Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The O.C. Mystery: Sandy reveals how many extra rooms their house has in an early pilot draft!

the cohens mansion the oc

Earlier we wrote a post attempting to solve the age old O.C. question of why Ryan had to sleep in the pool house and why the Cohens seemed to only have 2 bedrooms in their mansion, you can find that here. Since then a bit of new and exciting evidence has been recently discovered inside an earliest found draft of the O.C. pilot script written by Josh Schwartz. The answer to the "how many rooms did the Cohens have" could finally be solved! Furthermore the script snippet goes into a little more detail on why Ryan had to sleep in the pool house!

As you can see in this early draft snippet explains a lot! Sandy says they have 5 extra bedrooms! Keyword EXTRA. Even Sandy seems puzzled about Ryan having to stay in the pool house when they have so much extra room inside. Ryan is sent out to the pool house (which most can assume) mainly because of Kirsten, she didn't feel safe having him (a stranger and a felon) roam around their house. She didn't want to run a halfway house. For what ever reason the final draft of the script had the extra 5 rooms line edited out. We can all assume however that there had to be at least 5 extra rooms in their house, I mean its huge! Lets lay that mystery to rest once and for all!

ryan sleeping on couch the o.c cohens

During the series the amount of extra rooms the house had fluctuated for dramatic and convenient comedic effect. For instance Ryan having to sleep on the couch when Hailey (Kirsten's sister) arrived or when Theresa stayed over Ryan had to sleep in Seth's bedroom floor, Ryan constantly got the shaft! Perhaps the extra rooms were actually filled with more expensive things, basically like storage!

Among tons of other differences, this draft is also missing the bit about Sandy being self righteous. This draft also calls the pool house the guest house (which is essentially the same thing). So now you know, 5 extra rooms plus Seth's room and the master bedroom! So next time a so called fan of The O.C. wants to school you in O.C. trivia, just lay them to rest with this uber rare bit of knowledge. The answer is 5 extra rooms buddy! *Drops the mic*.

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