Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rare Glimpses: Luke's Newport House

Being fascinated by all things the O.C. and watching the series multiple times I like to squeeze every detail possible, look out for things I didn't notice etc..One such fascination is revisiting the homes of semi important O.C. characters, especially season one characters, the ones that really solidified the shows success, no other than Luke and his Newport house (mansion)!

I know what your thinking, they never showed Luke's house!?! But your mistaken, we did get to see Luke's house but it was so quick it was close to being forgotten..until now...Here is a very rare glimpse, a one episode journey to the very likable towards the end character Luke Ward. Seriously, the guy is underrated, he so should have been kept in the series! A Luke in Portland & Seth spin-off! To be honest I thought episode 1 of season 2 was quite entertaining, an alternate universe where two rivals come as one!

Judging by the photos and common sense, Luke's house is shot at an actual location, a home somewhere near Raleigh Studios in LA. It wouldn't have been cost effective to build a set that large for one episode.. I have yet to determine where this house is but my thought is to look around the studio area on Google maps, some of the front door shots may tip this house off, I'd love to find it! If anyone knows where this house is, let us know in the comments below..We are basically left with a mystery and a gift, we have no idea what Luke's house looks like from the outside on the flip side lets let the interior journey begin!

Scene: Season 1 Episode 12 "The Secret"..Ryan and Luke get paired up to work on a science project together. During this scene Ryan goes over to Luke's house to work on the project, he is then greeted by Luke's mom, Luke's Brothers and Eventually his dad (Carson). Luke then comes down stairs to greet Ryan and they start to work on the project up in his room.

Here we have the opening shot of Luke's house, a very marbled, cold open door way area complete with fancy staircase leading to the second story where Luke's room is.

As the door opens you can see the background a little bit better, maybe someone can match up these characteristics and tip us off!

Again here is another view of the door way opening and background, palm trees a couple of large houses with red/orange tiled roofs. I will have to look at the DVD version of the show and see if I can get a higher resolutions photo of this scene to maybe pinpoint more details better.

Luke's mom says Come on in!

Large home with multiple arches and marble floor.

Luke's spoiled and crazy brothers fighting over what looks to be a toy dinosaur...can't we just get along!

Luke's mom then makes them greet Ryan, a quick smirk is given then Luke's mom bribes them with a snack..That's the life..

Luke's dad comes home right in the nick of time and greets Ryan as well as Luke..

Luke's all like, I didn't think they were going to show my house in this show, I hope my room is clean enough!

Here we have the room where Marissa and Luke spend a lot of time, took 12 episodes to reach this point. We see he has interests in Music and skateboarding, obviously sports as well..

Here we see another angle of Luke's desk area, with a gaming joystick on top of his tower. In the background Ryan is looking at his room trying to take it all in, I don't think its what he was expecting to find.

This was cool for me, If you look at his computer its a typical case for a gaming computer, you can see the glass cutout on the case typically to look at the gaming components. I thought it was neat to realize Luke was more of a gamer than I thought and he may have even built that computer himself..Who's the geek now Cohen!? Also in the background on his book shelf we see various props, a soccer player statue, books, model cars, hats and so on..I wonder whats in the green boxes, maybe his porn stash?

Then as the last shot of his house we see what looks to be a living room area, complete with a toy castle fort, bean bag chairs etc., as you can see the kids basically run this place..

So there we have it, a pretty classy house that should have been featured more, I wanted to see what the kitchen looked like, if there was a pool, what did the other side of Luke's room look like etc., but take it all in for what its worth cause its a very short scene. At least now you know a little more about Luke than before and on a side note its not the last time we see his brothers Brad and Eric either, oh nooo that's many future posts to come.

Where to find it: Season 1 Episode 12 "The Secret"

Update October 16, 2016: In season 1 Episode 7 "The Escape" Luke and Marissa are making out in Luke's bed. This may actually be the first time we see a small glimpse of Luke's room. See image below!

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