Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The O.C. Fan Art: Adam Brody O.C. Pencil Drawling!

Adam Brody The O.C. Pencil Drawling Black and White

Here we have a very well drawn pencil tribute to Adam Brody! This has to be by far one of the best and most life-like drawling's of Adam Brody we've ever seen! Look at that hair, pure O.C. gold! This is by a Deviant Art user named Phendrana (click to view more)! Holy Moses its beautiful, by-golly pat yourself on the back several times! We shall toast with a bagel in your very talented honor!

Do you have an O.C. related drawling you created? Feel free to tweet it to us @EverythingTheOC and we will post that puppy on this website! 

Bonus fun fact: Peter Gallagher recently tweeted us his favorite kind of bagel:

Well there you have it folks, you heard it here first! Be like Sandy Cohen and stock up on those poppy seed bagels! And as always remember to add us on Twitter for Everything The O.C.! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

The O.C. in the News: Which O.C. star is currently binge watching The O.C.?

Last week an amazing thing happened! Peter Gallagher aka our beloved Sandy Cohen told a fan he's currently binge watching The O.C.! Peter Gallagher was hanging out near Gansevoort Park Hotel when a fan noticed him. The fan mentioned “He was so so polite and appreciated the fan approaching him. He even stopped to chat.”. In their conversation Peter mentioned that he heard a lot of fans were re-watching the show, including himself.

One could only wonder if Peter is binge watching to reprise his role as the amazing Sandy Cohen? Perhaps he is studying all of Sandy's moves that he has forgotten in the last 10 years for a future show? Think about it, a ton of shows are getting reboots lately and here at Everything The O.C. we are so down with a Hulu, Amazon or Netflix original series reboot, even if it's just a movie. Until we hear more all we can do is just wait folks! #bringtheocback #californiaherewecome


Friday, January 13, 2017

The O.C. Actor Showcase: Peter Gallagher and His Talented Family!

Peter Gallagher and his family James, Paula and Kathryn 2016
Peter Gallaghers family from left to right - James, Paula, Peter and Kathryn

Peter Gallagher is a very well loved and famous american screen actor, stage actor, dancer and singer. Peter has over 90 actor credits in IMDB and he's also been in over 2,000 Broadway performances, yes that's 2 0 0 0 !

Peter Gallagher and his family James, Paula and Kathryn 2003
Kathryn, Paula, Peter and James at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards (The O.C. Season 1)

He's obviously our favorite TV dad Sandy Cohen of The O.C. but little is known about the rest of his family. Lets just say the talent doesn't end with Peter! Yep they may all share the signature Gallagher eyebrows but the whole family is also involved in one way or another in the entertainment business!

James Gallagher film-maker son of Peter Gallagher

James Gallagher son of Peter Gallagher and Paula Harwood Gallagher is a talented film-maker and actor. As of yet most of his projects have been on the indie side.

One particularly cool project James created a few years ago was this awesome TV show called 
New Partner. One episode even features actor and model Sasha Spielberg (Steven Spielberg's daughter) See clip above!

Storyline: At the beginning of every episode, Officer Ron Robinson will be assigned a new partner. By the end, that partner will be murdered. Will Ron ever become the cop he was destined to be? Or will he continue to be the cause of countless unnecessary deaths?

Kathryn Gallagher daughter of Peter and Paula Gallagher

Kathryn Gallagher daughter of Peter Gallagher and Paula Gallagher is an amazing singer-song writer and stage actress. Kathryn has even been apart of the soundtrack for the hit TV show Covert Affairs (staring Peter Gallagher) as well as the movie Thanks for Sharing. 

Kathryn has recently been an actress in the following Broadway shows: Spring AwakeningLiveatfive and Dust Can't Kill Me. Kathryn is following her fathers footsteps quite closely in this regard and it seems like shes having a blast!

Listen to Kathryn's latest song "American Spirit"

Very sweet of you Peter! 

