Monday, February 27, 2017

Just for Fun: The O.C. 10 Years Gone Teaser Trailer 2007-2017

Its been 10 years since The O.C. has been on TV so we created a teaser trailer on what a new season of The O.C. would potentially look like. 2007-2017! The music was inspired by Led Zeppelins "10 Years Gone" track. This is a cover. Please share and like! #BringBackTheOC 

Just for Fun: Balboa Lighthouse The Nana's Meatloaf Recipe + More!

nana cohens meatloaf recipe the o.c.

nana cohens meatloaf recipe the o.c.
Mmmmm Enjoy and eat/drink responsibly! 

Courtesy of the BOALT Sandy Cohen Public Defender Fellowship for Lawyers who Dare to Dream website

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Announcements: 103 New O.C. Desktop Backgrounds Added!

Get your O.C. desktop backgrounds on like its still 2003 with over a hundred new desktop backgrounds recently added! Check them all out here! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Benjamin Mckenzie on shooting the pilot episode of The O.C..

“The first day of the pilot was kind of nutty. I showed up in the Valley and we were shooting Ryan at his old house with his mom. I think McG stopped by for like two seconds… ‘You’re going to be great, you’re going to be great’ and then ran away. It was cool. I think it was just me and Doug and I think Peter maybe worked a little with Doug Liman the director. And then Peter was in a couple scenes… it was pretty heavy stuff. It was kind of crazy. It was either sink or swim time; so thankfully it has worked out.”

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The O.C. Holidays: Nothing says love like an arrow to the dome!

We would like to wish you and yours a very happy OC Valentines Day! A day filled with candy, cards, kind words and don't forget cupid's arrow's straight to the dome! 

P.S: We hope you remembered. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Lovable Props From The O.C.: The Cohen Bagel Slicer! What brand was it and where can I buy one?

The Cohens loved them some bagels, in fact it was practically considered currency on The O.C..Among their bagel love was their equal love for their bagel slicer. Their famous white bagel slicer would hang out on the kitchen counter, practically like another character on the show. Their bagel slicer represented the good times shared in the Cohen kitchen and the warm moments between the family. Let's face Cohens + Bagels = Love.

Peter Gallagher's daughter Kathryn recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the Cohens bagel slicer (among other things). She mentioned: "Were big into everything bagels (speaking about her real family), and my dad is poppy seed with lox and cream cheese...We never actually got the bagel slicer (from The O.C. set), which bummed me out. When the show closed I really wanted it, it was a little heartbreaking".

If the Cohen bagel slicer wasn't given to Peter Gallagher who the heck has it? Our best guess is that it's somewhere on a shelf or framed in Josh Schwartz's man cave. Perhaps in a dust/bomb proof case similar to the one that holds the Declaration of Independence (See what Josh Schwartz actually took from the show here and scroll down to the bottom).

This all begs an important question, if we cannot locate the original bagel slicer prop from the show couldn't we as fans buy a replica? I mean haven't you asked yourself at one point, "man I wish I had a bagel slicer like that". It's okay, we have too.

Well fear not, our research team has been diligently researching what brand bagel slicer was used in the show! Results below!

During the series there wasn't a whole lot of close-up images of the bagel slicer itself but in the last episode (when the Cohens are packing up their belongings) we get a whole lot more details, in-fact we can see the front/side and bottom of the slicer all in one scene. These images helped a lot in our research.

After analyzing the photos and multiple brands, just TWO bagel slicers are an exact match as the Cohens when it comes to materials, look and quality. One of the main details that separates the fakes to the real thing are the solid brass cutlery rivets, same as in the show.

The two brands are Bagel Guillotine by Hoan and The Bagel Biter by Larien aka "The Original Guillotine Bagel Guillotine". Not much info showed up about Hoan's Bagel Guillotine but we do know that The Bagel Biter was created in the early 90's. The patent for the Bagel Biter was submitted in 1994 and approved in 1995 (pat number 5,431,078).

The only problem is that it's difficult to find The Bagel Biter new in stores or online, in-fact you may have more luck search Ebay and buy a used one. BUT Then there's the Hoan's Bagel Guillotine which we notice looks like the exact same product and also very affordable on Amazon with prime 2-day shipping (under 20 dollars USD)! Our theory is that Larien may have licensed out its product to Hoan which explains the re-branding and lack of Larien branded slicers available.

Just because we are all about getting verified answers here at Everything The O.C. we skipped the middle man and emailed Larien to clear up the confusion. They responded with:

"Hoan aka Lifetime Brands, licensed the Larien bagel slicer six years ago. Same product, different manufacturer."

Just as we suspected! So there we have it! Hoan's Bagel Guillotine for the WIN!
A perfect Cohen bagel slicer match made in bagel heaven!

