Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The O.C. Fun Fact: The French Why?

In France The O.C. is titled newport BEACH. This is because when your from a different country there is going to be cultural gaps from country to country and certain things (such as media titles) aren't going to make a lot of sense to you. Heck even a ton of American's were confused by the real title of the show "The O.C." especially people that lived in Orange County. Back in the early 00's locals touted in various publications that nobody says they live in "The O.C.". The name was a bit contrived just for the show although the shows creator Josh Schwartz swears that he heard people using the phrase "The O.C." in his California college days. This kind of silly name changing happens fairly often when foreign movies/shows get ported over to the USA and vice versa.

For instance the classic Travolta movie Grease was renamed Vaseline in Argentina because the word "grease" only meant "motor oil" to them and not slang for 50's leather jacket wearing punks with slicked back hair. The word Vaseline made some sense to Argentina, as you could use that to grease hair. They didn't have a Greaser subculture like the USA had. It's hard to believe that happened, Vaseline is a completely laughable movie title! Horrible marketing job guys!

So in France they marketed the show that way to simply clear confusion. The real question now is if Luke Ward says his famous line in the pilot episode the same or did they overdub him saying "Welcome to Newport Beach Bitc*!". Sa cré bleu, we may never know!

How bout watching the whole series in French? That will be a whole new experience! 

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