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The O.C. Interviews: Little Bella Thorne aka Young Taylor Townsend!

young little Bella Thorne The O.C.

Bella Thorne is an amazing actress/model. She has been in all sorts of TV shows, movies and magazines since she played on The O.C., feel free to follow her on twitter @bellathorne and say hey! 

Below is a vintage interview from the now defunct O.C. site Editorial Newport. So good it needed to be re-posted! Enjoy!

young little Bella Thorne The O.C.
Who? Bella Thorne (9 years old)

Which character did she play?

Young Taylor in a flashback in episode 4.13 (The Case of The Franks)

1. Had you ever seen the show before your appearance?

I've watched it since the very first show!

2. What was it like being featured on such a successful series?

It was one of the BEST experiences in my acting career and the cast and crew is VERY NICE!

3. Was it a particularly difficult process in landing such an awesome gig?

It is not easy booking a show like The OC, however the casting directors, Todd and Patrick, are very talented and know exactly what they want. They are part of the success of the show. Obviously, the Cast, Crew, Writers, Director and Producers are the other reason. The fans have alot of say too!

4. Did you get to hang out with the general cast? What're they like?

Yes and they were extremely kind and open. I love Autumn and Willa. I chatted with Willa and "chatted" with Autumn after the shoot.

5. Do you think you look like Taylor?

Yes, and we have similar personalities. As a matter of fact, after I met with producers, I was in the elevator and a crew member said to me "You must be young Taylor", and I said, "I hope so", she then said, "YOU ARE AUTUMN!". This was before they booked me!

6. And finally, Were there any outstanding experiences from your time on the show?

The whole experience was outstanding and I had a great time. All of the cast was great and I made some special friends with the "Young OC"! I'm very sad that it has come to an end!

Interview conducted: April 9th, 2007.
Published on: April 13th, 2007.

Bella Thorne yoga pants instagram 19 years old
This is what Bella Thorne looks like today (19 years old)

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