  • With this bagel slicer, you can safely and effortlessly slice your bagels in half
  • Simply place bagel in the slot and push down on the blade
  • The cradle holds the bagel while two clear acrylic safety shields keep fingers away from the patented bagel piercing blade
  • Perfect for bagels, muffins, buns, and rolls of all sizes
  • Features precision ground serrated cutting edges and a non-stick XYLAN® coated blade for smooth slicing and durability

With over 1,000 customer reviews and a close perfect score, this is a great product and one you can trust. It's even available in 3 colors, red grey and white although we are partial to the classic Cohen white for understandable reasons.

We then stumbled on this hilarious gem while looking at the Hoan Bagel Slicer product reviews! (This review by Christina deserves an award):

"I love this product. I originally bought it because I wanted to feel more like a Cohen (bagels + schmears were a staple in the Cohen family kitchen on the television show The O.C.). Pretty sure this is the exact model they used on the show (see attached photo- which of course I own no rights to)

Anyway, it cuts my bagels very satisfactorily.
Schmear on, my friends."

Click here to purchase the Hoan Bagel Slicer
aka The Cohens Bagel Slicer! Only $16.49!

Well there you have it, an O.C. mystery solved! We ordered ours and it no only came in 2 days but its a work of art! Hey it's the simple things in life! Now you too can live life just like the Cohens, eating bagels the Cohen way! Now picking the right cream cheese is up to you though! Just make sure you get your schmear on!

Monday, February 6, 2017

The O.C. Fun Fact: Which Parenthood actor starred in The O.C.?

Do you remember the scene when Summer and Zach are in the airport about to head out of the country to attend Zach's sisters wedding? Well while Summer is contemplating calling the whole thing off and staying in Newport she suddenly sees a curly haired Jewish looking boy playing with a toy horse. Seeing that little kid makes her think of Seth, thus helping her make the decision to not go with Zach and rescue Seth from his upsidedown spidey fall. The actor playing that little boy is no other than Max Burkholder best known for his character Max Bravermen in the hit TV show Parenthood!

Here is a recent photo of Max Burkholder in 2016!

Where to find: Season 2 Episode 14 "The Rainy Day Women"

Friday, February 3, 2017

The O.C. Locations: The Balboa Lighthouse Restaurant

The Balboa Lighthouse exterior The O.C.

What: The Balboa Lighthouse Restaurant
Where: Located in Newport
When: Season One
How: The Lighthouse was a restaurant venture started by Sandy and Jimmy
Actual location: 655 N. Harbor Drive in Redondo Beach, CA.

Jimmy and Sandy talk about buying the Balboa Lighthouse The O.C.

While Sandy and Jimmy share appetizers and drinks at The Balboa Lighthouse Restaurant Sandy convinces Jimmy that they should partner-up and buy the place. Jimmy agrees after hesitation and gets excited, they both feel its a fantastic and fun idea. Lacking the funds Sandy and Jimmy have to get Caleb on board as a silent partner.

concept model of The Balboa Lighthouse Restaurant The O.C.

They put a down payment on the place, design it, renovate it, host a food tasting but last minute they are denied their liquor license. Sandy assumes its because his affiliation with Jimmy. This problem basically makes the business "worthless", due to the lack of alcohol sales that they would need to thrive. Without a liquor license Sandy and Jimmy decide to cut their losses and sell the property to Caleb, each of them getting over a million dollars in the deal. Jimmy and Sandy feel like they got quite a good offer considering perhaps maybe too good to be true. Then a little later they find out that Caleb was the one that blocked their liquor license purposely, buying the restaurant cheap from Sandy and Jimmy with the intention of selling it to someone else for way more money!

The Balboa Lighthouse Restaurant interior The O.C.

It would have been really cool for this to have worked out for Jimmy and Sandy. Even if they only
owned it for a season. Nana Cohen's meatloaf would have delighted many Newport dwellers. Sigh.

Venezia Italian Grill porch area redondo beach

The actual filming location of the interior/exterior building was in Redondo Beach and not Newport, as most of The O.C. was. It simply costs too much to film outside L.A..The building housed many restaurants over the years, with the last restaurant being named "Venezia Italian Grill" and "Harbor Drive" before that.

Venezia Italina Grill Menu Redondo Beach
 The most recent Yelp review was in 2008 with an average rating of 3/5 stars.
redondo beach shade hotel la construction

Sadly in 2013 the original Balboa Lighthouse building suffered the same fate as The Bait Shop, the building was torn down and construction started on a new modern and sophisticated hotel. We lost yet another O.C. landmark.

redondo beach shade hotel la

The hotel is called "Shade Hotel". Regular rooms start at $250-269 per night but if you want to live large the luxury suites will set you back $1500 a night!

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