Thursday, August 18, 2016

The O.C. Basement: Sidekick II Sweepstakes plus more!

Back in 2005 the official fan club of The O.C. "The O.C. Insider" featured an awesome contest!
You simply had to fill out the contact form with basic stuff like name, email, birth date and wallah your submission went out! The prize was none other than the very high-tech Sidekick II. Which was timed perfectly with the release of Season 3's episode 5 "The Perfect Storm", also known as the camera phone that captured the Dean Hess and Taylor Townsend making out!

The O.C. featured product placement such as this throughout the series but none are as obvious as the Sidekick II! When sandy tells Dean Hess "This little puppy is a phone, surfs the web and unfortunately for you it transmits photos" its a clear sign that Josh Schwartz was welcomed to the dark side. But never the less it was done tastefully!

Here's one of the close-up shots of Taylor Townsend using her bedazzled Sidekick II. She is messaging Dean Hess, notice the Dean's messaging handle "Dartman 4 U", wonder what that even means. Even more interesting is the date on Taylor's Sidekick, September 15th. The episode didn't air until November 3rd, so September 15th could very well be the day the filmed the episode or scene!

Lets take a look at the beefy specs shall we!
  • Flip screen 
  • Screen Size: 5.1″ x 2.6″ x 0.9″
  • Weight: 184g (6.2oz)
  • Display: 240×160 pixels, over 65,000 colors (16-bit color), Transflective TFT screen viewable in bright sunlight
  • 5-row QWERTY keyboard , dedicated number row , dedicated 12-key dialpad area , includes easy access key for @ symbol
  • Backlit screen and keyboard with light sensor
  • Integrated VGA (640 x 480 pixel) camera, supplemental LED for close-range illumination , night mode setting for darker environments, convex mirror for self-portraits
  • Navigation and Controls
  • Scroll Wheel with push capability
  • Send/End buttons (with page up/down capability)
  • Directional pad
  • Control buttons: Menu, Jump, Done, Cancel, Volume up/down, Power , Application-specific shoulder buttons
  • Front and back speakers
  • Speakerphone
  • 12-voice polyphonic sounds
  • Vibration Motor
  • GSM/GPRS radio Tri-band (900/1800/1900 MHz) Multislot Class 10 functionality
  • Wireless off “airplane mode”
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM, 16 MB Flash
  • Battery, Rechargeable internal Lithium polymer battery
  • Interfaces: Audio jack, Power jack, Lanyard attachment

Interestingly enough Big Boi, Paris Hilton, Burt Reynolds, Molly Shannon, Snoop Dog and Wee Man were all featured in the promotional commercial above. Did Molly Shannon just say let me Ask Jeeves!?! Ewwwwww, good gosh the worst search engine known to man, even back then! Ahhh a true spectacle of the early 00's sigh..Who would have thought that devices like these would soon take over our lives in a much bigger way than just looking up recipes and chatting! One thing is unsolved though, who won the Sidekick II?!

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