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Peter Gallagher and Paula Harwood Gallagher pose for picture

Last but certainly not least we have Paula Harwood Gallagher, wife of Peter Gallagher and mother of Kathryn and James. Paula met Peter their freshman year at Tufts University (1970's). They didn't have their first date until Paula saw him starring in Hair on Broadway. Paula has been there for Peter  for nearly his whole career. 

Peter Gallagher and Paula Harwood Gallagher pose for picture

Paula and Peter have been married since 1983, beat that Sandy and Kirsten! Paula has mainly taken a backstage role in Hollywood, contributing as producer and production manager on many short/indie projects. 

Cohen's and Gallagher's love bagels!

Fun fact about the Gallaghers:

Kathryn Gallagher said in a recent interview on Entertainment Weekly, "We’re a big bagel family, I gotta say,” We’re all about the savory [bagels]. We’re big into everything bagels, and my dad is poppy seed with lox and cream cheese…We never actually got the bagel slicer [from the set], which bummed me out. When the show closed I really wanted it, it was a little heartbreaking.”

The Cohens and the Gallaghers really should hang out!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

The O.C. Rare Photos: Early Season 1 Promotional Photos!

the oc season 1 promotional photo sandy, ryan, seth, marissa pool

The following images would have been lost forever if it wasn't for Everything The O.C! 
Our awesome researchers have secured the following images from the deep dark depths of the vintage O.C. web! These images were taken to promote season 1 of the show. The location of these images is unknown, at first glance you could assume they were taken at the pilot episode house location in Malibu but that isn't the case. The pools simply don't match up. Regardless enjoy them OC'ers and feel free to share them around like wildfire (we know you will). Notice Summer is missing, this was because Summer wasn't written as a main character from the start. 

the oc season 1 promotional photo sandy, ryan, seth, marissa pool

the oc season 1 promotional photo ryan, seth

the oc season 1 promotional photo ryan, seth swimming pool

the oc season 1 promotional photo ryan, seth

the oc season 1 promotional photo ryan, seth

the oc season 1 promotional photo ryan, seth, sandy

the oc season 1 promotional photo ryan, seth, sandy, marissa barefeet pool

the oc season 1 promotional photo ryan, seth

the oc season 1 promotional photo ryan, seth, marissa barefeet pool

the oc season 1 promotional photo ryan, seth, sandy, barefeet pool

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The O.C. Merchandise: Where can I watch the O.C. TV show online for free?

seth and ryan watch tv the oc

This question comes up a lot in YouTube comment sections as well as on The Official O.C. Reddit page. Let's face it, the struggle is real! Many fans new and old are looking for a place they can watch their favorite series online for free but come up empty handed and frustrated.

Even more frustration was created a few months ago the when the CW Seed decided to stop hosting the series online for free. The CW Seed hosts many shows old and new which you can stream for free with advertising but their shows are only around for a limited time. Although I applaud their effort to the series it was only up for about a year before they took it off, Many fans were in the middle of watching the show to only be left in the dark!

Too be honest there really isn't a great legal free option to watch the entire series at the moment but many affordable options exist! While some countries are reporting the series being on their Netflix, it has yet to come out via Netflix in the states. But fear not the following are places you can watch the show!

Solutions: currently has season 1 hosted. The video/audio quality is sub par but watchable. Although remember this content can be taken down at any time so enjoy as soon as possible.
Link to season 1 here.


POP TV is a cable channel. POP plays one OC episode in the morning through the weekdays (check your local listings for details). People often DVR these episodes that way they can play them when they please. Main con of POP TV is that there is commercials. The other con is the show doesn't always air or the show may play out of order. And also many people do not have this cable channel.


Hulu currently has the series available on their 8 dollar a month subscription service along with a boatload of other content. However a large con of Hulu is that the show can be taken down at any time regardless of how far you made it in the season. Furthermore you get no bonus content, bloopers, audio commentaries etc. You also have to be online to access shows which isn't always convenient.


