Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The O.C. Tweets: Sandy learns to Twitter

sandy cohen twitter message the o.c.

Ryan, Seth and Kirsten all pitch in and get Sandy a Galaxy S7 Edge for Father's day! As Sandy puts it "i'm living on the edge of technology now baby". Only problem is he needs to learn how to use the phone and some of the phones most popular apps.

*It's night-time, Sandy is in the kitchen staring at the new unopened phone box in pure puzzlement*
*Ryan and Seth are reading comic books at the dinner table*

Sandy: Now guys is this new phone anything like my Razr 3G?! Now that thing had some class.
Seth: Ugh you still have that? Dad flip phones are so not cool.
*Ryan shrugs and hides his beeper Trey gave him in Chino*
Sandy: Hey as long as I can make calls to the Nana and surf the web i'm all ears
*Seth and Ryan both look at eachother in pure horror*
Seth: I'm so getting you a phone case.
Ryan: And insurance.

A few days later Seth signs Sandy up for a summer Twitter workshop class in Newport. Sandy receives a C in the class but as you can see Sandy is already using what he learned and successfully "twittering".

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