Monday, December 17, 2018

Announcements: Special Chrismukkah PortlandCA Episode!

There is a brand new hilarious Chrismukkah edition episode of the wonderful O.C. podcast Portland CA! This time featuring your favorite core-3 dudes plus a special guest, fan fiction and trivia! Sponsored by EverythingTheOC! Check it out now here!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Announcements: Chrismukkah Land Now Open!

the cohen house on the o.c. show tv snow chrismukkah gif

Holy Moses it's beautiful! We have created a special page dedicated to Seth Cohen's super holiday we like to call "Chrismukkah Land - Where it's always Chrismukkah". This is our attempt to keep the halls decking, the ho's ho'ing and the dreidel spinning all year long. What does that mean? That means you can visit Chrismukkah Land anytime you want and enjoy the pleasure of the holiday all year round. We have compiled the best Chrismukkah video clips, past Chrismukkah posts and more - so enjoy!

Quick Reminder - The Chrismukkah Giveaway of 2018 is still accepting submissions until the 24th so get those in asap! We have already received several great submissions! Go here for more information! Thanks! - ETOC Staff

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Everything The O.C.'s Chrismukkah Giveaway!

Earlier last week we had asked our fans on our Official Facebook Page what would make a great Chrismukkah prize/giveaway. Thanks for the input - we've gathered your thoughts and finally decided a great holiday Chrismukkah giveaway package for you guys!

But to win you must do a little assignment for us! We want you to write up a detailed description on how you found The O.C., what the show has done for you and anything else amusing you would like to share - along with a picture of yourself! Creativity is always a plus!


The best submission will be featured on along with your photo! The prize this year will be Season 1 of The O.C. (lets face it, everyone's favorite), a t-shirt of your choice from the official Everything The O.C. store (specify which one you would like) plus the a rare early draft copy of the pilot script mailed straight to your house free of charge! We will notify the winner on this site and our social media pages (located on the right of the website). To enter into this year's giveaway send your submission to! Deadline to submit is 12/25 -  we will choose the winner and notify the winner via email shortly after that. We look forward to reading your submissions! Have a Merry Chrismukkah, good luck and don't forget to share this with your fellow O.C. friends!!