Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lovable Props From The O.C.: The Model Home Mix

Oh yes the famous and short lived model home mix Marissa Cooper made for Ryan in the second episode of season one, "The Model  Home". She burned this for Ryan behind Luke's water polo playing back and then well i'm assuming it got burned in the fire that Luke started since we never see it again and due to the fact that Ryan leaves the model home with just the clothes on his back..The CD mix was suppose to educate and expand Ryan's non existent love for music. On their way to the model home Marissa asks Ryan what kind of music he likes, Ryan answers with "I listen to everything" then mentions " I don't listen to music that much". Seth immediately says "Dude that's weird.". Notable tracks included on the mix were Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah. Later on in the show we figure out that Ryan really has a thing for the band Journey, I would have never guessed that but it somehow fits. Stay tuned for the list of notable things burned in the model home fire!

Where to find it: Season one Episode two "The Model Home"

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