Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The O.C. Whoops: The Risky Huh?

In season 2 episode 18 "The Risky Business" the Cohen's volunteer in a antique charity auction. There were many items donated, one of which (also the most valuable item at the event) was the glass egg from the cult classic 80's Tom Cruise movie "Risky Business". 

After figuring out the value of the glass egg Trey steals and sells it so he could afford a down payment on a place to live "I got this little brother". On the day of the event Ryan and Seth notice the egg is missing and go on a mission to find it. 

Seth and Ryan attempt to steal the egg back, during the attempt the "bad guys" are chasing after Ryan and Seth. In a desperate attempt to save the egg from the hands of the heathens, Ryan Hail Mary's the glass egg like a QB in a Texan football game. Seth successfully catches the egg for a Risky Business touchdown moment that is all too familiar. 

The O.C. scene recreation

Footage from "Risky Business"

Look closely, the problem with the O.C. egg is it's not the glass egg from Risky Business. It is indeed a glass egg yes but good gracious the size difference is absurd. It's Hollywood guys, you could have at least found a replica! The main shape is close but the original egg is about 3 times smaller. However you do have to respect the creators of The O.C. recreating the famous glass egg toss scene, emulating the correct angle and everything but the size, ugh the size! On a side thought maybe Tom Cruise just has really huge hands and Seth has hands of an infant baby..Something for you to ponder about!

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