Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The O.C. Video Clips: OC Themed Study Music!


An OC super fan by the YouTube handle of nEscafeX has created a fantastic one hour study music video on his YouTube channel! The music is taken from season one titled "This is school" by Christopher Tyng! I tested the video out and felt not only in the studying mood but also some really deep OC vibes! Let's face it, if Ryan and Seth can study, so can we! 

Got some studying to do? Perhaps you need to work on your taxes, if so, this is the soundtrack to get things done! Enjoy and subscribe to nEscafeX for other great content as well as awesome original music and covers! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The O.C. In the News: 6210 Ocean Breeze Dr UPDATE!

6210 ocean breeze OC pilot house filming6210 ocean breeze OC pilot house filming

Hi guys! We hope everyone has been safe out there in this post COVID world. We wanted to bring you an update on the 6210 Ocean Breeze Dr house. If you are unfamiliar about the OC significance of this house and what happened to it, read this article here to get caught up on all the details! 

In short, on November 2018 the house that was used to film the pilot episode, interiors, kitchen, living-room and pool area was burned down by the Woolsey Malibu fires.

Recently, our O.C staffer Taylor and his wife Anna visited Malibu, CA and was able to get a status update on the 6210 Ocean Breeze property and filled us in on the current state of the property. 

First, see below for photos of the actual damage that the Woolsey fire had caused to the home. 
6210 ocean breeze OC pilot house filming
6210 ocean breeze OC pilot house filming
6210 ocean breeze OC pilot house filming
6210 ocean breeze OC pilot house filming
6210 ocean breeze OC pilot house filming
As you can see in this Google aerial shot, the property has been completely cleaned up and even still includes the original pool, grill area where Ryan's temporary pool house was built. 
6210 ocean breeze OC pilot house filming
As of 6/21 the 6210 Ocean Breeze property is being rebuilt! When Taylor and his wife went to Malibu they reported that construction was being made on the property. They were unsure however, if it will be the same exact design but did confirm that the original pool area/bar area are still intact. In-fact, if you look really closely you will see a construction foreman chilling under an umbrella near the pool bar area. He's living the dream! What a view! See below for a video of the property.
So the silver-lining in all this from a OC fan perspective is that at least one of the most famous pilot episode areas (pool area) of the home is still intact! However, we can't imagine how devastating this has been for the owners but very glad that they decided to rebuild! We hope you enjoyed this update! Thank you for checking it out!

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