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The O.C. Merchandise: Where can I watch the O.C. TV show online for free?

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This question comes up a lot in YouTube comment sections as well as on The Official O.C. Reddit page. Let's face it, the struggle is real! Many fans new and old are looking for a place they can watch their favorite series online for free but come up empty handed and frustrated.

Even more frustration was created a few months ago the when the CW Seed decided to stop hosting the series online for free. The CW Seed hosts many shows old and new which you can stream for free with advertising but their shows are only around for a limited time. Although I applaud their effort to the series it was only up for about a year before they took it off, Many fans were in the middle of watching the show to only be left in the dark!

Too be honest there really isn't a great legal free option to watch the entire series at the moment but many affordable options exist! While some countries are reporting the series being on their Netflix, it has yet to come out via Netflix in the states. But fear not the following are places you can watch the show!

Solutions: currently has season 1 hosted. The video/audio quality is sub par but watchable. Although remember this content can be taken down at any time so enjoy as soon as possible.
Link to season 1 here.


POP TV is a cable channel. POP plays one OC episode in the morning through the weekdays (check your local listings for details). People often DVR these episodes that way they can play them when they please. Main con of POP TV is that there is commercials. The other con is the show doesn't always air or the show may play out of order. And also many people do not have this cable channel.


Hulu currently has the series available on their 8 dollar a month subscription service along with a boatload of other content. However a large con of Hulu is that the show can be taken down at any time regardless of how far you made it in the season. Furthermore you get no bonus content, bloopers, audio commentaries etc. You also have to be online to access shows which isn't always convenient.


Itunes currently has the show for 1.99-2.99 per episode or 29.99 a season, digital copies only. So with these figures it would cost you 120 dollars to buy the whole O.C. series. Not such a great value, you adont get to own anything physical and it will take awhile to download each episode, eating up precious computer space and all that jazz.


We highly recommend The O.C. Complete Series Box Set for multiple reasons. It contains every O.C. episode on 28 DVD's and will look freaking awesome on your shelf! It's the best option for true fans! Buy it and reap a lot of great benefits. The O.C. box set contains so much more than just the episodes, it has awesome artwork, photos, deleted scenes, documentaries, commentaries, outtakes you name it! 8 hours of special features in all! The set also looks very visually cool and appealing to the eye! Buy it once, own it forever, watch it often! This is for real fans that are looking for more O.C. content than just the episodes and The O.C. Complete Series Box Set has you covered!

Main reasons to buy the DVD box set:

1. Its freaking awesome
2. Every O.C. episode plus episode guide
3. The hilarious outtakes/bloopers
4. The deleted scenes
5. The documentaries
6. The commentary tracks
7. Rare photos inside the DVD booklet
8. The Atomic County mini comic
9. Watch the show whenever you want
10. You don't need an internet connection
11. Watch in HD without buffering
12. Awesome case design

This is the very best option for people that like to re-watch the show multiple times annually! 

CONS= ZERO! No summer bummer here! 

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