Monday, March 13, 2017

The Cars of The O.C.: Ryan Atwood's 1980-1987 Toyota Land Cruiser!

In this edition of The Cars of The O.C. we present to you Ryan's dessert beige 1980-1987 Model 60 Toyota Land Cruiser! This Toyota Land Cruiser was given to Ryan by his mother Dawn Atwood upon Ryan's high-school graduation. It's no Land Rover but it surely an awesome gift! Dawns new boyfriend even helped her fix it up, And look a red ribbon, Dawn clearly went all out with this gift!

Gee thanks mom for getting me a car with over 230 thousand miles on it..
Chances are even if Ryan and Marissa didn't crash that baby was on its way out!

The interesting thing about Ryan's Land Cruiser is that Ryan really only got to enjoy it for about a day before it was brutally thrown off the road by Volchok and totaled! How sad, its almost as if everything Dawn touches turns to crap.

Side view

Look, Ryan is driving around with a New Mexico license plate 594k28..Interesting..

During the crash scene Ryan's Land Cruiser gets completely engulfed in flames

Then here in this very rare photo, we see whats left of Ryan's Toyota Land Cruiser at The O.C. back-lot. As you can see not much flame damage at all, mainly structural. Which means there probably was more than one vehicle involved during filming, one to wreck and one to set on fire. With the fire car being a pretend look-a-like Land Cruiser (possibly).


What body style?
off-road vehicle with 4/5 seats
How long?
4750 mm
How heavy?
1900 kg
What size engine?
4 litre, 3995 cm3
How many cylinders?
6, Straight
How much power?
157 PS / 155 bhp / 116 kW @ 4200 rpm
How much torque?
294 Nm / 217 / 30 kgm @ 2200 rpm
How fast?
155 km/h, 96 mph (no wonder they couldn't outrun Volchok's van)

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