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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The O.C. Fun Fact: 5 Reasons why the Cohens are similar to the Bradys

Here are our 5ish reasons why the Cohens are similar to the Brady's. Hear us out - no, really..

𝟏.  Both families have an architect/builder as head of household - Kirsten and Mike⁣⁣

𝟐. Both have a house keeper Alice and Rosa⁣⁣ (even though she goes MIA later on)

𝟑. Both have very nice but obvious fake AstroTurf lawns ⁣⁣

𝟒. Both shows feature siblings that aren't related to each other Ryan and Seth⁣⁣ 

𝟓. Bonus: Adam Brody starred in the TV movie "Growing up Brady"⁣⁣ as Greg Brady 
(yeah it was pretty bad)

Friday, October 26, 2018

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Just for Fun: Marissa's two goodbyes

Let's face it Marissa spent a ton of time in front of her driveway in season one of The O.C..It was almost as if she lived on the curb! The most memorable of the driveway scenes was when Ryan left the Cohen's house for the first time at the end of the pilot episode and also when Marissa watched Ryan drive off with Theresa in the last episode of the first season "The Ties That Bind". Comparing the two above images (first episode goodbye to last episode goodbye) you can see Mischa Barton's character's overall facial looks changed a whole lot within the first season - she looks much older on the right - less baby fat too. Which makes a lot of sense because she was one of the only REAL teenager that played a teenager in The O.C..Find out how old she was plus the age of the rest of the gang here!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Just for Fun: If The O.C. had action figures!

Here at Everything The O.C. we like to dream big and imagine merchandise that should/should have existed for fans! With that being said - who wouldn't have wanted a Ryan or Sandy O.C. action figure? Our thoughts exactly! Enjoy/drool do what you do and don't forget to let us know in via Twitter OR Facebook which one is your favorite! Cheers! 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Just for fun: When someone tells you season 4 isn't worth watching!

When someone mentions season 4 isn't worth watching!

We all know that season 4 is the cherry on top of the whole series. Yes its not perfect but it captures much what made season 1 so great. Less drama, more fun and more daring plots. Not watching and enjoying it should be an O.C. sin!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Just for Fun: Better Call Sandy!

sandy cohen saul goodman the o.c.

Just remember before there was Saul Goodman there was Sandy Cohen! In a pinch? In a bind? Did you recently get kicked out of your house? Do you have high test scores? Fear not the sandman is here, just make sure to call him!

How many of you would watch a lawyer spin-off featuring Sandy aka Peter Gallagher? We think it would be quite the hit, plus Sandy has better eyebrows which just means he's a whole lot more powerful than Saul Goodman!

Don't forget to order the Better Call Sandy T-shirt here! In 6 exciting colors! 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Behind the Scenes: O.C. Creator Josh Schwartz's Office Tour!

We present to you the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only creator of The O.C. Josh Schwartz and his plush Warner Bros office. As they said in MTV Cribs (Rip) "This is where all the magic happens". Much of the writing and everyday upkeep is done right here. Notice the super sweet O.C. gumball machine which we hear doesn't even require coins to operate! 

As you may know Josh Schwartz was the youngest TV show creator in history, he was just 26 years old when his idea "The O.C." turned into a huge success (Josh was only 25 when FOX decided to pick the show up). Since then he's been the magic behind many other great shows including Gossip Girl, Chuck and The Heart of Dixie (which featured Rachel Bilson). You may not know this but much of The O.C. was based on Josh Schwatz's time at USC (where he studied film/tv). See that surfboard to the left - it was awarded when Gossip Girl was picked as Best Choice TV Show Drama back in 2011. I bet Sandy could really rip up the waves with that baby!

Here is a close up of some of the items kept on Josh's desk. What desk would be complete without Captain Oats and Princess Sparkles (props taken from the show), a hand drawn cartoon of Seth, Ryan and Marissa, a Goonies Data figure, an E.T. plush, a Storm Trooper helmet (a gift from George Lucas himself) and a Gremlins plush. As you can see Josh is a pretty outspoken uber geek and that's what we love about him. We can only assume that the Cohens bagel slicer and Ryan's leather choker is somewhere in those cabinets as well!

More on the Bagel Slicer | More on Captain Oats

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Just for Fun: What Ryan did before he met the Cohens: A home video

Here we have an exclusive home video: A typical day in the life of our boy Chino aka Ryan Atwood..Life wasn't so glamorous back home..In this video Ryan can't figure out why the vhs wont go into the dvd player..Apparently in Chino there is also a brain fog that happens keeping you trapped in stupidity!

This was made by mashing up an audition that Ben Mckenzie tried out for the role of Johnny in the movie June Bug. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Just for Fun: The O.C. Gets Pokemon'd! First Wave!

