Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The O.C. Fan Fiction: Ryan's Fallout with Taylor

ryan atwood playing video games fallout pool house

Meanwhile in the pool house - Ryan is going through a tough breakup with Taylor and has been held up in the pool house since Chrismukkah. Sandy and Kirsten are increasingly worried about the amount of time Ryan has been devoting to his new game Fallout 4..He has called out sick from the Crab-Shack 11 days in a row and claims he's in the "wasteland".

Sandy: Hey Seth do you know where Ryan is?
Seth: Ugh yeah dad, hes in his uh "Fallout Shelter" and oh yeah if you see him he now prefers people call him The Silver Shroud. Whatever the means.
Sandy: Oh he's lost it, we gotta get him back with Taylor!

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