Monday, February 4, 2019

Lovable Props From The O.C.: A Collection of Actual O.C. Scripts and More!

Here at Everything The O.C. we like to bring you rare and hard to find things about The O.C, not just photos we've all seen hundreds of times on O.C. fan Instagram accounts. This time we've ordered you up a special! We bring to you photos of some actual original O.C. scripts, production paperwork and more!

The following scripts and paperwork come from season 2 episode 18 "The Risky Business", script revision pages from season 1 episode 17 "The Truth" and an eight page shooting schedule of episode 25 (unsure of season). These were all apart of an auction a few years ago that sold for only $50 dollars plus shipping! We wish we were the lucky bidders so we could have displayed some better in depth photos!

The page on top features information about each scene - filming location/stage, which actors would be involved, the props needed, possible stunt doubles and more. These pages are created for literally every scene, which gives you a perspective on how long an episode takes to get filmed! It isn't too uncommon for a TV show to spend two weeks on ONE episode!

If your wondering - the color of the paper represent which draft a TV production is on. There is a sequence of colors that represents which version of the script they are on, notice the blue color - that means something was revised from the original white copy (all scripts start white). Here is a the order of how scripts are colored - White Draft (original), Blue Revision, Pink Revision,Yellow Revision Green Revision, Goldenrod Revision, Buff Revision, Salmon Revision, Cherry Revision, Second Blue Revision, Second Pink Revision and so on...

The front cover page for season 2 episode 16!

Lastly here is a filming schedule - notice that the Cohen house is listed as being located on stage 28 and Seth's room is located on stage 27. This is because Seth's room wasn't actually upstairs, his room was a set located on a completely different sound stage. Stage 27 also housed things like the Newport Group offices, Harbor School, Marissa's room, Summer's room and more!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Behind the Scenes: Early Illustrations of Seth's Atomic County Comic Book!

Eric Wight's the oc atomic county
Eric Wight's first thumbnail for Atomic County

Every great idea has humble beginnings, over time that simple idea evolves into something much more amazing - if you have the patience that is. The following images shows how Eric Wight's illustrations for Atomic County came to be. In case you didn't know, Eric Wight was the illustrator that created nearly every drawling/sketch in The O.C. - Seth's doodles, Art around his room and of course Atomic County. To the viewers imagination, the artist was of course Seth Cohen but it's all smoke and mirrors when it comes to TV..Eric Wight was the real man behind all that creativity! Learn more about him here.  

Eric Wight's the oc atomic county
"My first attempt at the O.C. Insider magazine cover. It would ultimately become the cover to the graphic novel prop seen on the show. Note Seth's more superhero-ish outfit and rocket skateboard, both ideas that were ultimately killed." -Eric Wight
As you can see Seth was originally equipped with a rocket skateboard - how appropriate!

Eric Wight's the oc atomic county
"My first attempt at the Atomic County graphic novel cover. Something wasn't quite working for me, so I killed it." - Eric Wight

Eric Wight's the oc atomic county
"I was going through my files when I stumbled across my rejected thumbnail for the magazine cover. I dusted it off, made some modifications, and this became the cover to the graphic novel." - Eric Wight
No more rocket skateboard!

Eric Wight's the oc atomic county
"The final inks for the Atomic County graphic novel cover." - Eric Wight

Eric Wight's the oc atomic county
The final look that ended up being the prop in the show. 

Isn't amazing to see how Eric's initial idea vs final idea turned out? With that being said - don't belittle your small progresses in life because you never know, if you stick to it, it could become a huge victory! Check out our DIY printable section to print off your very own Atomic County comic book cover. 

If you're interested in learning more about Eric Wight check out the IGN interview below (we just included The O.C. related questions).

IGN: How did you first get involved with The O.C.?
Wight: I was selling a piece of my art on eBay from The Escapist, which was an adaptation of The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, and the person who bought it was Alan Heinberg, one of the executive producers of the show and was a huge fan of my work and asked if I'd be interested in maybe being the ghost artist for Seth. They'd talked about taking him in the direction where he'd draw some comic books and they wanted that would literally become the artist and set the style for Seth. And immediately, it clicked and I could relate to Seth's plight on the show. It became really easy to fill in his shoes, and people really grabbed onto it; they really dug that sort of very minor sub-plot in the show. 
IGN: When you're watching the show and watching Seth trace the lines of your art, do you ever just cringe?
Wight: There's one scene where I think he gets into a fight with Summer and he takes some of my drawings in a rage and I remember just feeling this anger burning inside me, like, "How dare you tear up my drawings?" It's funny when, I'll lurk around and see what people are saying online and these arguments are like, "No; Adam Brody is the real artist!" But, it's all Hollywood magic.

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