The O.C. just got Pokemon'd! Your welcome. Go ahead - feel free to cut them out, trade em and play! We personally think that having a Sandy Cohen or Ryan Atwood in your deck is practically the same as having a holographic Charizard! Use your existing Pokemon energy cards to play but disclaimer, we haven't tried this out yet so game play may vary! This creation was partially inspired by one of The OC Men's recent podcast where their cast played an O.C. role playing game they created..We thought was pretty awesome..look em up, listen, become a fan, you'll love em! Check em out here!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Just for Fun: The O.C. 10 Years Gone Teaser Trailer 2007-2017

Its been 10 years since The O.C. has been on TV so we created a teaser trailer on what a new season of The O.C. would potentially look like. 2007-2017! The music was inspired by Led Zeppelins "10 Years Gone" track. This is a cover. Please share and like! #BringBackTheOC 

Just for Fun: Balboa Lighthouse The Nana's Meatloaf Recipe + More!

nana cohens meatloaf recipe the o.c.

nana cohens meatloaf recipe the o.c.
Mmmmm Enjoy and eat/drink responsibly! 

Courtesy of the BOALT Sandy Cohen Public Defender Fellowship for Lawyers who Dare to Dream website

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Just for Fun: The OC Faces Then Vs. Now

The O.C Faces Then Vs. Now. This is what an O.C. reunion would look like today! 

Who do you think has changed the most? 

Fun fact: Ben Mckenzie, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson all are parents now! Come on coop,
catch-up with the rest of the gang!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Just for Fun: Kirsten Cohen's 100 Grand candy bar!

Life got you down? Made some foolish investments? Have you lost around say 100,000 dollars? 
Well fear not Kirsten Cohen is here to the rescue! Presenting to you The 100 Grand candy bar, Kirsten Cohen edition! New design and ingredients we know you'll love! The taste of Kirsten's cold hard cash in your mouth! What's better than that? Mmmmmmm tasty! 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Just for Fun: Sandy Cohen's business card!

sandy cohen's business card from the o.c.

Here is what we think Sandy Cohen's business card would look like. Printed on the finest weight paper available and of the utmost elegance thanks to his wife Kirsten. But we think if Sandy had his way his "business card" would probably be hand written on a napkin. That's just the type of guy Sandy Cohen is. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wish This Was Real: The Links Speedway Ultra Rare O.C. Sega Genesis Game!

the o.c. video game tv show

One of the Everything The O.C. staff members happened to find this rare gem at a garage sale last Sunday! It's called The Links Speedway which was obviously inspired by The O.C.'s Season 1 Episode 16 titled "The Links"! After doing some initial research on the title we found out that this game was a prototype and never made it to box stores. Only a few copies existed and it's believed that the remaining copies were buried in a landfill to never be seen again...Until now!

the o.c. video game tv show

The back of the game box reads:

"Welcome to The Links Speedway Bitch!
The most state of the art 16-bit Sega title out to date!

Just when Ryan thought things couldn't get worse, 
Marissa's new friend Oliver has finally went crazy.

On the last hole of the day Oliver declares a race back to
the club house. Ryan and Luke must WIN to stop Oliver
from ruining their trip and stealing Marissa from them.

But beware there are many turns and tricks up Oliver's
sleeve so race with CAUTION!

Navigate through 5 Palm Springs golf courses to win
back Marissa and get rid of Oliver once and for all!

Everything goes, are you ready to roll?"


Further research revealed there was some controversy regarding the game's content as it included violent golf cart crashes, underage drinking and lacked an 18 hole golfing function all the while being rated GA (appropriate for all audiences). The other minor problem was the media on which it was released, Sega Genesis was an outdated system even in 2003. Marketing analysis revealed that gamer's and fans of the TV show wanted the game but the studio just wasn't willing to risk lawsuits or compromise changing the original experience. So they decided to pull the plug on the whole idea and destroy the remaining copies, which is a huge shame! 

Game Features:
  • 1 to 2 players (can play your friend or computer)
  • Choose to be team Purple (Oliver and Marissa) or team White (Ryan and Luke) 
  • Race one of the 5 Palm Springs golf courses
  • Character hat and hair customization
  • Original "California" soundtrack by Phantom Planet (midi version)
  • Dialog box with character face
  • Different Win/Lose outcome screens featuring Sandy or Natalie
  • Realistic dirt flings off of back tires while driving
  • Great sound effects
  • Great Luke catch-phrases like "Im gonna drop The Great Gatsby on his face!" and "Speed up their gaining on us"
  • Once your power meter is full a unique to character attack can be made
Minor complaints: 
  • Ryan and Oliver are always the drivers, while Marissa and Luke are always the clubbers/beer throwers
  • Phantom Planet's "California" song on a loop can be a bit repetitive
  • Luke's golf clubbing attack is a bit more superior to Marissa's due to longer reach
  • Marissa's beer throwing ability is a bit better than Luke's (which makes sense)
  • A couple of the race tracks have very difficult/close to impossible obstacles
  • Randomly a seagull walks across course 3 and can totally salt your game
  • Oliver throws down money on the track that can lead to your golf cart getting spun around
  • Ryan uses his smirk attack that can result in a 10 percent increase in golf cart power and speed

the o.c. video game tv show
Above are The Links game controls! Notice the throw beer and club options by hitting X or Y. We found these to be the most satisfying attacks besides the typical ramming of team Oliver/Marissa's purple golf cart! 

