Monday, October 2, 2017

Lovable Props From The O.C.: Harbor School Flag Banner Fan Submission!

We are very excited to announce that we have our very first fan submitted super legit O.C. prop!
This one submitted by @ToddHebert (Twitter link). Todd is an O.C. super fan from Mansfield, TX and is just a really cool dude! Here is what Todd has to say about his amazing Harbor School Flag Banner O.C. TV prop!

I am a big O.C. fan. I loved the show and watched it from day one to the finale and many times since. I loved the way it looked, sounded and connected emotionally through music and the score. The first season of the show was like a great John Hughes movie imo. I think its brilliant.
I am always on the lookout for anything from the show just to have a little piece of it. One day a few years ago on eBay I saw an ad for the Harbor School flag used on the show. I assumed it was fake and sent a message asking about the background. It turned out it was real and the person selling the flag was the nephew of a guy who worked at Manhattan Beach studios. He somehow had the flag since the show ended and was looking to sell it, so I bought it! It’s pretty cool to have a little piece of history from the show.
I am not exactly sure which episodes the flag was used in but it is visible many times. In the episode “The L.A.” it is clearly visible. It is a really large flag and I imagine was used only in the hallway scenes. 
I have a few other things like a O.C. Coffee mug, Key Chain, a couple scripts and a pretty cool 92” advertising banner from fox that was in a mall in Indiana. The flag was used on the show though and it really is the most fun thing I have found so far. 
Wow amazing story Todd, this was a real treat for fans to see! We would also like to say that this could quite possibly be the rarest prop out there right now! In conversation Todd and I agreed that props from The O.C. are very hard to come by! I mean look at the flag details, they are impeccable! A few things we noticed previously never been able to see - the word "fiducia" around the anchor means confidence. Is this an obscure Anna Stern throwback? We'd like to think so! The other 2 words "scientia" and "honos" mean knowledge and honor. Also the date MCMXXXVI means the school fictitiously opened in 1936, the same year that "Gone With The Wind" novel was written. Once again thanks Todd for submitting we'd love to see more in the future! Cheers!

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