Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The O.C. Whoops: Julie Poisoned Caleb's Drink in The Pool House?!

Caleb and Julie mansion house pool The O.C

Here we have an Everything The O.C. exclusive blooper that we like to call The O.C. Whoops!
Meanwhile at the tail end of Season 2 episode 23 "The O.Sea", Julie tries one last desperate attempt at saving her position in Newport society. Julie's plan is to poison Caleb's margarita while they swim at home for one last hurrah. If her plan goes successfully Caleb will croak before submitting the signed divorce papers, thus rendering her a billionaire with a capital B or so she thinks.

Julie pours drink for Caleb the o.c.

The whoops here is found in the drink mixing scene above. Do you notice anything familiar about the background set behind Julie? The truth is that Julie is actually in Ryan's pool house kitchen. We are made to think that the kitchen she is mixing the drink in is the pool house at Caleb and Julie's mansion.

ryan and seth in the pool house

Decorations were changed around to give the scene and set a different look.

julie mixing caleb drink episode 23 the o.c.

For starters the set decorators took away Ryan's microwave (yeah cause that thing got a lot of action), added a blender, fresh fruit, booze and possibly changed the art work on the right side wall.

julie mixing caleb drink episode 23 the o.c.

The rest is relatively the same. Same granite green counter tops, sink placement etc. Nice try Schwartz, nice try indeed!

pouring caleb a drink the o.c. episode 23

See, you learn something new everyday here at ETOC, drink it up guys and don't forget to share!

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