Friday, August 12, 2016

The O.C. Fan Fiction: The O.C. Crystal Pepsi!

Its 8:00am Seth, Ryan and Kirsten are all hanging out in the kitchen, chit-chatting before they head out to "the man" OR school..Sandy walks in the kitchen with a overly chipper step interrupting them as he hands them each a soda..

Sandy: *in a kid in a candy shop tone says* They did it guys, they brought it back! I'm presenting to you the holy grail of the soda world, a glimpse in the obscure and exotic..soon you will be calling my Sandy the soda king

*Seth, Ryan and Kirsten pick up the frosty cold soda's looking at them as if they were something from Mars*

Seth: I thought Michelle Obama upped the standards for breakfast requirements dad? What happened to a nice glass of OJ?

Ryan: *just gives a look*

Kirsten: *giving a happy smirk* Oh I remember these..

*Before Kirsten can get another word out Sandy super enthusiastically says*

Sandy: It's a Crystal Pepsi! Its the drink of champions, back in the early 90's these babies made my year...well...something special.

Seth: Yeah if you call 69 grams of sugar special

Kirsten: 69 grams of sugar?!?

Ryan: *gives a surprised raised eyebrow look*

Sandy: Well yeah but you see, this is a classic and it's only here for a limited time so drink up....

*Family is loosing enthusiasm*

Seth: Yeah dad such a classic, that it *looks at his phone* only lasted a year before it was taken off the shelves. I guess Pepsi was blown away by the major success that they cancelled it?

Sandy: You know, you're lucky to be having one of these things son they are rare as ever!

Kirsten: Rare? How much did you pay for these sugar bombs?

Sandy: *Sandy starts to get shy* Well, you know like I said it was a special occasion and they are highly sought after..I kind of made a little, I mean not so little eBay bid for the bundle.

Ryan: *gives a surprised look plus a one-eyed eye brow lift as he goes in for another sip, enjoying the drama unfolding before him*

Kirsten: *starting to get annoyed* Don't dance around the question Sandy!

Seth: This tastes kinda funny actually..does anyone notice the after taste?

Sandy: My stomach is feeling a bit strange but I blame that on the excitement..

Kirsten: Well yeah its filled with high fructose corn syrup, a ton of calories...

*before Kirsten has can finish her sentence Ryan blurts out*

Ryan: And has an expiration date of JULY 1993.

*Sandy immediately spits out one of his last gulps of the drink, wipes his mouth on his suit sleeve in utter amazement, shock and disgust and says*

Sandy: Well that explains the price!!

Kirsten: SANDY!!!

Seth, Ryan, Kirsten and Sandy end up spending the next 30 minutes throwing up the expired Crystal Pepsi drink. It wasn't pretty. Rosa was later called to the scene and spent 3 hours cleaning up the whole kitchen until it was crystal clean.


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