Friday, October 6, 2017

The O.C. Fun Fact: Benjamin Mckenzie still binge watches The O.C. every year!

benjamin mckenzie behind the scenes smiling

In a 2014 Hollywood Life interview with Benjamin Mckenzie - Ben mentioned that he still has respect for his early work and that every year he watches the entire O.C. series. Yes even season 4!

"Every year I sit through and watch four seasons. Bizarre? No." Later in the interview Ben mentions his early days before getting "the big break". "I was driving in my five hundred dollar car (click to see what kind of car that was) to my temp agency job…basically like a telemarketer, the phone rang and they said I got The O.C..I did drive to work and I did tell my boss I’m not coming back, but that was about as much as I ever did. That was a pretty good moment." Now isn't that sweet! Not sure if Ben still has time to binge watch the O.C. every-year now that he has a wife, a baby and the hit TV show "Gotham" but we are hoping he still does! Chino 4 ever! 

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