Friday, July 31, 2015

Lovable Props From The O.C.: Seth Cohens Harbor School Clubs

Seth Cohen wasn't known for his love of sports but what he lacked on the athletic side he made up on the artistic side. Here are all three Harbor school clubs Seth Cohen was not only the president of but also the only member, sigh poor Cohen!

Comic Book Club, the only member - this of course changed a bit when Cohen recruited some new members in season two, one of which was the Zach attack Stevens.

Film Preservation Society, not much to say about his preservation skills but we do get to see some of his Cinematography skills in Season 4 Episode 14 "The Shake Up", Seth tries to prove to Summer that he can be passionate about something. So he got all artsy and decided to film 6 hours of footage of floats in the pool..which turned out well uninspired to say the least and Summer was NOT impressed!

Next Spielberg? Dream on Cohen!

And last but not least the Sailing Team, an avid sailor Seth Cohen wanted to take the Summer Breeze to Tahiti and back! Just call him Captain Jack Cohen!

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