Friday, July 31, 2015

The O.C. Easter Egg: Look Who It is

In Season 1 Episode 22 "The L.A." Summer and Marissa walk along the beach when they stumble across a film crew and some shouting girls surrounding a male actor. The guy surrounded by the girls is of course the one and only Grady Bridges the big star of the fictitious hit show the Valley. During that scene look closely in the background you will notice a notable real life The O.C. crew member pretending to be a crew member on the Valley. The guy with the white hair and glasses is Jamie Barber which was the director of photography on a handful of The O.C. episodes.

Jamie Barber walking through the sand as the camera pans to the right towards Grady.

Grady signing autographs and taking photos with his many fans. Great detail was put in place on those actor chairs, the Valley logo on the back of each chair. 

Jamie Barber not being very inconspicuous in the background, tried to hide behind those glasses but here at Everything The O.C., we see through that disguise! Aw look at that Grady Bridges fan caress.

And last but not least we have Jamie Barber working the camera in the Cohen backyard.
Furthermore the guy really likes Hawaiian shirts!

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