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The O.C. Actor Showcase: Peter Gallagher and His Talented Family!

Peter Gallagher and his family James, Paula and Kathryn 2016
Peter Gallaghers family from left to right - James, Paula, Peter and Kathryn

Peter Gallagher is a very well loved and famous american screen actor, stage actor, dancer and singer. Peter has over 90 actor credits in IMDB and he's also been in over 2,000 Broadway performances, yes that's 2 0 0 0 !

Peter Gallagher and his family James, Paula and Kathryn 2003
Kathryn, Paula, Peter and James at the 2003 Teen Choice Awards (The O.C. Season 1)

He's obviously our favorite TV dad Sandy Cohen of The O.C. but little is known about the rest of his family. Lets just say the talent doesn't end with Peter! Yep they may all share the signature Gallagher eyebrows but the whole family is also involved in one way or another in the entertainment business!

James Gallagher film-maker son of Peter Gallagher

James Gallagher son of Peter Gallagher and Paula Harwood Gallagher is a talented film-maker and actor. As of yet most of his projects have been on the indie side.

One particularly cool project James created a few years ago was this awesome TV show called 
New Partner. One episode even features actor and model Sasha Spielberg (Steven Spielberg's daughter) See clip above!

Storyline: At the beginning of every episode, Officer Ron Robinson will be assigned a new partner. By the end, that partner will be murdered. Will Ron ever become the cop he was destined to be? Or will he continue to be the cause of countless unnecessary deaths?

Kathryn Gallagher daughter of Peter and Paula Gallagher

Kathryn Gallagher daughter of Peter Gallagher and Paula Gallagher is an amazing singer-song writer and stage actress. Kathryn has even been apart of the soundtrack for the hit TV show Covert Affairs (staring Peter Gallagher) as well as the movie Thanks for Sharing. 

Kathryn has recently been an actress in the following Broadway shows: Spring AwakeningLiveatfive and Dust Can't Kill Me. Kathryn is following her fathers footsteps quite closely in this regard and it seems like shes having a blast!

Listen to Kathryn's latest song "American Spirit"

Very sweet of you Peter! 

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Peter Gallagher and Paula Harwood Gallagher pose for picture

Last but certainly not least we have Paula Harwood Gallagher, wife of Peter Gallagher and mother of Kathryn and James. Paula met Peter their freshman year at Tufts University (1970's). They didn't have their first date until Paula saw him starring in Hair on Broadway. Paula has been there for Peter  for nearly his whole career. 

Peter Gallagher and Paula Harwood Gallagher pose for picture

Paula and Peter have been married since 1983, beat that Sandy and Kirsten! Paula has mainly taken a backstage role in Hollywood, contributing as producer and production manager on many short/indie projects. 

Cohen's and Gallagher's love bagels!

Fun fact about the Gallaghers:

Kathryn Gallagher said in a recent interview on Entertainment Weekly, "We’re a big bagel family, I gotta say,” We’re all about the savory [bagels]. We’re big into everything bagels, and my dad is poppy seed with lox and cream cheese…We never actually got the bagel slicer [from the set], which bummed me out. When the show closed I really wanted it, it was a little heartbreaking.”

The Cohens and the Gallaghers really should hang out!

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