Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cars of The O.C.: Luke's Pimped Out Truck!

lukes truck o.c. what kind

Here we have Luke Ward's pimped out 1999 GMC Sierra Extended Cab Z-71 complete with surf-rack! All the bells and whistles a water polo player could ever need! Perfect for cruising with the bros, jamming out to tunes and picking up your girlfriend.

lukes truck o.c. what kind

I was told by a former crew member of the show that Luke's truck was actually owned by one of the other crew members of The O.C..That crew member let the show borrow it for Luke's truck scenes..On-to the trucks fate...

oc the proposal luke kicking truck

With that being said, it makes watching this scene a whole lot different knowing that Luke's beating on someone else's truck (and most likely was paid much less). I hope the guy had insurance cause...

oc the proposal luke truck wreck

Lastly Luke really makes a dent by drunk driving and hitting a street sign as well as a newspaper stand. Upon impact Luke hit his head on the windshield as well as the front end of the truck getting hella damaged, rendering it totaled. Aww poor truck, I wonder who owns it now?

Where to find truck wrecking scenes: 
Season 1 Episode 24 "The Proposal"

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