Finally here is a little demo of the awesome game-play and head-turning graphics! We give this title a cool 9/10! It's a truly a one of a kind game and I must say flipping Oliver's cart and beating him to the club-house is therapy within itself as well as the epic Sandy Cohen cut-scenes! They don't make them like this anymore folks! See you on The Links!

Friday, August 12, 2016

The O.C. Fan Fiction: The O.C. Crystal Pepsi!

Its 8:00am Seth, Ryan and Kirsten are all hanging out in the kitchen, chit-chatting before they head out to "the man" OR school..Sandy walks in the kitchen with a overly chipper step interrupting them as he hands them each a soda..

Sandy: *in a kid in a candy shop tone says* They did it guys, they brought it back! I'm presenting to you the holy grail of the soda world, a glimpse in the obscure and exotic..soon you will be calling my Sandy the soda king

*Seth, Ryan and Kirsten pick up the frosty cold soda's looking at them as if they were something from Mars*

Seth: I thought Michelle Obama upped the standards for breakfast requirements dad? What happened to a nice glass of OJ?

Ryan: *just gives a look*

Kirsten: *giving a happy smirk* Oh I remember these..

*Before Kirsten can get another word out Sandy super enthusiastically says*

Sandy: It's a Crystal Pepsi! Its the drink of champions, back in the early 90's these babies made my year...well...something special.

Seth: Yeah if you call 69 grams of sugar special

Kirsten: 69 grams of sugar?!?

Ryan: *gives a surprised raised eyebrow look*

Sandy: Well yeah but you see, this is a classic and it's only here for a limited time so drink up....

*Family is loosing enthusiasm*

Seth: Yeah dad such a classic, that it *looks at his phone* only lasted a year before it was taken off the shelves. I guess Pepsi was blown away by the major success that they cancelled it?

Sandy: You know, you're lucky to be having one of these things son they are rare as ever!

Kirsten: Rare? How much did you pay for these sugar bombs?

Sandy: *Sandy starts to get shy* Well, you know like I said it was a special occasion and they are highly sought after..I kind of made a little, I mean not so little eBay bid for the bundle.

Ryan: *gives a surprised look plus a one-eyed eye brow lift as he goes in for another sip, enjoying the drama unfolding before him*

Kirsten: *starting to get annoyed* Don't dance around the question Sandy!

Seth: This tastes kinda funny actually..does anyone notice the after taste?

Sandy: My stomach is feeling a bit strange but I blame that on the excitement..

Kirsten: Well yeah its filled with high fructose corn syrup, a ton of calories...

*before Kirsten has can finish her sentence Ryan blurts out*

Ryan: And has an expiration date of JULY 1993.

*Sandy immediately spits out one of his last gulps of the drink, wipes his mouth on his suit sleeve in utter amazement, shock and disgust and says*

Sandy: Well that explains the price!!

Kirsten: SANDY!!!

Seth, Ryan, Kirsten and Sandy end up spending the next 30 minutes throwing up the expired Crystal Pepsi drink. It wasn't pretty. Rosa was later called to the scene and spent 3 hours cleaning up the whole kitchen until it was crystal clean.


Monday, July 18, 2016

The O.C. Fanfiction: The O.C. Pokemon Go?!

Ryan and Sandy are in the kitchen. Ryan stands close enough to the backdoor so his phone's GPS thinks he's outside to catch Pokemon. Ryan has been on his phone non-stop since Pokemon Go came out. Sandy is it a bit worried about Ryan's new obsession but realizes it is summer vacation. Sandy's thinking of a way he may be able to relate to Ryan's new addiction..

Sandy: Hey Ryan you may not believe this but I was quite the pong champ in my day. 

Ryan barely looks up as he catches a wild Caterpie using just one Pokeball
Ryan: Oh, um really..

Sandy: Yeah for a while there I went a few days without showering, I was hooked. 

Ryan gives a mildly amused expression to Sandy and looks back down at his game..
Ryan: So hey will you drive me to Chino later?

Sandy: Oh why of course but I may ask why you want to go to Chino? Is your mom in trouble?

Ryan: No, I just figure with the lack of smart phones in the Chino area due to the high poverty rate, I could potentially catch a whole lot more Pokemon than here in Newport.

Sandy: I don't quite get what you mean but anything to get out of the house..I'll grab my keys..Lets go get some Poke-man!

Ryan: It's PokeMON!

Feel free to make your own Ryan Pokemon Go mashups using the image below. Just put any background you want and post it!

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