Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The O.C. Product Placement: Ryan Atwood and His Apparent McDonald's Addiction

I hear in Chino Ryan had a really mean McDonald's addiction, in fact TJ and Ryan would often hold burger eating competitions but of course Ryan's mother Dawn had to pay for it, TJ what a freeloader! I don't know if that is actually true but there is a very tasteful product placement moment in the season 1 episode 2 "The Model Home". Seth and Marissa came up with a place for Ryan to hide out so he wouldn't have to go to a foster home. They gathered the  necessities which includes a tent, candles (way too many if you ask me), a lounge chair, putting practice (even though Ryan doesn't play golf), the Model home mix-tape CD and Oh yes a nice big bag of McDonald's Food and large drink to wash it down. Notice how both logos of the famous McDonald's arches are perfectly displayed front and center!

The O.C. is actually filled with tasteful and sometimes not so tasteful product placement moments all of which are awesome never the less. The purpose is obviously for brand recognition and basically a commercial within a show. Product placement in TV shows are so slick that often times they are subliminal, you suddenly want what the characters in your favorite show have and you don't even know why. Weather it be a new cell phone, new clothes or what have you. I find it super fascinating. So go out there and grab yourself a double cheese burger, fries and a drink or if you are really daring just ask the drive through window for the Atwood special they'll know what you mean ;).

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