Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The O.C. Rare Photos: Kelly Rowan's Early Pre-OC Glamour Headshots!

kelly rowan actor young the oc headshot glamour

Here we have a few rare early pre-OC glamour head-shots of Kelly Rowan aka Kirsten Cohen before she became the warm and lovable mother on The O.C.! 

In Hollywood head-shots are basically images of a given actor handed out by your agent when submitting for an acting role, putting a face to the resume. If the casting director is interested in what they see they will schedule a interview or reading. 

kelly rowan actor young the oc headshot glamour

Wow! Judging by those pants we will carbon date this to be taken in the 90's! 

That blazer, so edgy Kiki! 

Fun fact about Kelly Rowan, she is Canadian. 

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