Itunes currently has the show for 1.99-2.99 per episode or 29.99 a season, digital copies only. So with these figures it would cost you 120 dollars to buy the whole O.C. series. Not such a great value, you adont get to own anything physical and it will take awhile to download each episode, eating up precious computer space and all that jazz.


We highly recommend The O.C. Complete Series Box Set for multiple reasons. It contains every O.C. episode on 28 DVD's and will look freaking awesome on your shelf! It's the best option for true fans! Buy it and reap a lot of great benefits. The O.C. box set contains so much more than just the episodes, it has awesome artwork, photos, deleted scenes, documentaries, commentaries, outtakes you name it! 8 hours of special features in all! The set also looks very visually cool and appealing to the eye! Buy it once, own it forever, watch it often! This is for real fans that are looking for more O.C. content than just the episodes and The O.C. Complete Series Box Set has you covered!

Main reasons to buy the DVD box set:

1. Its freaking awesome
2. Every O.C. episode plus episode guide
3. The hilarious outtakes/bloopers
4. The deleted scenes
5. The documentaries
6. The commentary tracks
7. Rare photos inside the DVD booklet
8. The Atomic County mini comic
9. Watch the show whenever you want
10. You don't need an internet connection
11. Watch in HD without buffering
12. Awesome case design

This is the very best option for people that like to re-watch the show multiple times annually! 

CONS= ZERO! No summer bummer here! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The O.C. Rare Photos: Kelly Rowan's Early Pre-OC Glamour Headshots!

kelly rowan actor young the oc headshot glamour

Here we have a few rare early pre-OC glamour head-shots of Kelly Rowan aka Kirsten Cohen before she became the warm and lovable mother on The O.C.! 

In Hollywood head-shots are basically images of a given actor handed out by your agent when submitting for an acting role, putting a face to the resume. If the casting director is interested in what they see they will schedule a interview or reading. 

kelly rowan actor young the oc headshot glamour

Wow! Judging by those pants we will carbon date this to be taken in the 90's! 

That blazer, so edgy Kiki! 

Fun fact about Kelly Rowan, she is Canadian. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The O.C. Interviews: Little Bella Thorne aka Young Taylor Townsend!

young little Bella Thorne The O.C.

Bella Thorne is an amazing actress/model. She has been in all sorts of TV shows, movies and magazines since she played on The O.C., feel free to follow her on twitter @bellathorne and say hey! 

Below is a vintage interview from the now defunct O.C. site Editorial Newport. So good it needed to be re-posted! Enjoy!

young little Bella Thorne The O.C.
Who? Bella Thorne (9 years old)

Which character did she play?

Young Taylor in a flashback in episode 4.13 (The Case of The Franks)

1. Had you ever seen the show before your appearance?

I've watched it since the very first show!

2. What was it like being featured on such a successful series?

It was one of the BEST experiences in my acting career and the cast and crew is VERY NICE!

3. Was it a particularly difficult process in landing such an awesome gig?

It is not easy booking a show like The OC, however the casting directors, Todd and Patrick, are very talented and know exactly what they want. They are part of the success of the show. Obviously, the Cast, Crew, Writers, Director and Producers are the other reason. The fans have alot of say too!

4. Did you get to hang out with the general cast? What're they like?

Yes and they were extremely kind and open. I love Autumn and Willa. I chatted with Willa and "chatted" with Autumn after the shoot.

5. Do you think you look like Taylor?

Yes, and we have similar personalities. As a matter of fact, after I met with producers, I was in the elevator and a crew member said to me "You must be young Taylor", and I said, "I hope so", she then said, "YOU ARE AUTUMN!". This was before they booked me!

6. And finally, Were there any outstanding experiences from your time on the show?

The whole experience was outstanding and I had a great time. All of the cast was great and I made some special friends with the "Young OC"! I'm very sad that it has come to an end!

Interview conducted: April 9th, 2007.
Published on: April 13th, 2007.

Bella Thorne yoga pants instagram 19 years old
This is what Bella Thorne looks like today (19 years old)

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