Friday, March 17, 2017

Rare Glimpses: Seth Cohens Bathroom!?

Seth Cohens the o.c. bathroom rare photo

Let's face it The O.C. features very few scenes of bathrooms so this is kind of a big deal! Here we have a very rare angle of Seth Cohens room. For the longest time we never knew what was on the other side of Seth's wall, we've got to see the closet in a handful of episodes but this angle above is one of kind. By golly it's Seth Cohen's bathroom, where all the magic happens (or doesn't)! Inside his bathroom we can see a picture of a mountain hanging on the wall and a towel rack complete with a plush white towel (we're sure the thread-count is at least 1000). This begs the question however, did the set designers even bother putting a toilet and shower in there since it's never seen? We will never know, at least not yet! So there you have it, a rare photo of Seths bathroom - take it all in folks! Wondering what Ryan's pool house bathroom looks like? Check it out here!

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