't feel so bad. At first I was like, I hope I'm not the Gabrielle Carteris of the series, as long as I have a partner in crime, I'm alright with it. And also, the cool thing with Josh, the creator, he turns 27 tomorrow. He gets it, and like, he's not going to keep us in high school forever. He assured me, he said, "Adam, I have no interest in high school. Your locker's not going to be home base. I don't want a bunch of backpack scenes." I was so sad, because he said, "I've decided-you're going to be seniors if Fox is okay with it." And they didn't OK it. We're juniors. But still, he promises we're not going to be juniors for two years and seniors for two years.

UGO: Now you're set up to be part of the Punk'd crowd, too.

Adam: I know! And you know what? Literally, this psycho couple walked right into my dressing room the other day. It was so ridiculous, I thought I was being Punk'd. These people came in and they started yelling at me. They were just these guys who'd snuck on the lot, and they were, like, "Were you in American Pie?" What the hell? And, "Give my girlfriend work," it was crazy.

UGO: Who's going to go see Grind 22 times in the theater?

Adam: The ushers. I don't know anyone who's going to see Grind 22 times in the theater. My mom. Some kid who has short-term memory loss and forgot that he's seen it.

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The O.C. Fun Fact: Benjamin Mckenzie still binge watches The O.C. every year!

benjamin mckenzie behind the scenes smiling

In a 2014 Hollywood Life interview with Benjamin Mckenzie - Ben mentioned that he still has respect for his early work and that every year he watches the entire O.C. series. Yes even season 4!

"Every year I sit through and watch four seasons. Bizarre? No." Later in the interview Ben mentions his early days before getting "the big break". "I was driving in my five hundred dollar car (click to see what kind of car that was) to my temp agency job…basically like a telemarketer, the phone rang and they said I got The O.C..I did drive to work and I did tell my boss I’m not coming back, but that was about as much as I ever did. That was a pretty good moment." Now isn't that sweet! Not sure if Ben still has time to binge watch the O.C. every-year now that he has a wife, a baby and the hit TV show "Gotham" but we are hoping he still does! Chino 4 ever! 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Where does the Cohen staircase really lead to?

the cohens oc staircase behind the scenes

Where does the Cohen staircase actually lead to? This is a trick question. No it doesn't lead to the stairway to heaven but A+ for the comedic creativity. For the viewers, the stairs in the Cohen house of course lead to one place - Seth's room and possibly the infamous mystery guest rooms we never get to see! But truthfully the staircase leads somewhere far stranger...

seth, summer and zach stand behind the scenes on set the o.c.

As you can see from this rare behind the scenes photo above the stairs lead to, well, nowhere really, look to the top right, the wall just cuts off. You walk up, you walk down in a deep depression - I mean look at the expression on Adam Brody's face, even he's bummed that his room isn't actually up there! 

the o.c. cohen house front of house set backstage behind the scenes photo

As you see from this super duper RARE external house photo (1of 2 that exist), the stairs go up into blank nothingness kind of like Summer Robert's step mothers brain, not much going on up there! There is no second floor just various lighting and scaffolds. If you are having trouble locating where the stairs would be - they are located on the opposite side of the rounded wall on the right (right of the rightest front door white pillar).

Manhattan Beach Raleigh Studios 27, 28

The Cohen O.C. mansion's interior set was actually built indoors within stage 28 at the Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios in Manhattan Beach, CA (now called MBS Media Campus). The set was actually built to scale of the original pilot interiors/exteriors. Seth's room was located in another area within stage 27 which also housed other O.C. interior sets such as Summer's room and Marissa's room as well as the harbor school. Stage 27 also housed O.C. sets like Harbor School interiors, The Crab Shack and Sandy's beach office!

Mind blown? Your welcome. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Lovable Props From The O.C.: Harbor School Flag Banner Fan Submission!

We are very excited to announce that we have our very first fan submitted super legit O.C. prop!
This one submitted by @ToddHebert (Twitter link). Todd is an O.C. super fan from Mansfield, TX and is just a really cool dude! Here is what Todd has to say about his amazing Harbor School Flag Banner O.C. TV prop!

I am a big O.C. fan. I loved the show and watched it from day one to the finale and many times since. I loved the way it looked, sounded and connected emotionally through music and the score. The first season of the show was like a great John Hughes movie imo. I think its brilliant.
I am always on the lookout for anything from the show just to have a little piece of it. One day a few years ago on eBay I saw an ad for the Harbor School flag used on the show. I assumed it was fake and sent a message asking about the background. It turned out it was real and the person selling the flag was the nephew of a guy who worked at Manhattan Beach studios. He somehow had the flag since the show ended and was looking to sell it, so I bought it! It’s pretty cool to have a little piece of history from the show.
I am not exactly sure which episodes the flag was used in but it is visible many times. In the episode “The L.A.” it is clearly visible. It is a really large flag and I imagine was used only in the hallway scenes. 
I have a few other things like a O.C. Coffee mug, Key Chain, a couple scripts and a pretty cool 92” advertising banner from fox that was in a mall in Indiana. The flag was used on the show though and it really is the most fun thing I have found so far. 
Wow amazing story Todd, this was a real treat for fans to see! We would also like to say that this could quite possibly be the rarest prop out there right now! In conversation Todd and I agreed that props from The O.C. are very hard to come by! I mean look at the flag details, they are impeccable! A few things we noticed previously never been able to see - the word "fiducia" around the anchor means confidence. Is this an obscure Anna Stern throwback? We'd like to think so! The other 2 words "scientia" and "honos" mean knowledge and honor. Also the date MCMXXXVI means the school fictitiously opened in 1936, the same year that "Gone With The Wind" novel was written. Once again thanks Todd for submitting we'd love to see more in the future! Cheers!

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The O.C. Fan Art: Best Sandy Cohen coloring contest submission!

There was a handful of submissions but this one took the whole bagel! Thanks Shelby for submitting! We will be reaching out to you for your prize! Oh yeah and The Sandman says Thanks!!

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