Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Where does the Cohen staircase really lead to?

the cohens oc staircase behind the scenes

Where does the Cohen staircase actually lead to? This is a trick question. No it doesn't lead to the stairway to heaven but A+ for the comedic creativity. For the viewers, the stairs in the Cohen house of course lead to one place - Seth's room and possibly the infamous mystery guest rooms we never get to see! But truthfully the staircase leads somewhere far stranger...

seth, summer and zach stand behind the scenes on set the o.c.

As you can see from this rare behind the scenes photo above the stairs lead to, well, nowhere really, look to the top right, the wall just cuts off. You walk up, you walk down in a deep depression - I mean look at the expression on Adam Brody's face, even he's bummed that his room isn't actually up there! 

the o.c. cohen house front of house set backstage behind the scenes photo

As you see from this super duper RARE external house photo (1of 2 that exist), the stairs go up into blank nothingness kind of like Summer Robert's step mothers brain, not much going on up there! There is no second floor just various lighting and scaffolds. If you are having trouble locating where the stairs would be - they are located on the opposite side of the rounded wall on the right (right of the rightest front door white pillar).

Manhattan Beach Raleigh Studios 27, 28

The Cohen O.C. mansion's interior set was actually built indoors within stage 28 at the Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios in Manhattan Beach, CA (now called MBS Media Campus). The set was actually built to scale of the original pilot interiors/exteriors. Seth's room was located in another area within stage 27 which also housed other O.C. interior sets such as Summer's room and Marissa's room as well as the harbor school. Stage 27 also housed O.C. sets like Harbor School interiors, The Crab Shack and Sandy's beach office!

Mind blown? Your welcome. 

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