Saturday, June 18, 2016

Just for Fun: Happy 20,000 views!

Happy 20,000 views guys and gals! We did it, we have added 10,000 views since February of this year and are gaining new views at a rapid rate! Let's face it, The O.C. is hot right now - the show has just been released to watch for free for the first time on the CWseed as well as Hulu via paid subscription. With all these new viewers quite the buzz is erupting in The O.C. stratosphere! And boy do the people have their questions:

Here are the top 10 out of 400 google search queries that bring people to Everything The O.C.: 

Above are the top 10 internet browsers people use to visit this site! Chrome wins by a landslide!

The site has been visited by fans of countries all over the world! Views predominately dominating from U.S of A but we think that's just Luke in Portland refreshing his iMac browser a bunch of times! Thanks Luke for the support!

With all this buzz people are really talking about The O.C. via entertaining podcasts from all over!

Here are the top The O.C. Podcasts right now! 

PortlandCA - The one the only, first, original The O.C. Podcast hosted by the effervescent Josh Hatfield, Cory Hatfield and Josh Stout with special guests too!

The OC Men Podcast - a fairly new O.C. podcast that is really making waves in the pod-casting world!

Questionable Viewing Habits - a great new O.C. podcast featuring hilarious commentary and points of view from hosts Tim and Jamie!

The O.C. Plus Three - Three friends + The O.C. equals some great content on this new podcast!

The Newpsies podcast - Three younger friends experience all The O.C. has to offer.  A fresh young perspective on O.C. greatness.

The Podcast That Is About The OC - Two grown men talk about the O.C.!

Lets take a moment of silence for a few The O.C. podcasts that just never really made it:

"The O.C. Disorder" - Sorry!
"Do you see The O.C. that I see?" - Finished one season and perhaps they will come back?

So cheers to you and thank you for visiting! Stay tuned for more great The O.C. content!
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